A hoax post reported the the gibbs (and teenaged kid of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith) had killed himself.

Published28 July 2016

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The news was not true, and also didn’t come from a legit source. In fact, users who clicked the above-displayed message were greeted v a popup message requesting permission native a Facebook app to write-up on your behalf, do the short article appear less favor a hoax and more like an bald scam: 


Messages around Jaden Smith’s alleged self-destruction were common from assorted sites, and led to a variety of dodgy-sounding facebook apps, including “Smart Mobiles,” “Gadgy Land,” “Pakiza,” “Top Feeds” and several others. 

Intrepid internet users who clicked the link and also gave the app permission were at some point greeted with one of several “news” story claiming that Jaden Smith had actually committed suicide. The internet sites responsible because that this hoax have published dozens of fake news stories and also graphics v this false claim:


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Users who granted this apps permission to article to facebook on your behalf quickly uncovered this death hoax posted to their own Facebook feeds, thereby replicating itself throughout social media.

Jaden blacksmith himself has been active on his social media accounts, look at unaware the he’s supposed to it is in dead. He posted a picture of himself on 27 July 2016:

Clickbait story such together celebrity fatality hoaxes are usual ways because that dubious web sites and apps to spread out malware. Also if the sites don’t spread invasive software outright, your computer or social media accounts have the right to still be easily hijacked so the unscrupulous companies deserve to profit indigenous a seemingly big social media presence.