Disclaimer:This calculator is because that entertainment only. There room too plenty of variables involved to ever convert your score to a high institution GPA through 100% accuracy.

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This gift said, if you’ve ever wished come equate your GED check score to a high school GPA, this tool will offer you a good idea of what it would be in theory!Instructions:

Enter your GED check score because that each ar after the equates to sign in every row except for the last row.Each time you enter a score, the score should show up in red ideal after the row.Once you’ve entered a score right into each that the 4 rows, your approximated GPA will appear in red alongside the critical rowPlease leaving the last row unchanged. It has the formula that the calculation is based on.If you make a mistake, simply refresh the page and you’ll be able to start over!

There are 3 level of scoring. This 3 levels are:1. 145 – 164 Scores: pass / High school Equivalency

2. 165-174 Scores: university Ready3. 175-200 Scores: College ready + Credit

Scores listed below the level 1 range are no passing scores; 145 is the minimum score you’ll require to get in each ar to pass!

Scores in the level 2 variety demonstrate university readiness, and also may make you eligible to skip certain placement tests and also remediation programs as soon as you enroll because that a university degree.

Scores in the level 3 range are the best due to the fact that they suggest you’ve probably currently mastered part college level material.

You might be default to earn college credits for a level 3 score, relying on the college.

The main testing organization website gives data that permits you to estimate what high school class rank her test score corresponds to.

If you’re a tiny confused ~ above what this means, basically, everyone that graduates from high college will have a course ranking.

The peak students will certainly be in the optimal percentile, when others will be in lower percentiles. Because that instance, if a college student graduates in the top 10% of their high institution class, this roughly way that they performed better than 90% that the various other students at your high school.

Here’s the data:

Note the test scores space shown an initial on the left, complied with by the class ranks ~ above the right.

To check whether or no a GPA given to united state by the calculator is accurate, we can compare the provided GPA to the class rank the score corresponds to.


Suppose a student’s test scores because that the 2014 test space as follows:

Social Studies: 146Language Arts: 155Math: 160Science: 170

When we plug these number into the calculator, we can see the his approximate GPA is a 3.155, which rounds to a 3.2.

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An example of how to use the GED – GPA calculator

Now, if we add all the his scores together and also divide by 4 (because there space 4 sections), we find that his check score typical is 157.75, which ring to 158.

Letter GradePercent Grade4.0 Scale

According to the course rank calculation data, his score puts him in the height 46%. A 3.2 GPA falls between a B and also and B+ average, and also it renders sense the a college student of this caliber can be ranked in about the peak 46% of their class. Therefore, his estimated GPA renders sense!Go ahead and also play around with the calculator to shot it yourself!

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