Have you ever before noticed a thin membrane between your dog’s toes? many dogs have actually somewebbing on their feet. Because that instance, my dog Ralph, a pit bull mix, has actually lovely, soft, pink skin in between her white toes. But some dog breeds have actually prominently webbed feet for useful reasons. Dogs with webbed feet are often an excellent swimmers, as you might imagine…

Read top top to learn which dogs have actually webbed feet, and also how those feet help them do what they were originally bred for.

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Believe the or not, wiener dogs have actually webbed feet for a reason! You may not think of dachshunds as soon as you think of dogs with webbed feet, but these low-slung cuties were initially bred for hunting badgers. That intended chasing, digging, and also diving into holes. Theirpaddle paws assist them dig and also grip.

Doxies aren’t long-distance swimmers, but the people who perform like water gain power from your webbed toes.

Chesapeake just Retriever

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“Chessies,” as fans speak to them, originated on the shores that the Chesapeake Bay, an estuary surrounding by Maryland and Virginia. They lower from other web-footed breeds, including Newfoundlands, and are tireless retrievers. Chessies are an effective swimmers, through a thick dual coat that’s waterproof and also insulating, and strong muscles to save them moving. Plus, their big webbed feet assist them swim versus the cold current.

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Irish Water Spaniel

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With “water” in your name, you know this breed needs to be a good swimmer! according to the AKC, irish Water Spaniels are among the earliest spaniel breeds, possibly originating as at an early stage as the 7th century. They’re terrific retrievers and hunters, and their webbed feet do them strong swimmers. However even if you’re no on the hunt, irish Water Spaniels’ loving, boisterous personalities make them fun family pets.