JavaScript Functions: A duty is a block the code created to execute some specific set of tasks. We can define a function using the function keyword, complied with by Name and optional parameters. Body of role is enclosed in Curly braces.

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function functionName(parameters) // ContentFeatures:The function is executed as soon as something calls/invokes it.The name might contain letters, digits, dissension signs, underscore.Parameters are provided inside round parenthesis after the name of the function.Arguments are values a function receives when it is invoked.When the manage reaches the return statement, js will stop executing and also the value is returned to the caller.Example: below is the duty to add two numbers.

Output:3JavaScript Methods: A JavaScript method is a residential property of things that contains a duty definition. Methods are features stored as object properties. Object technique can be accessed through the complying with syntax:Syntax:object = methodName: function() // content ;object.methodName()Features:Actions that deserve to be perform on objects room what us term JavaScript methods.The objects can also be dubbed without making use of parenthesis.This refers to the owner object in a method.Example: The following example shows the method that is invoked with an item called employee.

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Output:Rahul works v Department salesDifference Between duty and Method:FunctionMethodA duty can it is in called directly by the name.A an approach consists the a code that have the right to be called by the surname of that is object and its method name using dot notation or square clip notation..A function can happen the data that is operated and may return the data.The an approach operates the data included in a Class.Data passed come a duty is explicit.A technique implicitly overcome the object on i beg your pardon it to be called.A function lives top top its own.A an approach is a function associated with an object property.
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