Pet owners often try to explain the habits of the pets by correlating them with person emotions.

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Having a cat provide birth to a litter have the right to be a sight for most cat owners, and also taking treatment of the mom cat and also kittens becomes an essential job because that you.

But friend probably recognize that that is much better to separate the kittens indigenous the cat after 7-8 weeks from their birth.

It becomes tough for us to let go of the tiny felines, and we mean the very same from their mother. You can ask how long it deserve to take because that the mom cat to let walk of the kittens.

Many cat owners have actually reported that they have actually observed the mom cat crying and also looking for her babies in the house.

However, this behavior does not constantly mean the the mom cat is missing the kittens. There deserve to be several reasons behind it, and missing her kittens might not be one of them.

We space going to comment on everything you need to know around this actions in the adhering to sections.

How lengthy does the take for a mommy cat to forget she kittens?


The time because that which the mommy cat will certainly be mourning after ~ separation will depend on the moment you have provided with the kittens.

If the mommy cat spends much more time through the kittens, it will be straightforward for her to permit go.

However, acquisition the kittens before the weaning is finish can create separation stress in the mommy cats. In the case, she have the right to take a much longer time to recover.

Do mother cats react once their kitten is leaving? If so, how?

Cats reaction to this separation differently than a human being would. Mom cats start weaning after four weeks native birth and finish this process in 10-12 weeks.

The bond between a mother and her kittens becomes weak as the weaning procedure comes to fruition. In the weaning process, the mother cat provides the kitten live independence of your mothers.

It is crucial for a kitten’s upbringing together it learns to live without aid from its mother.

Mother cats can get uncomfortable with the presence of your kittens after the weaning process is complete. A mom cat can even growl in ~ the kitten if you store them v her for too long.

The many usual means a cat have the right to react come the situation may feeling heartless to many cat owners. Once you placed the kittens increase for fostering after 10-12 weeks, the cat will certainly look because that them all over in the house and meow, hoping for a response.

But these behaviors stay just for a couple of days, and the mom cat will certainly be back to her continuous life.

If you eliminate the kittens from your mother prior to ten weeks, the behavior remains the same. However it will remain for a couple of more days.

Although the mom cat does no grieve for the lose of kittens and also they space perfectly capable enough to leave their litter entirely.

This actions seems very unusual to most cat owners, yet this is normal behavior for mommy cats.

How execute you recognize if a mother cat is absent their kittens?

The relation in between a mother cat and her kittens is rather different. When some could expect a deep sense of grief indigenous the mother cat, she may not show the kittens’ supposed amount that remorse.

However, you can observe some changes in her behavior for the first few days. These behavior changes room symptoms the grief.


A mother cat can search about the residence for the kitten. She can likewise yowl an ext often to get a solution from her kittens.

Her sleeping and eating sample might adjust due to the grief of losing her young felines. Some might even suffer a personality change.

A mommy cat can become clingy as they start to worth the connections she has actually with others. This symptoms are an ext prevalent once a cat owner removes the kitten prior to the weaning process is complete.

If you take the kittens away after weaning, the mother will it is in upset because that a few days. But, she will go earlier to her constant schedule soon.

Is it a bad idea to different a kitten from she mother?

Mothers regulate the life of the kittens because that the first couple of months of your lives. The kittens discover to live individually at the time.

You need to not different the kitten as soon as they room going with the weaning process. Mothers typically start this procedure after four weeks and finish the by 12 weeks at most.

If you remove the mother’s kittens in that time, the kitten might not live up to being a well-adjusted cat.

Kittens get all the nutrient from their mommy for the first couple of weeks, and also they can not digest any type of other kind of food.

So, if you remove the kitten too soon, it have the right to suffer from serious malnutrition. The mommy cat can also go into grief in the case.

If you take the kittens far at an ideal time, the mom cat will be back to she carefree me in a few days.

It is typically harder because that the kittens to readjust to a brand-new setting, and they miss their mother and siblings. If the happens come your brand-new kitten, spend as lot time as feasible to make it feeling at home.

Introducing the new kitten to various other felines in the family members can be advantageous in this instance as well.


In conclusion, we can say the the mom cat can be well-adjusted come the truth that you have probably taken she kittens away from her.

This behavior may it seems to be ~ cold-hearted, however this a natural procedure for the mom cats, and you should accept it.

However, you have to wait till the kittens space at the very least 12 main old before taking them far from your mothers.

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This schedule will aid both the mommy cat and also the kittens to have happy, separate stays of their own.