You may have actually forgotten around Lil' Romeo until tonight's Season 3 finale the The masking Singer. The rapper was one of the judge's guesses because that who remained in that purple-suited Frog costume. (It wasn't Lil' Romeo, but we won't spoil the finale if girlfriend haven't watched; you're welcome). However honestly, what is Romeo Miller approximately these days? Is that married through kids and also living an adult life?

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As millennials, we more than likely feel very, very old questioning ourselves this question. Lil' Romeo, that is 30 years old, became super popular after his catchy song "My Baby" come out in 2001 as soon as he was simply 12. We can all exhale though: Lil' Romeo doesn't have any type of children. He has, however, remained in a bunch of relationships. He's likewise an uncle.


Lil' Romeo (aka, Percy Romeo Miller), who now hosts the MTV reality present Ex top top the Beach, whereby he help couples acquire over your exes. Reportedly he has actually no difficulties with this, because he's got a most 'em. While Lil' Romeo isn't right now dating anyone, he's been attached to some pretty high-profile ladies. 

This includes, Khloe Kardashian (yup!) who he to be with as soon as he to be a high college senior, ago in 2007 (that would have actually made the 17 and also her 23). According to Lil' Romeo, his dad didn't approve of your relationship and kicked Khloe out once she was over in ~ the house.


Lil' Romeo maybe dated Katelin Najjar, who he described her as his "special somebody" ~ above Facebook. Katelin is Real Housewives that Atlanta's Kim Zolciak's previous stepdaughter. Reportedly Lil' Romeo has actually a point for reality TV stars? they were only together for around seven months. 


The rapper dated actress Francia Raisa for 2 years, yet weren't at sight public about their connection — they broke up in 2012. In the next few years after that, Lil' Romeo was linked to his Season 12 Dancing with the Stars partner, Chelsea Hightower, shoe designer and also public number Angela Simmons, and also Instagram model Briona Mae. 

The last relationship that we know around is Lil' Romeo's date with Empire actress, Serayah, earlier in 2016. Lil' Romeo showed up in the show as she character's romantic interest, yet their connection was never publicly confirmed, and also it doesn't seem favor two are still together. 


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Even though Romeo fearbut isn't a dad (and doesn't seem to it is in looking to it is in one any kind of time soon), it looks choose takes his duty as uncle quite seriously. On might 1, he post a video clip of his niece helping him choose out shoes. The captioned the video, "Short but great meeting! Not also 2 years old yet and currently helping me n pops operation the

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