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MattyB, likewise known together MattyBRaps is an American child rapper who became a star by posting remixes the the famous songs ~ above his Youtube channel.

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His first remix ever was the Eenie Meenie by Justin Bieber. He uploaded an ext than 100 covers and 50 original songs on his Youtube channel, which has a complete of 10 million subscribers and much more than 5 billion views!

MattyB uploaded his an initial album Outside The Lines in 2015, and also in 2016 he released his own memoir publication That"s a Rap, v the aid of a famous novelist, Travis Thrasher.

He released his solitary That"s the Way in 2012, and managed to reach 11th place on the Billboard society 50 Chart, after ~ what the number of his fans and followers doubled!

MattyB"s genuine name is Matthew David Morris, and also he has also appeared on numerous TV talk shows, such together Today, The Wendy Williams Show, Dr. Phil, and The Queen Latifah Show.

His an initial single with original lyrics was I believe In You, posted in 2010, and also his many popular video clip is a sheathe of a tune Stereo Hearts by Gym class Heroes, i m sorry was viewed by end 200 million people!

Matty exit Right currently I"m lacking You in participation with Brooke Adee in 2015, after ~ what he acquired the label "heartbreaker", because of the emotional lyrics. He likewise covered the tune True Colors by Cindy Lauper in 2014, and also he was rewarded through 114 million views!


What is his real/full name?

MattyB"s real/full name is Matthew Morris.

Is MattyB married? go he have a girlfriend or wife?

MattyB doesn"t have actually a girlfriend, although there were part rumors the he is date Kate Cadogan who is a model and also acheerleader.

Kate appeared in few of Matty"s music videos, yet he told the for the she is only a an excellent friend.

Previously, he dated JoJo Siwa, American YouTuber, actress, singer and dancer, that was additionally born in 2003.

Family: walk MattyB have any type of brothers, sisters or kids?

MattyB has threebrothers and onesister!

His brothers" names space Joshua Morris, Blake Morris Jr. AndJohn Michael Morris.

His sisters" nameisSarah grace Morris.

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Parents: MattyB"s parental areTawny Morris and also Blake Morris Sr.

You deserve to see Matty with his father and mother top top the photos below:


Best songs

Here is the list of MattyB"s finest songs:

Already GoneLittle little (feat. Haschak Sisters)GoneCalifornia DreaminOn my OwnSlow DownRight currently I"m lacking You (feat. Brooke Adee)Right In former Of YouShoulda Coulda Woulda (feat. Ashlund Jade)Friend ar (feat. Gracie Haschak)Stuck In The MiddleLive because that TodayLife Is UnfairSpend It every On YouMy oh MyHey MattyCan"t get You off My MindBlue SkiesNew KidsShineTrust MeTurn up The TrackYou space My shining StarSo AliveMomentLow KeyCrush ~ above YouFar far (feat. Brooke Adee)You (feat. Darby Cappillino)Guaranteed


MattyB has no tattoos.

Education: did MattyB walk to college?

MattyB is still really young to to visit a college and he is already rich and famous, so there is no reason for him to worry around the officially education.

MattyB on society media

Snapchat: MattyB"s Snapchat username isrealmattybraps

Trivia: did you recognize these facts about MattyB?

MattyB doesn"t monitor anyone top top Instagram, although that has much more than 3.7 million followers.In 2014 MattyB said that he has a crush on Ariana Grande.