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Flights come Hilton Head are much easier to uncover than you might think. The island is home to Hilton Head Island plane with daily express flights come the coast community.

Airfare to Hilton Head is even an ext affordable as soon as you think about the Savannah/Hilton Head worldwide Airport, the destination of non-stop service from end 17 U.S. Cities. Hilton Head Island Airport supplies quick and convenient accessibility to any suggest on the island in ~ 15 minutes in a taxi or rental car. The Savannah/Hilton Head Airport, a 40-60 minute drive from the island, offers countless food and also shopping experiences and also a organization center with complimentary internet access.

Cheap flights to Hilton Head room even more affordable when you consider how inexpensive it can be come get roughly the will town. The tiny island is an extremely accommodating to bicycling, a an approach that offers visitors a healthy and balanced alternative means of transportation.

Taxis and rental cars are still easily accessible when needed, but public transportation is limited. The Lowcountry local Transportation Authority uses transportation turn off the island, but the schedules are limited.

Fun in Hilton Head is all around two things: sport and relaxation.In enhancement to biking roughly the town, water sporting activities such jet skiing, windsurfing, para-sailing, and also kayaking space available. Twenty 5 golf courses make Hilton Head Island a popular destination for the golfing enthusiast, consisting of Harbour city Golf links at the Sea Pines Resort, an annual stop of the PGA Tour.

No matter how much you traveled on your Hilton Head flight, the island's spa and wellness centers offer enough relaxation treatment to make it every worthwhile. Girlfriend can likewise relax on one of the eight publicly beaches.

The shopping mall at shelter Cove is the only indoor, air-conditioned mall. Over there are likewise over 200 shops top top the island offering distinctive finds indigenous the chic to the antique.

Seafood is the specialty in Hilton Head. Virtually every kind of seafood food is offered on the island to satisfy all tastes and budgets. Hilton Head serves up i can not forget seafood dinners combine the prized seafood native the Atlantic v the an ext traditional southern dishes of the mainland.

The Arts facility of coastal Carolina boasts outstanding theater performances for travellers coming in native the coast after the sunlight goes down. Live music on the island varieties from the timeless sounds of the world-class Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra, to bluegrass and also jazz carry out at neighborhood clubs. Just as the does during the day, Hilton Head uses a small something for everyone at night together well.

Flight stats for Hilton Head - did friend know?

Hilton Head airport is the closest major airport come Hilton Head.Hilton Head plane (Hilton Head, SC)Hilton Head Airport provides nonstop flights to 2 cities.Every week, at the very least 34 residential flights depart native Hilton Head Airport.

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