Some characteristics of a an excellent teacher include skills in communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and also patience. Other characteristics of effective teaching encompass an engaging class presence, value in real-world learning, exchange of best practices and a lifelong love that learning.

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A good teacher have the right to make a human being of difference in a student"s life, impacting whatever from your classroom discovering to their irreversible success. If you"re considering a job in education – or looking to rise it through a master of Education(MEd) – it"s vital to check out the qualities of a an excellent teacher.

Research indigenous the financial Policy Institute mirrors that good teachers space the solitary most important factor the contributes come student accomplishment in the classroom, an ext important 보다 facilities, school resources and even college leadership.

A research from the American economics Association (AEA) discovered that improvements in teacher high quality positively affect everything from the top quality of colleges students deal with students’ future salaries, the quality of your neighborhood and also even their future participation rates in 401k savings plans (AEA PDF source).

So, What provides a great Teacher?

Southern new Hampshire college ( education and learning faculty and university students common their thoughts on the qualities that make effective teachers was standing out.

1. An excellent Teachers Are strong Communicators.

When it comes to effective teaching, solid communication an abilities are a must, stated Dr. Daniel Tanguay, senior associate dean that faculty and also education programs.

Tanguay obtained his start as a high school math teacher and also said that many students involved his class feeling fear of math, discouraged by their prior experiences and too overwhelmed to technique the subject positively.

By interacting with students in ~ the beginning of the year around how math uses to their favorite hobbies, sports and future careers, Tanguay stated his students were able to strategy the topic in a an ext enjoyable way that much better supported their learning.

“I’m a certain believer in communication in every forms,” that said. “As a leader, interaction is a tool for overcoming fear.”

2. An excellent Teachers hear Well.

Great communication doesn"t stop as soon as the teacher is excellent talking. Hearne well is one of the most important an abilities needed to it is in a teacher.

“Teachers the are experienced in listening and also observing regularly pick increase on what isn’t gift said, such as any kind of anxieties a student may have, and can then aid the student build their skills and confidence levels," claimed studentKristine Ducote, who is earning she bachelor"s in criminal justice.

Student Latricia Maddox, who is researching for a bachelor"s in business, said that reliable listening skills also assist a teacher much better understand your students and tailor great to with them how they find out best.

“If one educator deserve to truly hear a student, they deserve to learn exactly how to reach them wherein they are,” she said. “This will open the door because that them to receive and learn the lesson that is being taught.”

3. An excellent Teachers emphasis on Collaboration.

Working in education method you’re never truly functioning alone. Indigenous paraprofessionals and teaching aides to various other classroom teachers and school leaders, functioning as a teacher often way working efficiently in a group. It"s also important to keep an open up mind and learn from various other educators.

The vital to success in this kind of environment, Tanguay said, is the ability to collaborate. "You really require to have the ability to fill various roles in order to collaborate effectively," that said. "If you already have who on your team that is walking to be the one come critique every one of the suggestions made, then you don"t require to join in on that. Instead, possibly you should be the human who is going to come up with an imaginative ideas. You require to have that flexibility."

4. Great Teachers are Adaptable.

Effective teachers need to be able to work in a continually evolving environment and adjust their teaching methods based on the age of your students, the resources available and changing curriculum, practices and requirements.

As a teacher since the 1980s, education and learning professor and also on campus undergraduate routine chairman Dr. Audrey Rogers said she’s viewed tremendous changes in the education and learning field throughout her career, an especially with the increase in access to the internet, computers and also other technology. What is to teach going to look favor in an additional 30 years? The just thing certain, Rogers said, is change.

“Change is a constant,” she said. “Learning just how to adapt and also adjust, that’s been just one of the an abilities that’s to be most helpful in my career. It’s about keeping mine finger on the pulse of that my students space over time and also all the trends, requirements and new research, and also being able come continually improve.”

Adaptability is also one the the key skills essential to be a teacher who might be educating students of varying grade levels or various learning styles, Tanguay said.

“You have to have the ability to adapt based upon your audience,” he said.

5. Good Teachers are Engaging.

Being maybe to communicate students with humor, creative lessons and also a solid classroom visibility is vital part that what provides someone a great teacher, Tanguay said.

“If you were to envision the teacher the you would desire in your life, even now, you’re walking to desire someone that is really engaging in front of the classroom,” he said. “A an excellent teacher will carry out for their students to store them going... It’s not around sitting earlier and simply lecturing, it’s about engaging in the work.”

What an engaging teacher looks favor will vary depending upon grade level and also subject matter, Tanguay said.

In kindergarten, an engaging teacher can be one who gets under on the floor come do tasks with their students on your level. In high school, an engaging teacher might be one who thinks external the box, adds feeling to your lessons and finds an imaginative ways to carry learning right into the genuine world.

6. An excellent Teachers present Empathy.

Another key to engaging students and also improving their discovering is come treat every student together an individual, by being empathetic and also understanding to what may be walk on in your lives, Tanguay said.

“We must take a minute to think ago and think around what can be going on in this student’s life,” the said. “It’s so essential to it is in observant, attentive, empathetic and constantly have a positive attitude.”

Rhonda Garrison, a student in"s psychology program, claimed empathy and also understanding from a teacher deserve to not only aid that teacher make a connection with a student, it have the right to directly impact a student"s finding out in the classroom.

“Something that may be simple for one student may not be so easy for who else,” she said. “Everyone learns differently, even if it is it be much faster or slower 보다 normal, learns much better by writing, reading or hands-on. Teachers need to constantly keep this in psychic and always pay close attention to ensure each student is on the monitor they must be.”

7. Great Teachers have Patience.

No matter what grade level you"re teaching, your patience will be experiment while functioning as one educator.

Whether you’re controlling classroom behavior, working v colleagues with different views, or communicating student problems or progress with parents, patience is just one of the many important an abilities to practice as a teacher.

“More often than not you actually need to have much more patience through the parents 보다 you execute with the students,” Tanguay said. “Parents room coming in v their perceptions of what happened to them when they to be students or vault experiences the may have been detrimental to their child... You need to be patient and also understanding of them.”

8. An excellent Teachers value Real-World Learning.

Teachers who carry their students’ learning into the real human being are often some the the many engaging. But it’s essential for teacher to lug their very own learning right into the actual world, too.

One that the ideal preparations for effective teaching is to ensure that education students obtain plenty of classroom experience early on in their level programs, Rogers said.

For education and learning majorsin"s on campus program, this preparation includes embedded coursework that starts in a student"s freshmen year. They spend time at a regional school as soon as a week come collaborate v teacher partners and also apply their finding out to the classroom. A year-long student teaching suffer is likewise a powerful method to for sure soon-to-be teachers have actually the time to hone your teaching skills, Rogers said.

"Our students have actually that benefit of seeing the handy application (of) what they"re learning in the moment they"re finding out it," she said.

9. An excellent Teachers Share finest Practices.

A willingness come share knowledge and experiences with others is among the many important features of a great teacher, Rogers said.

Education is a hands-on field and also often requires testing within the great to discover which approaches of communicating with students work-related best. Part of gift an efficient teacher is sharing your findings and also best practices with rather in the field, Rogers said.

“I always difficulty my students come think, ‘What is your contribution?’” she said. “Are girlfriend brave sufficient to article on Twitter about your concepts on modern technology integration in the classroom? her willingness to share your practice, to store an open up door, to it is in transparent and also to be it was observed are vital part of her teaching.”

10. Good Teachers room Lifelong Learners.

One of the crucial skills essential to it is in a great teacher is a dedication to ongoing education and also a love that learning.


Whether you’re learning much more about your subject area, learning new methods of interaction or even exploring how to bring more technology into your classroom, proceeding to broaden your own knowledge is crucial to broadening that of your students.

“Those devoted to their topics with a enthusiasm for learning make the finest teachers," claimed student Jennifer Gardner, that is earning a bachelor"s in mathematics. “They additionally need to have actually a desire to pass on that knowledge.”

Ducote said it’s crucial for teacher to never feel as though they’ve learned that all, and to remain open up to brand-new experiences.

“No matter your education level, you can learn miscellaneous from everyone you encounter, including other educators as well as students,” she said. “Being ready to continually include tools to your toolbox – also unconventional people at time – will store things new and exciting, as well as giving you terrific skills.”

Learn the attributes of efficient Teaching


If you’re interested in starting a career in education, it’s vital to very first focus on your own learning. Even if it is you’re seeking a bachelor"s degree in education, an education and learning master’s level or even a doctor of Education(EdD), building a strong structure of knowledge and also real-world experiences is key to coming to be a good teacher.

No issue where your career path takes friend – even if it is to an elementary school school, secondary school or even to the college level – your teaching deserve to have a profound affect on the lives of students, and your education and learning is the foundation for the work.

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“Teachers make such a substantial impact on your students’ lives,” stated student Donna Whisman, who is earning her bachelor"s in communication. “I believe that gift a teacher is a really special gift, and also those that have actually that gift do a positive, lasting impression on the resides of your students that deserve to totally adjust the trajectory of your lives.”

Danielle Gagnon is a freelance writer focused on higher education. Attach with her on LinkedIn.