A collision occurs as soon as two objects come in direct call with every other. It is the situation in which two or much more bodies exert pressures on each other in around a relatively short time. There are two types of collisions specific :

Elastic CollisionAn elastic collision can be characterized as a state where there is no net loss in kinetic energy in the mechanism as the an outcome of the collision.Inelastic CollisionAn inelastic collision deserve to be defined as a form of collision whereby this is a ns of kinetic energy. The lost kinetic power is transformed into thermal energy, sound energy, and material deformation.

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Differences between elastic and also inelastic collisions

The differences between elastic and inelastic collisions is tabulated below

Elastic Collision

Inelastic Collision

The complete kinetic energy is conserved.The complete kinetic energy of the body at the beginning and the end of the collision is different.
Momentum does no change.Momentum changes.
No counter of power takes place.Kinetic energy is adjusted into other power such as sound or heat energy.
Highly i can not qualify in the real world as there is nearly always a change in energy.This is the normal form of collision in the genuine world.
An instance of this have the right to be swinging balls or a spacecraft flying near a planet however not getting impacted by its heaviness in the end.

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An instance of one inelastic collision can be the collision of 2 cars.


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