Baileys irish Cream Liqueur, nothing is quite choose it, specifically on a cold winter’s evening, cuddled up alongside a warmth fire. That was created in 1973, bringing new things to the phase in alcohol production.

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All about Baileys

The alcohol contents in Bailey’s irish Cream is about 17% when the cream together the ireland whiskey is homogenized.

Homogenization is a process that takes 2 liquids; in this situation Irish whiskey and cream, and mixes them so the they room the same thickness throughout, merger them together.

Basically combining two liquids right into one. After ~ this, that is emulsified with the aid of polished vegetable oil and also the emulsion that the two liquids is completed. This is done to top the liquids native separating, maintaining the mixture tight.

Baileys is commonly sold in a 750ml party or more, i m sorry is great if you desire to have actually a heavy night or have people over. But, opportunities are you won’t be drinking it every in one day, possibly not even one week or month.

Baileys is a liqueur, and unlike liquors, liqueur doesn’t critical forever. The not choose that ancient bottle that vodka, or gin in her cupboard, because there is dairy products in it, it will spoil through age.

Bailey’s go bad, unlike some other drinks friend may have actually in your cupboard, due to the fact that of the cream in it, despite its mixing v alcohol it deserve to still walk bad, just slower 보다 your normal, cream or dairy products products.

Because it has real dairy, that is a risk, in spite of it tasting so good! The alcohol will save it fresh for a small bit longer, lengthening the life of Baileys to around 2 years, ~ above average.

So, go Baileys go bad?...

Baileys is not the just Irish Cream Liqueur out there, however it is the just one that promises freshness for a minimum of two years. They stamp the best prior to date as precisely 2 years after the batch was made.

Remember this is a best-before date and not one expiry, it’s more like guidelines, so as soon as it has actually passed the best-before date, it is in cautious and check the liquid before you drink.

Note that this go not typical it will certainly go off, the best before date is an indication of freshness and after the best before date, it might start to shed flavor. The may additionally mean a steady separation between the cream and also alcohol, i beg your pardon will affect the smoothness that the texture and also delightfulness the the taste.

Can you drink expired Baileys?

Once Baileys has actually gone previous its best-before date, you have the right to still drink it together it have to remain an excellent for a few weeks or maybe even months. Despite it may not taste fairly as great as before.

On the other hand, if your Bailey’s has actually not just expired but also curdled, we do not recommend drinking it, similar to as you i will not ~ indulge if gone turn off milk.

The taste and also texture would certainly be off and also it would very likely it is in sour. So we execute not recommend that at all. It i will not ~ be really pleasant come drink.

Not just that but it is additionally likely to do you ailing or give you a stomach upset. It won’t do any long-term damage but it will certainly make you feel unwell for a while, for this reason it’s no worth it.

But, how have the right to you call if Baileys has actually gone bad?

Most of the time, when you litter away your Baileys is that not because it has gone off, but since the taste and texture have depleted and it just doesn’t have actually the flavor girlfriend love anymore. Therefore it it s okay thrown away.

There is nothing wrong v throwing it away at this point, together you are preventing unsatisfying Baileys and also eliminating the threat of accidentally drinking the mixture when it’s unable to do bad.

So, how have the right to you call if it has actually gone bad and also curdled?

Well, girlfriend will want to perform three checks:

1. Smell

First of every we check the smell, lot as us would v milk.

If it has actually gone bad, it might smell a little like custard, or it may smell sour lot like milk would.

Note, the the odor will merely have readjusted from before

2. Texture

When Baileys is good, it will be creamy and smooth, half the factor we every love the so lot right? Well, if it has actually expired, it will certainly be the total opposite, it will certainly be thick, lumpy, or congealed.

Its consistency will certainly be entirely off. Examine it as you would with milk or dessert cream, nothing worse 보다 lumps in something the is not claimed to have lumps.

3. Color

Of course, don’t forget color, if her Baileys happen the smell and also texture test, then go for the color test.

If it has gone poor or is beginning to, then there will begin to it is in a separation in between the cream and also the whisky, this will make the drink start to look at dark.

If the is dark climate you are only a tiny while far from coagulation, so it is best to litter it out now.

Of course, if your Baileys passes all these tests, then placed it to taste. Her taste buds will have the ability to tell friend a lot around your food and also drink. You recognize what the is an alleged to taste like and also if it doesn’t climate it’s most likely on its means out.

But if the taste is beginning to go and you do not mind, climate there is no reason to necessarily throw it out, it isn’t gone turn off yet and if you are not bothered by any kind of slight changes in taste then you have the right to still save it.

What will happen if ns drink curdled Baileys?

The quick answer? that depends.

If Baileys is curdled, that weirdly does not always mean it has become poor or unsafe to drink. In part cases, the taste and also texture will just be unappealing.

Though, if your baileys is past expiration, has actually been save inadequately, or has been contaminated by exterior factors, as well as the liqueur gift curdled, then it is most likely time to eliminate it and buy a new bottle, as it has actually probably gone bad.

If girlfriend drink that while it is in this state then you will probably gain sick, acquire a stomach ache, or other digestive problems. Though, that will only be brief term and also will no be life-threatening, lot like if you drink gone of milk or have curled cream.

That being said, if your Baileys is gone off, that will have actually lost that is flavor and also the texture as result of its curdling i will not ~ be satisfied so it is no worth obtaining sick over.

There are a few other points to consider around drinking expired Baileys.

One point to note is that, if you’re placing Baileys into a mixer, with other drinks, it have to be fine and also fresh. Return mixing might be difficult or a problem, specifically with Baileys mix and consistency, as the cream is a heavy component.

Another point to note, especially if you are mixing flavors, drinks, and also so on, is the acid will certainly curdle Baileys, things such together citrus or sodas room high in acid and also will curdle baileys, so the is unwise come mix baileys through sprite and also a slice of lemon, that will likely curdle it.

But, that being said, an experienced bartender or drink mixer, might know exactly how to mix Baileys through a soda, to develop an ireland soda, without curdling the cream contents of Baileys.

If you are a novice or space not an skilled drink mixer, it would be recommend to protect against it together you will most likely serve up a lumpy drink. That being said, it is no frowned upon come experiment because that yourself, so long as you’re ready to endure a lumpy drink.

Due to how quickly Baileys can curdle with numerous popular mixers, it is most often merged with coffee or hot cacao in mixers. These room not acidic sufficient to curdle the and additionally taste delicious.

How long does Baileys last?

Manufacturers report the Baileys has a shelf life of 2 years, though, personally, us recommend drink it in ~ 6 months, because that the best taste and flavor. This is regardless of opening time and where the is stored.

But that is likewise best for your Baileys come be kept away native sunlight. Girlfriend don’t desire it gift cooked and also hot- this is likewise not good for Baileys.

As the whiskey in the Baileys acts as a organic preservative in the drink, the adds an impressive lifespan to the cream, meaning that it have the right to be preserved for a much longer time than you can expect.

Within the first 6 months, Baileys is taken into consideration to be in ~ its youngest, v the most health in that quality, vulnerable flavor, and also smooth texture.

After the an initial 6 months, it may start to slowly deteriorate. However the crucial indicators the life for your Baileys is the day manufacturers note on it and also your own; smell, texture, color, and also taste test.

It is highly unlikely that your Baileys will certainly spoil the work after it had passed expiry, but it is still great to take stock in its best-before-date.

It is argued not to keep it almost everywhere with a temperature greater than 25C or 77F, save it the end of direct sunlight, to avoid your Baileys warming.

Some people may still be able to drink their Baileys years after the best-by date, vice versa, others have actually not to be so lucky and it has actually gone turn off faster, and also they’ve only had actually a couple of weeks after opened to drink it.

How lengthy will Baileys critical unopened?

An unopened party of Baileys have to last month if not years beyond its two-year best-by date.

As that has had actually no impact from oxygen, the alcohol will help to keep the cream for even longer, keeping it new in a fully sealed environment.

The just thing the could influence this would certainly be heat. So be sure to save your Baileys in a safe, cool place, such as a dark cellar, refrigerator, or various other dark and also cool places, away from the sun or extreme heat.

This will keep it at its freshest, that is ideal to placed it somewhere dark come avoid any type of surprises from a hot and sunny day, that could influence your Bailey’s lifespan.

How long does Baileys last once opened?

Once you have opened her Baileys, there room plenty of potential determinants that can have an affect on the expectation of her Baileys. Nonetheless, manufacturers still note that it has actually an mean shelf life of 2 years.

Yet, there space some considerations when you have cracked that open, and some must knows around safely storing your liqueur because that ultimate freshness and also longevity.

You will must keep that cool, for this reason remember to save it somewhere cool and also dark, far from any possible heat sources.

Once her bottle has actually been opened, it will be even an ext sensitive come temperature, so constantly re-seal and return it to its cool, dark house after you’ve opened and also poured.

Not just is it much more sensitive to temperature, however is also more attractive and vulnerable to bacteria and invasive exterior contamination. Protecting that from the external world, will store it freshest and prevent premature curdling.

There space a couple of hard do not’s and one of these is to never drink from the bottle, specifically if you intended to store it. Not only is drink from the party wildly unhygienic but it likewise creates a breeding ground for bacteria inside her bottle.

If bacteria get into your party from drinking straight from it, the bacteria could really easily curdle your Baileys. Leading to a much faster than expected death of her drink.

For the exact same reason, you must not leave your party unsealed or uncapped for any type of amount that time longer than absolutely necessary. This, lot like drinking from the bottle, will certainly also allow foreign bodies right into your drink and it will likely curdle.

Though alcohol might be a lethal weapon when it concerns killing bacteria, the cream in Baileys is too much of a temptation for bacteria and pathogens, and also they will breed and curdle your drink.

The much longer your bottle is open, the much more attractive that is to these nasty international bodies, the more likely it is to build mold, and also the sooner it will certainly curdle.

Should Baileys be refrigerated after opening, exactly how do I save it?

Every Baileys has manufacturer accuse on the that will certainly tell friend the best means to store your Baileys safe and also highly consumable. The manufacturer proposal refrigeration after opened for the finest taste yet recommends maintaining the bottle at 0-25C/32-77F for adequate storage.

Keeping the in a liqueur room or residence bar, is additionally okay, so lengthy as the temperature is cool enough and you carry out not get overly hot summers if you room planning on keeping your bottle that long.

There is no important need to save your Baileys refrigerated, it does no necessarily call for to it is in refrigerated because that freshness, merely kept cool.

Though Baileys, like countless other ireland Cream beverages, is finest enjoyed cold, so must you wish to refrigerate her Baileys for temperature safety, the would likewise save friend the problem of gaining it out to put it in the fridge every time you intended to serve.

Due come the cream content, that is encourage to it is in refrigerated as soon as opened, favor with any dairy products it can go negative if inadequately stored. Though, again, Baileys simply is ideal stored listed below 25C/77F. Yet refrigeration is supported for this sort of beverage, it won’t hurt that to execute so.

Some exciting facts around Baileys

When made, the whisky and also cream mixture alone was far from satisfactory, therefore they added in hot chocolate powder mix. This ended up coming to be a crucial ingredient. The mixture was tweaked slightly before it walk public, however nevertheless, that is delicious.During the testing procedure of Baileys, lock used emphasis groups, they provided it to men, who although emptied their glasses dubbed it ‘a girls drink’. When given to women they discovered the figure of the drink unsatisfactory, claiming it looked like a medicine. After that was unsuccessful for a while, a test party was drunk by two police officers who finished turn off the totality bottle, andshortly after, Baileys to be released to the public.Although ~ above its publicly release, drink magnates said that it would never sell in America, the quickly came to be the ideal selling liqueur in the world.Baileys cream is genuine Irish cream. Every year 220 million liters of fresh milk are supplied to produce the cream in Baileys, the cream that makes it so smooth and also tasty. This milk comes from 38,000 dairy products cows from 1,500 family-owned ranches located greatly on the eastern coastline of Ireland. Those cows worthy a say thanks to you!

A few things you deserve to mix v Baileys ireland Cream, that won’t curdle!


Coffee and Baileys are like long lost lovers. If you a coffee lover, you probably already know the cream in your coffee is a delight.

Well, Baileys is no different, it has that creamy goodness girlfriend love and also whisky too, to provide you the extra absent you understand you want.

2. Warm Chocolate.

Baileys and hot drinks room a dream team, that seems favor you cannot go wrong with Baileys and also a warm drink mixed together.

Baileys pairs specifically well v darker warm chocolates other rich, so the the Baileys will certainly balance the out, avoiding overpowering sweetness.

Although if friend do have actually a sweet tooth, yes no saying that you can not mix sweet v sweet, it’s choose drinking the world yummiest dessert!

3. Ice cream Cream.

Would you believe that it bag well v ice cream? Well, the does. Think the it together a contempt alcoholic ice cream sundae. If you have one the those ice cream sundae glasses that look prefer they’re from the ’50s, even better!

The best method to offer Baileys v ice cream is to scoop the end the ice cream ad then drizzle the Baileys over it, choose a gorgeous creamy sauce.

It will just make the whole dish even creamier and also it functions well with many ice creams. Back we definitely recommend the with; chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and sherbert. (Give the last one a try, you’ll say thanks to us.)

4. English or beforehand Grey Tea.

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Just like with your coffee, you can put cream in it, however why put cream in it once you deserve to push Baileys irish Cream in it?

It tastes delicious and gives her tea that extra smoothness we are all spring for.