Everyone to know the tell-tale signs that summer is ultimately taking off. Between the barbecues, picnics, coast trips, and also camping plans, each year the warmer weather brings funny outdoor tasks filled with great food. 

And with the an excellent food constantly come particular warnings: drink lot of of water, save your ice cream in a high-quality cooler, and also don’t leave her mayonnaise out in the sun. 

That last instruction (which usually originates from an overly-concerned mother) always tends to cause a little of controversy.

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So the concern remains: exactly how long does mayo last unrefrigerated?

It’s always a good idea to know what the mayo shelf life is, yet how lengthy is it safe to keep it out of the fridge – whether it’s in her potato salad or sit in the cooler? 

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The Myth
some Background
The Truth
So how Long Does mayo Last Unrefrigerated?

The Myth

People often assume the mayonnaise is the resource of potential food-borne illnesses.

The id is that once you let mayo sit outside, unrefrigerated and unprotected, the becomes an ext and more susceptible come bacteria.

Some Background

The myth of mayo stems from the truth that mayonnaise consists of egg. The FDA offers strong recommendations because that food safety when it involves eggs and also foods containing eggs.

Since this chicken by-product can contain Salmonella, lock advise individuals to not just keep egg refrigerated, yet to ensure the they are fully cooked before eating. 

Salmonella is a team of bacteria the is usual in causing food poisoning, i m sorry can an outcome in fever, abdominal muscle pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. In part rare too much cases, it deserve to even cause death. 

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Likewise, the FDA also provides strictly serving guides as soon as it concerns eggs and also egg dishes. These specialists say that is finest to serve any type of foods made v eggs immediately after serving.

If you intended to offer them later on on, then they should be refrigerated till then.

Furthermore, any kind of egg food that needs to be served heat should it is in reheated come a temperature of 165 degrees before serving. 

To take points a step further, the FDA says that cooked eggs should never be left the end of the frozen refrigerator for much more than two hrs – and just one hour in very hot temperatures.

The factor behind this is that bacteria will certainly grow much more quickly in warm temperatures, raising the hazard of food poisoning. 

When us take every one of that information into consideration, it provides sense why people would run to the conclusion that mayonnaise, which consists of eggs, would loss under this very same category and also rules.

The Truth

The fact of the matter is the your potato salad containing mayonnaise will be simply fine to leave the end at your next family members picnic, and there’s a very, very slim opportunity that the will harm anyone at all.

Although the product does use eggs, that does not follow the exact same rules as eggs ~ above their own do. 

Generic, typical, store-bought mayo is commonly made with some type of acid – most commonly, vinegar or lemon juice.

Because the product is acidified, it in reality kills any type of food-borne pathogens it comes into call with. 

So not only will there not be any kind of Salmonella in her mayo, however your mayo will prevent any type of other bacteria indigenous forming.

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In a way, the mayonnaise is actually protecting you and your family. The very same is true for other dressings as well.

If someone gets sick from eat potato salad outdoors, it’s an ext likely that the potatoes resulted in it and not the mayo.

So how Long Does mayo Last Unrefrigerated?

You’ve probably noticed that mayo is not maintained in the refrigerator section of the grocery store store.

Because it has been pasteurized, it has actually a decently long shelf life if the container is tho sealed.

You’re for sure to save it unopened and sealed in her pantry for around three or four months after its “best provided by” date.

If because that some reason you’re spring to store mayo for longer, you have the right to refrigerate the unopened and also sealed for approximately a year.

Even though mayonnaise contains acids the will aid kill off bacteria, the still should be refrigerated ~ opening.

So lengthy as you perform this, it’ll store for a an excellent two or three months.

However, unrefrigerated, your open up jar the mayonnaise will most likely be bad after about eight hours.

If you’ve accidentally left it out on the respond to overnight, the safety choice is come toss it. 

Some easy signs to phone call if your mayo has actually gone poor is signs of mold or spore growth, or a terrible smell. Your mayonnaise may likewise be a couple shades darker 보다 usual, too. 


There might be foods items at the barbecue that have the right to potentially residence harmful bacteria, however your mayonnaise is not to be blamed for any food-borne illnesses.

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With the amount of acid included to this product, not only is it for sure to save outside, however it has a lengthy shelf life, too. 

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You can certainly leave products with mayo outside at an event for a few hours, however it’s also a an excellent idea to store a cooler comfortable for an especially long, warm days.

Your potato salad will certainly taste much better cool, anyway!

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