Fact #2: I’m a lazy cook and most that the time, unwrapping a clove the garlic and mincing it seems like too much work. Plus, then her hands smell prefer garlic all day!


Because of this, most of the time I finish up substituting new garlic cloves for among the many easily accessible forms the garlic out there. I usually just grab whichever one I find first, yet I was reasoning the other day, “What is the difference in between garlic powder and granulated garlic?” The an outcome was a deep dive right into an digital rabbit feet all about garlic. Which is kinda weird, but left me feeling better than the critical time I fell down a bachelor country rabbit hole. Here’s what I found out….

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Health benefits of Garlic

Not only does garlic taste amazing, it likewise has selection of health and wellness benefits like:

high nutrient densityhelps mitigate blood pressure and cholesterol levelsfull the antioxidantshas been used since ancient times come treat diseases, prefer the common cold.

You can read even much more at “11 Proven health Benefits that Garlic”

Many world looking because that the health and wellness benefits of garlic aren’t simply using it recipes, they are taking garlic flour supplements. If you space interested in law this, I’d encourage analysis “Garlic: Uses, next Effects, Interactions and Dosing” native WebMD and talking with your doctor.

Fresh Garlic Substitutes

What’s the difference and also when carry out I usage each one?

Garlic powder is made with fresh garlic that has been dried and then floor up into a smooth powder. Due to the fact that it’s for this reason fine and easy to blend in, it’s good for recipes request a smooth, also garlic flavor. However, Garlic power brings a lot more intense garlic odor than any type of other form of garlic, therefore you’ll desire to use a smaller sized amount of it in your cooking. It’s an excellent in soups, sauces, spice rubs, marinades, really anything. 1/8 tsp Garlic powder = 1 clove fresh garlicJust prefer it sounds, Garlic Salt is around three components salt come one part garlic powder. Garlic and also Salt space both common ways to include flavor come a recipe, so combine the two really provides you an opportunity to ramp increase the taste that a recipe. It deserve to usually be found in stores, yet you have the right to easily create the same results by simply adding both salt and garlic to her recipe. Garlic salt can be offered in the same methods garlic powder deserve to be, just remember that it adds extra salt to a recipe as well.1/2 tsp Garlic Salt = 1 clove fresh garlic (and 1/4 tsp salt)Minced Garlic is new garlic that has actually been finely chopped and also then dehydrated. It has actually a mellower flavor than fresh garlic. The re-hydrates quickly when you add it into recipes. Because of the bigger size that garlic pieces, minced garlic really gives a popular music of garlic here and also there in your recipe. Minced garlic is an excellent for sauteing through veggies, or putting in soup or sauces. No as effective in summer sprouts rubs. 1/4 tsp Minced Garlic = 1 clove new garlicGranulated Garlic is additionally made native ground increase dehydrated garlic. It is no as carefully ground together Garlic Powder, however, so the flavor isn’t as intense. The does create an even garlic flavor come a recipe. Granulated Garlic can be provided the exact same as garlic powder, simply remember to use an ext as the is much less flavorful. 1/4 tsp granulated garlic = 1 clove new garlic

A Substitution Consideration

All that the creates of garlic we’ve questioned have to be dehydrated, which means the water has actually been eliminated from the garlic. Due to the fact that of this, that will cook a lot faster than new garlic, particularly in powder kind because the is so tiny.

So, if a recipe states to saute new garlic for 1 minute, arrangement on sauteing minced garlic for just 30 seconds, granulated garlic for only 10 seconds, and don’t stroked nerves trying with garlic powder. It burns an extremely easily, just add it in when you include other seasoning to her recipe.

Now, for the question I recognize is on every one of your minds…..

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Which one tastes best on Garlic Bread?


We placed the 4 types of garlic to the check to decision which one made the best garlic bread. A bread of french bread was reduced into 4 same parts, and also covered through butter. Each section got a sprinkling that a different kind of garlic, and also the loaves were broiled till golden. 6 different world tasted each form of garlic bread and then mutual their thoughts.

Taste check Results

Garlic Powder was the winner! everyone agreed it had actually the many flavor.Granulated Garlic was a close second for everyone.Everyone agreed the Minced Garlic didn’t provide the bread much of a garlic flavor.Everyone HATED the Garlic Salt bread. So, following time you’re do garlic bread, reach because that the garlic powder or granulated garlic.

Well, i hope you appreciated learning about the different types of new garlic substitutions. Allow me understand in the comment what her favorite cooking recipes is that has actually garlic in it!