I obtain a the majority of complaints indigenous women that have uncovered their legs obtaining bigger from running, i m sorry isn’t the wanted results for many of us. Therefore let me define why this is happening.

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WHY space MY LEGS gaining BIGGER indigenous RUNNING?

Running supplies your glutes, quadriceps, hamstring and calves constantly, an interpretation that her leg muscle areworking and also this will cause them come develop and also get larger in size.

Any form of practice that engages your muscles will reason them to flourish in size. However, part exercises cause much more muscle development than others.

Running will not develop as much muscle asweightlifting, sprintingand high-intensity interval training.


We all understand that sprinters have very muscular physiques, especially contrasted to distance runners. Sprinting engages her muscles an ext and focuses on muscular power. Therefore, sprintingwill build much more muscle than simply steady state running.

Doing a most sprint training and plyometric kind exercises will build a more muscular look, yet will also help you gain lean. If you don’t mind thislook, climate this is more than likely a good style that workout for you. If not, it could be finest to avoid these style of workouts.

When ns was training because that a triathlon, i used fast past interval operation (not a complete on sprint) to assist me build my cardio fitness quicker. It definitely did this, however what I found was that it actually assisted me lean the end my legs faster too.

If girlfriend still desire to encompass some cardio interval training, have actually a read of this blog write-up which describes how to execute the quick past runs.


IT depends ON her BODY TYPE

Your ability to acquire bulky muscle from runningdepends on her body type. If friend don’t know your human body type, click below to discover out.

Ectomorphs find it very an overwhelming to acquire muscle and will probably never obtain bulky even if castle do many weight lifting. Mesomorphs construct muscle easily yet can additionally lose muscle and fat quickly too. Some mesomorphs may acquire bulky foot whereas others can not.

And finally, endomorphs probably currently have normally muscular legs so discover it easy to mass up.

Running does burn a most calories and also will help you lose weight anywhere your body. That may help you lose weight in her legs too. Yet at the finish of the day, it will still construct muscle in her legs. I have actually mentioned this before, but if you room a much shorter endomorph build, ns would prevent running as it deserve to make her legs bigger.


There are 2 basic types the muscle fibers. Slow twitch fibers are those provided for much longer endurance format workouts; and fast twitch fibers space those supplied for quick bursts of power such together sprinting, HIIT and also plyometric workouts.

Everyone has actually different quantities of these fibers, and the lot and form you have actually will determine whether or not your legs obtain bigger indigenous running. Someone through lots of quick twitch fibers can have muscular legs, even though they don’t execute any kind of load lifting or sprinting. They may even construct muscle simply from walking.

On the other finish of the scale, someone with several slow twitch fibers could do lots of sprinting and HIIT and find it daunting to obtain muscle.

As you can see, genes play a substantial factor in whether or no your legs will get bigger indigenous running. Some people will operation all your life and their foot will stay slim and toned, while rather will gain bigger foot from running after just a month or so.

You require to change your to run (and practice program) to suit your body type and her goals.

Both women are long-distance runners. The distinction is your genetics

OTHER determinants THAT CAN reason YOUR legs TO acquire BIGGER indigenous RUNNING

Running on an incline will additionally use your muscles much more (especially her quads and glutes) and also will build them. This is because of the pushdown and jumps motion. If you desire a leaner look, always shot to operation on a level surface.

Another factor that might cause your legs to obtain bigger from to run is your practice experience. If girlfriend haven’t done much exercise and also have very little muscle in your legs, climate you begin running, you are going to build muscle and this is walk to be a far-reaching difference.

But if you already exercise and have muscle in your legs, the change caused through running could not show up as significant. What is considered considerably bigger relies on your preference.

Another thing to keep in mental is the your legs can also swell after a run. This is short-term and also the swelling will certainly reduce. So shot not come judge your progress based upon what her legs look at like automatically after a run.


The takeaway points from this are:

Running builds muscle in your legs, yet doesn’t build as much as sprinting, HIIT and weightlifting;Your body form and muscle yarn (i.e. Genetics) will identify whether her legs will certainly get substantially bigger from running. However “significantly bigger” is identified by YOU and also what friend think is also big;You require to readjust your running (and exercise program) come suit your body form and her goals; andRun on a level surface and at a stable pace to avoid building an ext muscle from running.

3 actions TO lean LEGS PROGRAM

If running has made your legs bulkier and you would prefer to lean them out, ns should likewise mention mine 3 steps to lean Legs routine which is draft to aid you get lean legs without the bulkiness :)

There are 3 various versions fo mine program, one for each human body type. Each version combines the right form of cardio and also resistance training because that one particular body form so you deserve to be sure you’re walk to obtain the best feasible results.

And of course, since you can not train and also be ~ above a crappy diet, I contained a finish 8-week meal arrangement in my program.

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Also, the resistance training component of my program currently hasFULL-LENGTH videosthat you can follow fromwarm upto cool down.