Clifford the big Red Dog is one standard that has actually been roughly for years. That is the story of Emily Elizabeth, a small blond-haired girl that adopts a very little red pup who is the runt of the litter. She to be told her dog would thrive up small and sick, yet she gave her little puppy so lot love that it grew to be the biggest dog in the world. In order to save her dog, she and her family move from the city come the county, where Clifford and also Emily discover many brand-new friends, yet no one has actually a dog as huge as Clifford! He"s friendly, big-hearted, loyal, fun-loving and sweet. Clifford is a boy at heart, representing the pre-school audience v their hopes, dreams and fears. His reactions to cases are wide-eyed and innocent, that learns from his mistakes, and also he doesn"t think twice about standing up because that what is right. The thinks prefer a dog, acts favor a dog, smells prefer a dog—hey! the is a dog!

Fun Facts

Q: exactly how old is Emily Elizabeth?A: She"s eight.

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Q:Where does Emily Elizabeth obtain Clifford?A:From the man down the room in she apartment building in the city.

Q: that is the voice the Clifford in the Clifford TV series?A: john Ritter provides the voice that Clifford ~ above the TV show.

Q: that is Clifford"s creator?A: Norman Bridwell

Q: What to be the name Norman originally wanted to contact his huge red dog character?A: Norman states that he initially wanted to contact Clifford"s personality "Tiny," yet his wife, Norma said that to be boring and also suggested ”Clifford” after ~ an imaginary girlfriend from she childhood.

Q: wherein did Norman Bridwell thrive up?A: Kokomo, Indiana

Q: that is the personality Emily Elizabeth named after?A: Norman Bridwell"s first-born daughter.

Q: where is Norman Bridwell life currently?A: Norman Bridwell currently resides ~ above Martha"s Vineyard with his family, wherein he enjoys beachcombing, photography and, that course, creating new tales and drawings because that his fans the civilization over.

Emily Elisabeth"s Cookie Recipe

Clifford likes treats, however he is so huge and that eats so much that Emily Elizabeth frequently makes Clifford homemade biscuits! here is her recipe.

1 cup butter2/3 cup sugar1 egg1 teaspoon vanilla extract2½ cups of sifted flour½ teaspoons salt

Cream the butter and sugar. Climate beat in the egg and vanilla. In different bowl, integrate the flour and also salt climate mix through the butter/egg/sugar mixture. Cool the dough for at least 3 hours.

Preheat cooktop to 350° F.

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On a floured surface, role out dough to 1/8 inch thickness and cut right into shapes with floured cookie cutters. Bake cookie on greased cookies sheet for around 8 minutes.