Here’s a rapid guide on storage, shelf life, and also going negative of soy sauce. In it, you’ll learn just how long soybean beans sauce lasts, even if it is you have to refrigerate it after opening, and also how to tell if her is bad.

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You have actually a half-open party of soybean beans sauce for who-knows-how-long, and also you’re wondering if the condiment is still okay to use.

Or perhaps you just opened a bottle, and you’re not sure if friend should ar it in the refrigerator or not. The label doesn’t to speak anything around storage, and you simply need one answer.

Sounds familiar? If so, this post is for you.

Read on.

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Does soy Sauce go Bad?

Soy sauce doesn’t conveniently spoil, but it doesn’t retain top quality forever either. An unopened bottle keeps for a couple of years previous the published date, yet once you open up it, you get about a month of an excellent quality if you leaving the condiment in ~ room temperature, and maybe fifty percent a year if it’s in the fridge.

Of course, after the period, your soy sauce will certainly still be perfect fine to use, only slightly worse in regards to flavor.

That way that if you have an old open up bottle sitting in storage because that months, the best thing to do is to inspect its taste if the doesn’t show any signs the spoilage (more on the in a moment).

As discussed on the Kikkoman’s website, soy sauce won’t damn it “as lengthy as no water or other ingredients have actually been added.” That way that maintaining it close up door tightly pretty much stays clear of it native going bad.

Now, let’s say there are some yeast-like floaties in your soy sauce, and you made decision to check what’s that before discarding the condiment. An excellent for you since these don’t do soy sauce spoiled (but may alter the flavor).

Let me explain.

White Floaties

This white floating thing is a yeast that deserve to grow even in really salty environments (like soy sauce), and it’s called film yeast (it’s no mold). This movie yeast doesn’t cause food poisoning, yet it might mess increase the flavor and aroma that the sauce.

Here’s how you deal with the white floaties situation:

Remove the white floaties indigenous the sauce, e.g., using coffee filter or other similar.Assess the flavor. If your soy sauce tastes good after remove the movie yeast, proceed using it. If not, discard it.

Remove the white floating point from the sauce as soon as you notification it. The much longer it’s there, the much more chance it will impact the top quality of the condiment.

Having that the end of the way, let’s talk around actual indications of soybean beans sauce spoilage.

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Signs that Spoilage

To call if her soy sauce is spoiled, offer it a sniff and take a an excellent look at the liquid.Look because that off, funny, or super strong smell, changes in shade or texture, and also anything on the surface, like mold (except film yeast, i beg your pardon you deserve to remove).

If your soy sauce looks and also smells okay, assess the taste and also decide if it’s an excellent enough to use or not.

To do the above effectively, you must know exactly how soy sauce transforms over time.

The most necessary changes pertain come color and flavor. The color gets stronger over time, when the taste gradually disappears.

Of course, if the odor is a little weaker 보다 it provided to be, simply including a bit more soy sauce normally solves the issue. (And helps you usage it up quicker at the same time.)

But if there’s tiny flavor left, or that tastes level bad, it needs to go.

Last, if you’re no 100% sure that your soy sauce is fine come eat, err on the side of caution and also discard it. Especially if you didn’t follow great storage practices.

Do You need to Refrigerate soy Sauce?

You don’t have to refrigerate soy sauce, yet it’s quite useful to execute so. as soon as you open a bottle, soybean beans sauce retains finest quality for at the very least a couple of months if refrigerated, yet only about a month if you leave it in ~ room temperature.

In other words, if you’re not huge on soybean beans sauce and also use the often, it’s probably better to keep it in the fridge.

Furthermore, renowned producers like Kikkoman and Kamada recommend refrigerating their soy sauces after opening for best quality retention.

That said, naught that negative should occur if you leave her soy sauce unrefrigerated. Together I already noted in the section on spoilage, soy sauce must stay for sure to use also if it’s not in the fridge.

The worst-case scenario is that its high quality will weaken quicker, and also you might need come visit your grocery store and also buy a new bottle quicker than you’d like.

Other warehouse Practices

All an unopened party of soy sauce needs is a cool and also dry area, prefer a kitchen cabinet or a shelf in the pantry.

Once you open up the bottle, no matter if you refrigerate that or not, you need to keep that sealed tightly as soon as not in use.

Last, if you want to have actually room-temperature soy sauce conveniently available, but also care about its quality, consider decanting it.

Keep your key bottle in the fridge, and also store a smaller container that holds sufficient soy sauce because that a pair of mainly or so at room temperature.

This systems is a little of a hassle, so ns think it’s just worth that if you’re utilizing soy sauce often.

Otherwise, pole the party in the refrigerator and be done with it. Friend can always pour a couple of tablespoons and also wait 15 minutes until the condiment reaches ambient temperature.

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How long Does soybean beans Sauce Last?

An unopened bottle of soy sauce big at the very least a couple of years previous the published date. As soon as you open up it up, the retains finest quality for about a month at room temperature and maybe fifty percent a year in the fridge yet stays safe and decent in terms of top quality for much longer.

In various other words, that keeps for quite a lengthy time, and also it’s impossible to pinpoint how long exactly. As one of the manufacturers put it:

The best-before day is detailed to offer you a general idea of how long the initial flavor will certainly be retained.

That way the printed date is only a unstable guideline, no a heat in the sand. And also since soybean beans sauce doesn’t easily spoil, it have the right to taste rather alright also if it’s open up for a couple of years.

(That additionally depends top top what you consider great enough.)

The very same is true because that soy-sauce-based condiments choose teriyaki, or fermented foods (which soy sauce frequently is) like fish sauce or miso paste.

Soy sauce (unopened)Best-by + 1 – 2 years“Best by” + 1 – 2 years
Soy sauce (opened)1 month6 months
Please keep in mind that the periods above are approximate and also for the finest quality. Soy sauce will easily last months (or also years) longer.

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After Opening

Once you open up your bottle of soybean beans sauce, it’s finest for about a month if you leave it on the counter and probably around six month if girlfriend refrigerate it. Yet it still tastes quite good way past those periods.

Because of that, I imply you disregard the published date and rely ~ above the smell of the condiment instead. Then, if the odor is okay, you use it, no issue if it’s before the best-by day or after.

One more thing worth considering here istaking right into account just how you use the sauce.

If it’s among 6 other ingredients in a homemade teriyaki, the soy sauce gift a bit old and less flavorful most likely won’t be a large deal. Yet if you’re making use of the very same sauce to dip your episode in, it could ruin the totality experience.

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If her soy sauce is old and also its odor a bit faded, stop using it as an as-is condiment and use it to make other sauces and also glazes instead.