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On Dec. 20, 2019, the president signed legislation amending the commonwealth Food, Drug, and also Cosmetic Act, and also raising the federal minimum period for sale of tobacco commodities from 18 to 21 years. This regulation (known together “Tobacco 21” or “T21”) became effective immediately, and also it is now illegal because that a retailer come sell any kind of tobacco product—including cigarettes, cigars, and e-cigarettes—to anyone under 21. The new federal minimum period of sale uses to all retail establishments and also persons with no exceptions. 

Commonly inquiry Questions

Below are some generally asked inquiries to aid retailers, consumers, and state and also local legislation enforcement navigate the brand-new law. 

Is over there a commonwealth carveout (or have the right to states seek a waiver for a carveout) for active duty army personnel or armed forces veterans periods 18-20?No, the legislation does not administer any exemptions indigenous the brand-new federal minimum period of 21 because that the sale of tobacco products. Retailers in the unified States have to not sell tobacco products to everyone under the age of 21. What is the list of tobacco assets covered through the new T21 law?The T21 law uses to sales the tobacco assets – including cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, hookah tobacco, cigars, pipeline tobacco, electronic nicotine distribution systems consisting of e-cigarettes and also e-liquids – come anyone under 21 years of age.  What is the timeline for enforcement and will there be a grace/transition duration for compliance?The Tobacco 21 regulation was spreading on Dec. 20, 2019, and took effect immediately.’s enforcement that the federal minimum period of revenue of tobacco assets is ongoing. Initially, recognized that both the agency and part retailers would should update present practices come implement the brand-new law and also stated the would certainly use only minors under the age of 18 year in the compliance examine program during the ramp increase period. During this period of transition, the meant retailers to monitor the law and also take actions to for sure an individual who purchases tobacco products is 21 year of period or older, consisting of manually checking IDs. Currently that a reasonable transition period has concluded, is making use of people under the period of 21 years in the nationwide compliance inspect inspection routine to recognize retailer compliance. additionally expects that retailers will continue to verify the period of anyone under the age of 27.

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How will certainly the T21 legislation be enforced by the commonwealth government? will certainly it be the same as prior to passage that the T21 law?’s enforcement the the T21 regulation is generally lugged out using the very same process. will proceed to command compliance examine inspections of tobacco product retailers to recognize a retailer’s compliance v federal laws and regulations. During Undercover purchase inspections, tobacco product purchasers (who are under the supervision the inspectors) attempt to acquisition tobacco products. If, during these inspections, a tobacco product is sold to one underage purchaser, sends the retailer a Compliance inspect Inspection Notice. This notice, i beg your pardon is not an official action, promptly gives the retailer with information including, yet not minimal to, the retailer’s establishment name and also address, the time and date that the inspection, and a statement the a possibly violative inspection occurred at the establishment. Initially, well-known that both the company and part retailers would have to update existing practices to implement the new law and also stated the would use only minors under the age of 18 year in the compliance examine program throughout the ramp increase period. During this duration of transition, the supposed retailers to follow the law and take measures to certain an individual who purchases tobacco commodities is 21 year of age or older, including manually check IDs. Currently that a reasonable transition duration has concluded, is making use of people under the age of 21 year in the nationwide compliance check inspection regimen to identify retailer compliance. also expects that retailers will proceed to verify the period of anyone under the age of 27.Does the T21 law have a sunset provision? exactly how long will the new law be enforced?There is no sunset provision for the new federal minimum age requirement of 21.

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T21 net StatementIn January 2020, CTP exit a web statement providing details on the T21 law and also what it method for retailers walking forward.

T21 reality Sheet

Retailers trying to find a quick reference guide for how the commonwealth law regarding minimum period for sale of tobacco assets is changing can uncover one here.’s age Verification devices for Retailers has complimentary resources accessible to help retailers in calculating the period of customers.

This is Our clock Digital age Verification Calendar

In Summer 2019, exit the digital age verification calendar as part of the "This is our Watch" voluntarily retailer education and learning program. Retailers who usage’s "This is ours Watch" digital age verification calendar may update the minimum purchase period on the calendar come 21 years. Retailers that would prefer a "This Is ours Watch" digital age verification calendar may order one free of charge from’s facility for Tobacco commodities Exchange Lab. period Calculator’s voluntarily smartphone application, “ period Calculator,” can help retailers comply v federal, state, and also local age restrictions for offering tobacco products. V the “ period Calculator,” retailers deserve to use their an individual smartphones to assist determine if a client is old sufficient under federal law to buy tobacco products. Retailers who use’s period Calculator application should upgrade the age limit to 21 years through the app settings. Indict are provided within the assist feature that the app.

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Download the “ period Calculator,” a voluntarily smartphone application to assist retailers comply v federal, state, and also local age restrictions for selling tobacco products.