Naked and also Afraid is among a kind, together contestants try to make it through in the wilderness because that 40 days. If they get through it, what carry out they win?

The saturday season the the exploration Channel reality collection is gaining well underway, as those taking part are restricted to food, water and shelter.

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Survival an abilities are placed to the can be fried test, and trying to protect against predators such together reptiles, and build their own cover in the wild.

So, what is the Naked and Afraid XL prize? and how much do the contestants get paid for going v the gruelling competition?

What is the Naked and Afraid XL prize?

No cash prize has been announced for effective XL participants

Although over there is no money to be won, the contestants room reportedly offered compensation for your time ~ above the show.

Casting director Kristi Russell revealed the those taking part are offered a “weekly stipend come compensate for their lost wages” from your day jobs.

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Any member of the cast is enabled to withdraw at – or ‘tap’ at any type of time, an interpretation they deserve to decide no to continue with the task and go home.

The success the the last task shows their capacity to endure in a harsh setting for a long period of time – and that’s the key prize!

I don’t recognize why anyone would want to do any kind of of this