A comprehensive list of all the vocabulary terms and word affixes of Santa Fe College's medical Terminology thing 2

basic unit of every living things (size and also shape count on function)
cell membraneforms the border of the cell
cytoplasmgel-like liquid inside the cell
nucleuslargest structure within the cabinet which is the control facility of the cabinet & has chromosomes because that cellular reproduction;usually spherical and also centrally located.
chromosomeslocated in the cell nucleus of the cell. (46 chromosomes in every normal human being cells v the exception of the tires sex cell, which has actually 23)
genesregions in ~ the chromosome that identify hereditary characteristics
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)a chemical the regulates the activity of the cell & comprises each gene
tissuea group of similar cells that performs a specific task
muscle tissuecomposed of cell that have a special capability to contract, usually developing movement
nervous tissuecomposed of uncovered in the nerves, spinal cord, and brain; responsible for coordinating and also controlling human body activities
connective tissuecomposed that cells that connect, support, penetrate and encase various body structures
epithelial tissuecomposed of cells the cover the external surface of the body; forms membranes the line body cavities and organs, and also is the significant tissue in glands
organtwo or an ext types of organization that occupational together to carry out a unique body function
systemtwo or much more organs that work together to perform complex body functions
cranial cavitythe space inside the cranium comprise the brain
spinal cavitythe room inside the spinal column containing the spinal cord
thoracic cavitythe room containing the heart, aorta, lungs, esophagus, trachea, and bronchi
abdominal cavitythe space containing the stomach, intestines, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, and also ureters
pelvic cavitythe an are containing the urinary bladder, details reproductive organs, component of the large intestine, and also the rectum
abdominopelvic cavityboth the pelvic and abdominal cavities
dia-through, complete
dys-painful, abnormal, difficult, labored
hyper-above, excessive
hypo-below, incomplete, deficient
meta-after, beyond, change
-al, -ic, or -ouspertaining to
-gensubstance or agent that produces or causes
-genicproducing, originating, causing
-ologistone who studies and treats (specialist, physician)
-ologystudy of
-omatumor; swelling
-osisabnormal problem (means increase when used with blood cabinet word roots)
-plasiacondition that formation, development, growth
-plasmgrowth, substance, formation
-sarcomamalignant tumor
-sisstate of
-stasiscontrol, stop, standing
sarc/oflesh, connective tissue
viscer/ointernal organs
cancer/o, carcin/ocancer (a condition characterized by the unregulated, abnormal growth of brand-new cells)
eti/ocause (of disease)
iatr/ophysician, medication (also treatment)
rhabd/orod-shaped, striated
adenocarcinomacancerous tumor written of glandular tissue
adenomabenign tumor composed of glandular tissue
carcinomacancerous, or malignant, tumor
chloromatumor that green shade (malignant, developing from myeloid tissue)
epitheliomatumor written of epithelium
fibromatumor written of fiber (fibrous tumor)
fibrosarcomamalignant tumor written of fiber (fibrous tissue)
leiomyomabenign tumor of smooth muscle
leiomyosarcomamalignant tumor that smooth muscle
lipomabenign tumor include fat
liposarcomamalignant tumor composed of fat
melanocarcinomamalignant black tumor
melanomablack tumor, generally of the skin
myomabenign tumor composed of muscle
neoplasmmew growth of abnormal organization or tumor
neuromabenign tumor created of nerve
rhabdomyomabenign tumor that striated muscle
rhabdomyosarcomamalignant tumor that striated muscle
sarcomahighly malignant tumor composed of connective organization such together bone or cartilage
cytogenicproducing cells
cytoidresembling a cell
cytologythe research of cells
cytoplasmcell substance
dysplasiaabnormal development
epithelialpertaining to epithelium
erythrocytered blood cell
erythrocytosisincrease in the variety of red blood cells
histologystudy the tissue
hyperplasiaexcessive advance in the number of cells
hypoplasiaincomplete development of an organ or tissue
karyocytecell within a nucleus
karyoplasmsubstance that a nucleus
leukocytewhite blood cell
leukocytosisincrease in the variety of white blood cells
lipoidresembling fat
myopathydisease of a muscle
neuroidresembling a nerve
somaticpertaining to the body
somatogenicoriginating in the body; organic instead of psychological
somatopathydisease the the body
somatoplasmbody substance
systemicpertaining come a body system or the body together a whole
visceralpertaining to the inner organs
cancerouspertaining come cancer
carcinogensubstance that causes cancer
carciogenicproducing cancer
cyanosisabnormal condition causing discoloration that the skin because of inadequate it is provided of oxygen in the blood
diagnosisstate of complete knowledge; identifying a disease
etiologystudy of reason of disease
iatrtogenicunexpected results from a therapy perscribed by a physician
iatrologystudy of medicine
metastasistransfer of an illness from one organ to another, together as move of malignant tumors
neopathynew disease
oncogeniccausing tumors
oncologista physician who studies and also treats tumors
oncologystudy the malignant tumors
pathogenicproducing disease
pathologista doctor who examines biopsies and also performs autopsies to identify the reason of an illness or death
pathologystudy that the reasons of disease and death
prognosisprediction that the outcome of the disease
xanthochromicpertaining to yellow color
xanthosisabnormal yellow discoloration
benignnot malignant; favorable for recovery
cancer in situcancer in the early on stage before invading surrounding tissue
chemotherapytreatment the cancer through drugs
encapsulatedenclosed in a capsule, as with benign tumors
idiopathicpertaining to disease of unknown origin
inflammationresponse come injury or devastation of tissue characterized by redness, swelling, heat, and also pain
in vitroobservable within a check tube
in vivowithin the life body
malignanttending to become progressively worse and also to cause death
radiation therapytreatment the cancer through a radioactive substance, x-ray, or radiation
remissionimprovement or absence of signs of disease
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