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The Coral Island: A tale of the Pacific s is a book written by R. M. Ballantyne and also published in 1858. Golding to be supposedly partially influenced to compose Lord the the Fliesbecause the his childhood suffer with Ballantyne"s book.

There are a lot of similarities in between the two books....

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The Coral Island: A story of the Pacific ocean is a book written by R. M. Ballantyne and also published in 1858. Golding was supposedly partially motivated to create Lord that the paris because the his childhood endure with Ballantyne"s book.

There are a lot of similarities between the two books. Because that example, both books have main characters named Jack and Ralph. The setup of both publications is an island whereby the boys room stranded and also forced to fend because that themselves. Further, fire plays vital role in both books.

Despite these similarities, there room some vital differences in between the books. Because that example, Jack and Ralph effectively work together to construct shelters and also canoes in The Coral Island, if Jack and also Ralph that Lord that the Flies carry out not cooperate successfully—in fact, Jack almost orchestrates Ralph"s killing in Golding"s novel. The fire, while crucial in both novels, is used to really different effects. In Lord of the Flies, the fire is used by Jack as a weapon of destruction. The fire in The Coral Island is provided to to escape the island of "false gods" and also ultimately to regain peace.

Golding doesn"t try to hide his book"s similarities. In fact, in two various locations, readers see that Golding especially name-drops Ballantyne"s book. The first time is in thing 2: Ralph is explaining to the boys the they might be top top the island for a long time, however it shouldn"t be a problem. In his opinion, the island is a an excellent island, and also they have the right to enjoy their time over there while castle wait for rescue.

“While we’re waiting we have the right to have a good time on this island.”

He gesticulated widely.

“It’s choose in a book.”

At as soon as there to be a clamor.

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Treasure Island—”

Swallows and also Amazons—”

Coral Island—”

Golding calls our attention to the other book at the end of the novel, and also I think he does the to remind us that his novel is an extremely different 보다 the more idyllic Ballantyne book.