Gilmore Girls: 16 best Relationship mistake Lorelai Made with Luke Luke and also Lorelai"s partnership is in ~ the love of Gilmore Girls, yet Lorelai provides so plenty of mistakes it"s exceptional they finished up together.

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Side through side images of Luke and Lorelai in Gilmore Girls through the show's logo design over the top
The main relationship of Gilmore Girls has constantly been the one in between Lorelai Gilmore and her clever daughter/best friend Rory. However, it was evident right indigenous the start that the owner of the diner whereby they eat is also going to play an important role in Lorelai"s plot. Luke danes is grumpy and pessimistic yet acts choose a saint as soon as it concerns his favorite customers. His and also Lorelai"s friendship turned romantic is a ridiculously enjoyable slow-moving burn.

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Lorelai is vibrant and also charismatic, however she additionally struggles with commitment issues and also emotion regulation. Her partnership with she parents is a mess, which unfortunately also seeps into her romances. When the fans generally welcomed the destined pair ending increase together, there are numerous mistakes Lorelai has actually made in her partnership with Luke.

Updated on June 2nd, 2021, through Lynn Gibbs: In in march of 2021, Lauren Graham told EW Live that she has actually a Gilmore Girls clause in every one of her upcoming contract in situation there is ever before a sequel to the Gilmore Girls revival. Fans went wild at the assumed of see Lorelai and also Luke as a married pair instead of being in a standstill choose they were because that the very first three illustration of A Year in the Life. The couple has therefore much history that fans space itching to see more of them. Until then, viewers have no choice but come rewatch the original show and also relive the ups and downs the Lorelai and also Luke"s rollercoaster relationship. 

Updated on November 5, 2021, through Lynn Gibbs: When brand-new Gilmore Girls fans execute their first watch that the series, one of the an initial questions they have is "Do Luke and also Lorelai finish up together?" Their connection was solid at the start due to the fact that their friendship to be the tower of your future romantic relationship. But as is the case for most fictional characters, their flaws obtain in the means and both characters made a couple of mistakes in their relationship — Lorelai in particular. Eventually, Luke and also Lorelai figured us out, however that didn"t typical their partnership still wasn"t dramatic. 

Lorelai Didn"t Do sufficient To conserve Luke from Golfing with Richard

Richard and also Luke golfing on Gilmore Girls
once Emily met Luke in ~ the start of his and also Lorelai"s relationship, Richard felt choose he too necessary to get to recognize his daughter"s new beau. He invited Luke to walk golfing, which Lorelai didn"t desire from the start, yet she enabled it come happen.

Lorelai messed up since she didn"t warn Luke about what nation club life v her dad was really like. Not just was Luke underdressed and also misinformed, however he likewise embarrassed self in former of Richard and his friends. By the end of the day, Luke agreed come a business decision that he wasn"t interested in. And also while he"s an adult who deserve to handle himself, Lorelai might have done much more to either protect against the game from continue or prepare Luke. It"s not the best episode for Luke and also Lorelai fans.

Lorelai Aired their Dirty Laundry the end At Lane"s Wedding

lorelai drunk top top tequila at lanes wedding on gilmore girls
as soon as April came right into Luke"s life, his relationship with Lorelai fight a wall. The didn"t know exactly how to it is in a brand-new dad and also a fiancé in ~ the exact same time. He essential time to figure it out.

Sadly, instead of voicing she frustrations and fears to Luke, Lorelai bottled them inside and unleashed castle at the worst place possible: Lane and also Zack"s wedding. Through Luke away, Lorelai told every one of Stars hole that she wasn"t the marrying type. This led anyone to wonder: perform Lorelai and Luke gain married? Knowing just how gossipy Stars hole was, this was a risky move on her end.

Luke shed His to trust In Lorelai much more Than Once

Lorelai help luke paint his diner in gilmore girls
Before another epic Friday Night Dinner, Lorelai somehow persuaded Luke to update his diner and give the a fresh coat that paint. In ~ this point, fans were dying to know if Luke and also Lorelai get together. However, knowing exactly how attached come the diner Luke was and also how much he hated change, it to be a big deal that he agreed to redecorate it v Lorelai"s help. Some of his ideal memories to be at Luke"s Diner and also it was hard to transform it.

Lorelai promised she would be there after hours to aid Luke paint yet instead, she got recorded up with Christopher. Luke play it off once Lorelai showed up late, but that kind of behavior doesn"t fly v Luke since he doesn"t trust human being easily. He lost his trust in Lorelai again when he captured her deleting a voicemail from Christopher as quickly as that walked right into the room. Honesty was no Lorelai"s strong suit.

Lorelai Acted like She Knew exactly how To it is in The much better Parent come April

Gilmore Girls illustration Santa’s mystery Stuff, v Lorelai and Rory meeting Luke and also April
Deep down, Lorelai thought she was being useful by offering Luke some parenting advice, however what she was really doing to be telling him what to do. Luke and also Lorelai never ever had children together, so Lorelai had actually no idea what type of parental Luke was aiming to be.

In one scene, he was trying to find the perfect date of birth gift for April and pointed come something in the window. Lorelai acted choose his idea to be stupid and reiterated that she had a daughter and also knew what kids liked. Annoyed, Luke snapped at her and reminded her that April was his daughter and also that he knew what she liked. Plus, Luke wasn"t comfortable v Lorelai being involved in April"s life simply yet. Luke turned out to be a great dad, however this wasn"t his best moment.

Luke always Liked Lorelai, however She played Dumb

Lorelai defined Luke together "the guy who pours she coffee," however she knew all follow me that that was method more than that. Once they first met, Lorelai gave Luke a horoscope reading as a joke and also he retained it intact for years. Luke proved her unwavering support and made himself easily accessible anytime she needed it, however she rarely assumed of reciprocating such gestures.

Deep down, Lorelai knew exactly how Luke felt, and her playing dumb collection up one unhealthy dynamic indigenous the start and also was a bad Gilmore Girls love lesson. The resentments started structure right there and also then, even if they didn"t establish it.

Lorelai pass Luke To she Parents" House

Luke and Lorelai"s connection becomes severe by the end of season 4. In "You Jump, ns Jump, Jack," Lorelai brought Luke to her parents" house since her mom absolutely insisted on conference her brand-new beau. The meeting was clear awful. Emily never offered Luke a possibility to start with and he only embarrassed self in the process. The was among the worst Friday Night Dinners.

Ultimately, Emily obtained just what she wanted: she controlled to produce a large dent in Luke"s and Lorelai"s relationship. She important overstepped her bounds but got away through it however again. However, if Lorelai didn"t allow Luke to go over that beforehand in their relationship, things might have gone smoother.

Lorelai Walking downstairs After Their very first Night Together

The morning ~ her first sleepover in ~ Luke"s, Lorelai casually walks down the stair to obtain herself some coffee, wearing only Luke"s shirt. She is his many loyal customer, however didn"t think about the opening hours prior to walking downstairs...

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To her surprise, the diner is open for business and the gossip spread extremely fast. As if starting a serious relationship with a finest friend if both space struggling through commitment problems isn"t challenging enough together it is, Lorelai wasted a opportunity for them to take points at their very own pace as result of her "forgetting" around being in Luke"s Diner.

Lorelai request Luke come Marry her Without reasoning It Through

It"s no that marrying Luke was a negative idea per se, it"s just the timing and also the thinking behind it made tiny sense. There are numerous things that don"t make sense around Luke and also Lorelai, but this one more than likely takes the cake. No seems choose the marrying type. Lorelai should have actually thought long and also hard before popping the question, but she blurted it out on the spur the the minute instead.

She was largely touched by Luke"s efforts to be a far better man for she — the listened come self-help audiobooks, for instance — and the dedication the felt in the direction of her estranged daughter. Lorelai inquiry him come marry her so that she might feel happy again after ~ a fight with Rory; the wasn"t because she actually want to gain married.

And their Wedding was All about Lorelai

It took Luke and also Lorelai years to officially get married in the revival. But in the original collection when castle were an initial engaged, the wedding-planning process was just as slow. It took a small push indigenous Sookie to get Lorelai in the wedding plan mode, and once she did, that was usually done in a day.

After a long day the wedding planning with Sookie, Lorelai went to Luke"s Diner in ~ the finish of the night to tell Luke that their wedding was already planned, payment for, and on June 10th. The only difficulty with this is that Lorelai never as soon as consulted Luke. She never even asked that if that date was okay with him. It to be selfish and one-sided.

Lorelai never ever Addressed she Commitment Issues

transparent the seasons, both Gilmore girls had several boyfriends, but none seem come stick for long. Lorelai obviously has actually commitment issues. She was involved to Rory"s teacher Max and also she canceled at the critical moment. She didn"t placed too lot thought into her actions and also those who fail to discover from their mistakes space bound to repeat them.

That"s exactly what occurred when Lorelai began dating Luke: she went along, but a component of she was always postponing settling because that good. She request him come marry her, yet maintained pushing back the wedding and also beating approximately the bush. If only she operated on herself, the partnership would be far less tumultuous.

Lorelai Ignored The Red Flags

Luke is absolutely not the many emotionally obtainable man in Stars Hollow, so the is no wonder he to be so awkward once he first learned that he had a young daughter. That failed to it is in honest and transparent through Lorelai, i beg your pardon was absolutely one that the worst things Luke ever did come Lorelai. It must be said that while fans didn"t prefer April since of she intrusion on your relationship, the wasn"t her the was the trouble — it to be Luke and also Lorelai.

However, Lorelai should have been more understanding around the situation. Luke remembered how poorly she treated Jess and was worried. The could also be the Luke feared April was going to prefer Lorelai far better than him due to the fact that Lorelai had actually experience through girls (and knew just how to bond with them organically). Lorelai came across as patient, but in truth, she was simply bottling points up. No wonder she exploded and also gave Luke that terrible ultimatum. And speaking that ultimatums...

Lorelai Gave Luke A man Ultimatum

offering a partner difficult ultimatums can hardly be taken into consideration healthy, mature, and supportive. Lorelai had actually every best to it is in upset v Luke: he retained postponing the wedding because of his daughter, yet an ultimatum is not really the best technique to solve the problem. She confronted him: either Luke elope v her and marry her or castle never obtain married. Naturally, Luke didn"t to offer her an answer.

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What Lorelai did next was an also bigger mistake than the ultimatum. She ran off right into Christopher"s arms and spent the night in ~ his place. She cheated top top Luke together they hadn"t officially damaged up top top the night that the ultimatum. It was the worst point that Lorelai could have excellent at the provided moment.

Lorelai Wouldn"t Let points Be Luke"s Way

Lorelai is also self-centered because that her own good, specifically considering that Luke feeds her, has loaned her large sums of money, and taken care of her daughter as if she to be his own. Even when it comes to small things, Lorelai never allows Luke have actually his way.

Lorelai"s personality is a double-edged sword. The very same energetic, bubbly, talkative persona that makes Lorelai a great girlfriend can backfire really fast when things aren"t exactly how she likes. She is explosive and never learned to store her emotions in check.

Lorelai Slept through Christopher as soon as She and also Luke broke Up

Lorelai felt prefer she had actually a one-of-a-kind bond through Christopher — also Emily favored him quite a lot. Anytime Lorelai gained close to Luke, Christopher waltzed ideal in and she constantly seemed to be struck by she teenage feelings. The an initial time that occurred was in ~ the finish of season 1, once Lorelai and Luke appeared to it is in flirting an ext than usual, just for her to it is in distracted by Christopher, who all of sudden wanted to bite his relationship with Rory.

What"s even worse is that Lorelai actually got back together v Christopher. She slept with him mere minutes after fighting up v Luke, married Christopher in season 7, and also then readjusted her mind all over again. Lorelai dragged Luke with hell and it can have to be avoided if she didn"t action on impulse together much.

...And It took Too long For Lorelai to Apologize come Luke

after ~ Lorelai gave Luke the ultamatum, it took him a work or 2 to obtain his thoughts together. He ultimately went to she home and also said he was ready to marry her and also he wanted to elope. Without saying much, Lorelai told him she couldn"t marry him since she slept through Christopher the job before...

A upper heart Luke left she house, drove come Christopher"s, punched him, and went home. Lorelai and also Luke bumped into each other after that, but she never totally apologized for the damages she did. It wasn"t until the seventh and final season that Lorelai finally apologized in the hay maze. But was the too tiny too late?

Doing "Wild"

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life had good and negative moments. Luke and also Lorelai had actually been with each other for a heavy decade and they never acquired married. Lorelai was in a bit of a mid-life crisis, emotion detached from Luke. He, that course, was worried that she would leave him, yet barely walk anything about it. In short, it"s noticeable they hadn"t come far in regards to your communication.

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Seeking enlightenment, Lorelai made decision to hike the Pacific comb Trail. There, she realized the she should marry Luke. The made no feeling that she was still for this reason pressured by the idea that marriage. If anything, the idea of marriage represented a large wound in your relationship because most the their difficulties from previous seasons stemmed native the reality that they maintained postponing the wedding. Ultimately though, they obtained married and the series ended on a "happily ever before after" for the beloved Gilmore Girls couple.

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