Big city to coastal city. Finding your method to Salem, Massachusetts


Located a mere 16 miles north the Boston, Salem is ideal known because that the witchcraft trials the took ar there in the 17th century. This historic seaside town also has a wealthy literary heritage as the former stomping grounds the novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne. From buses to a ferry, there are multiple options for acquiring to Salem native Boston and, depending on which friend choose, acquiring there deserve to be part of the fun.

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By rail

Boston and Salem are linked via a commuter rail activate by the Massachusetts Bay transportation Authority, i beg your pardon locals describe as "the T." Both the Newburyport and also Rockport lines, i beg your pardon depart from Boston"s north Station, prevent at the Salem Depot. The pilgrimage takes in between 30 and 35 minutes. It is in mindful the repairs and maintenance work-related can affect service top top weekends. Holidays and also bad weather throughout the winter months can also impact service.

By bus

Cheaper than the commuter rail though not as comfortable, travelers looking to conserve a couple of dollars can gain to Salem via the #450 bus the departs indigenous Boston"s Haymarket terminal on weekdays and also from Wonderland West Busway, situated in the bordering town that Revere, ~ above weekends and holidays. The trip takes in between 35 and also 55 minutes.

If you"re looking to obtain to Salem ~ flying right into Boston"s Logan global Airport, hop ~ above the #459 bus native Terminal C, and you"ll be there in just over one hour.

MBTA buses expropriate cash – make certain to have actually exact readjust – as well reloadable passes well-known as CharlieCards and also CharlieTickets. Fares are lowest once you pay through a CharlieCard, a plastic card obtainable for acquisition from customer service agents in ~ MBTA stations about the city and at the CharlieCard save at Downtown cross Station. CharlieTickets, which room made of paper, can be purchase from station vending machines. Fares paid with cash and CharlieTickets room subject to surcharges.

By car

Salem is a 30-minute journey from Boston via path 114 East. The drive is even shorter - roughly 25 minute - native Logan global Airport along path 1A North. When driving to Salem or in other places in Massachusetts mental that, every state law, pedestrians have actually the right-of-way.

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By sea

From Memorial Day through October, tourists can obtain to Salem via a high-speed catamaran ride well-known as the Salem Ferry that departs from central Wharf in Boston. The expedition takes around 50 minutes each way. Snacks are easily accessible for acquisition on board. Passengers disembark in ~ the Blaney Street Wharf, i m sorry is a 15-minute stroll from downtown Salem. Quite not walk? Hop plank the Salem Trolley instead.