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July 05, 2016 at 8:22 am

I disagree rather with your definition. By am a chef, both classically trained and with suffer in hotel restaurants and also banqueting suites across Europe. Yet refer come myself a chef when asked together this is mine definition.

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A chef: produces solitary plates / key as component of a business in some kind of restaurant. Ingredients space usually of better cost and also garnishing is implicit. Is likely to functioning in simply one section of a kitchen and developing significant talents in a specific area that cuisine.

A cook: produces complete meals often consisting the a number of courses and dishes. Is most likely to be multi-skilled and also able to job-related alone or as part of a team. Is liable to present a career course within the educational, residential or hospital services.

But because that either, a cook or a cook, a proceeding interest in food in all it’s aspects and also a desire to develop the best possible experience from the ingredients listed is essential.

Stu F.

July 29, 2016 in ~ 1:12 am

Here’s my definitions.

Cook is a job title. Chief is a way of life.Cooks come in and also prepare food according to a set collection of recipes, there is no deviation.Chefs are enabled room to experiment and use/create their very own recipes.Cooks have actually no say as soon as it comes to other kitchen matters such as staffing or inventory.Chefs inputs are invaluable come the executive chef or kitchen manager and are straight involved, even if castle don’t have final say.Cooks focus on one area of expertise yet rarely leaving it.Chefs may cook, to wash dishes, operation food, prep, bake, check on customers, generally all in ~ one shift.I carry out not have a cook degree. I have spent 20+ year in the industry, holding food preparation positions in buffet, family members dining, and four star fine dining. I have actually spent time finding out from degreed chefs. My current position is v a household dining restaurant. There is the owner, the manager, and also me. (in regards to kitchen seniority) i am directly affiliated with matters of staffing, menu planning, and inventory. In any kind of given shift, i cook, bake, prep, wash dishes, operation food, take orders, and also touch tables. I have spent countless hours teaching myself, developing and tweaking recipes of my very own creation. To me cooking isn’t a job, or a career, it’s one obsession and also an addiction.Now, offered my experience, training, and also level that devotion come the craft, and the place I at this time hold, ns feel i am worthy to be called Chef.

Oh brother. I have actually a sister who took a 4-day course and also now cases to be a “certified chef.” however she has actually never functioned in any food business capacity various other than a sampler server at a grocery store and also a having lunch lady at a school. Your definition reminds me of the same kind of sneer she has actually when differentiates in between herself and also “cooks.” The just difference in between a skilled cook and chef is exactly how expensive the restaurant they space working in is! I have actually known head cooks in smaller sized restaurants that run the staff, build menus, order the supplies and also wash dishes, as with you claim. Pull your sleep out the the air! You could learn some things from human being you take into consideration lower than you.

I work in a multi million dollar basic catering to government parties, oil and also petroleum CEOs and also other major players in west Canada. I have actually trained in Cuba and have to be taught by amazing chefs native Japan, Austria, Switzerland and also others and I’m a certified Chef having completed 5 year of industry training and schooling. However I’m simply a cook much more over a heat cook. Ns take part in management, recipe creation and washing the floors and also general cleaning. Chefs follow to the old traditions have actually at the very least 15 year of endure under their belts. Anyone that hasn’t functioned at least 5 years ~ no taken seriously and also even made funny of for thinking they space a Chef. Doesn’t issue what type of restaurant you work-related in or just how much the ingredient cost. It’s all around experience, knowledge and understanding just how food actually functions in each case. Not how expensive the restaurant in reality is. The is a huge lie.

It seems that you and also I have actually travel similar roads transparent our careers. Your an interpretation is dead on, in mine opinion anyway.I’m going to use it in my Marketing and also as part of mine Chef place description. Awesome, cook Stu!

Chef Stu, thanks for her comments. I would love to call you and hear more about your firm and what you are doing. Probably we can do a quick interview too.

If girlfriend consult a dictionary, you see that a cook is merely a human who prepares food because that eating. Given that it makes no sense to say the cooks space of a lower rank 보다 chefs. It shows us that ‘cook’ is a genus if ‘chef’ is a species. Chefs room cooks. Chief is a location or project title.

The distinction in this post makes as lot sense together saying that movie stars are higher ranking than actors. Girlfriend can’t say the a types is higher ranking than its genus yet you have the right to of course introduce ranks in ~ a genus.

A cook follows a recipe; cooking recipes calls for 3 table spoons of tomato paste and only have actually two? Throw the end the totality meal and come up through something else.

A chef v the same issue…just use a tablespoon of catsup!

Its dubbed FLAIR!

I’ve spent nearly 30 years of my life working in kitchens of every sorts, from fine dining to family members style. I’m a chef. I’ve put in the work and the training to be called that. I am no a cook. The difference between a cook and also a chef is somewhat choose the difference between a shade-tree mechanic and an ASE certified tech. Chefs know techniques and flavor profiles that cooks typically aren’t conscious of. That’s no to say that cooks can’t make damn fine food. However rarely is that elevated. A cook is familiar with every the nuances that a food in bespeak to bring out the food’s inner greatness. A meal with a chef is good. A meal with a cook is memorable and also something you take v you.

To illustrate, let’s look in ~ the common french fry:A normal chef takes a potato, cut it into fries, and fries them in ~ 350 levels until done. Finish with salt. Serve.

A chef bring away the very same potato, cut it, soaks it lightly salted water for several hrs to relax the starches then drains. He then blanches the fries in 335 level oil until soft and tender but not yet cooked through. After draining and resting till room temperature, that then areas the fries in a 375 degree fryer through either peanut oil or duck fat come crisp and also puff the fries until they are light and pillowy ~ above the inside yet have actually a an excellent crisp top top the outside. Salt immediately after taking the fries the end of the oil so the potatoes draw in the salt together they cool. Serve.

Sure, chefs my appears arrogant (many are) but shot working my hours (usually in between 60-80 hours a week) for years on end. I’ve trained with some great culinary minds and also enured a the majority of stress and also heartache at my craft too a success. I feel I have actually rightly earned the coat that ns wear. Over there is nothing wrong through being a cook. It’s great honest work. Yet making the same foods over and also over again is more akin come a manufacturing facility job than being a creative chef. Anyone can chef by numbers, however not everyone can obtain meat temps repetitively right. The takes practice and training. Anyone have the right to ladle gravy or sauce over a bowl of food. But can you develop the perfect sauce come pair with the dish being served? If you can, then congratulations. You’re a chef. Chef method “chief” as in “in fee of your area”. That’s what I’m meant to be each time i walk into that kitchen.

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I have actually cooked because that over 40 years and done a lot of external catering together well. Ns am a versatile and also very good cook but have never ever done a “proper” training food although i did carry out a Cordon Bleu brief course an ext than 40 years earlier (at the insistence of my mother). Mine food which is very closely prepared even if it is for external or house is frequently praised and I am asked for recipes. Walk this do me a cook or a cook?

I maybe should have actually added: I it is adapted recipes to make them better, ns do consist of my own recipes, I usage wines etc to flavour sauces, and also I hold food restroom certificates. Ns know just how to usage my bundle of cook’s (extremely sharp) knives and I enjoy food preparation for others.

I would prefer to understand if you deserve to open your own diner or restaurant and also be the head chief or cook of your very own business?I have actually searched everywhere for the answer come this question and also can’t seem to uncover a correct or no.I am interested in opened up my own tiny business someday and wanted to recognize if you’re permitted to it is in the manager but can additionally be the head cook. And if you are the head chef do you need to have a certification for the if it’s your very own business? Or do you just have actually to satisfy the organization standards for inspection of wellness safety?