A standard Thanksgiving dessert, sweet potato pie is a timeless dish that will certainly not disappoint.

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Sweet potatoes are blended with eggs and also sugar to type the pour it until it is full of this affluent pumpkin-pie motivated treat.

The crust is make from buttery pecan crumbs and processed until it creates a dough prior to being pressed into the pie pan.

This post discusses just how long walk sweet potato pie last, how to keep your pie, as well as how you have the right to make sure your food lasts because that days.

What is Sweet Potato Pie?


Sweet Potato Pie is a form of small dessert that functions sweet potatoes as the primary ingredient.

It can be served in slices, wedges or whole pies with various toppings ranging from whipped cream to cacao syrup and also cinnamon sugar.

Most Sweet Potato Pie recipes have a custard-like filling that is do from eggs, sugar and vanilla extract.

This mixture have the right to be either small or cook on the stovetop till it i do not care thickened prior to being combined with various other ingredients such as cream cheese, butter, and milk.

It’s is a popular Thanksgiving food in the southern United States, whereby it is often served ~ above the next of various other desserts or as a substitute for pumpkin pie.

How to store Sweet Potato Pie?


When it pertains to storing your prized sweet potato pie, you might be wondering what is the best way.

Well, there are a couple of options to consider.

The very first option for storing her pie is in the fridge.

This is a great option if you want it to last longer yet will be spend within about three days of gift stored.

Putting the on a tray with some wax file underneath and also then covering loosely v aluminum foil or plastic plunder can aid preserve that moistness.

You should additionally use this technique if you setup on acquisition it out together needed due to the fact that there won’t be any type of need to warm up before serving, take it it best out that refrigeration.

If you think the you will certainly not be consuming her pie within the next couple of days, you can store that in the freezer.

Please placed it on a tray and also then cover with plastic plunder or aluminum foil for ideal results once reheating later.

It would be finest if you likewise thought about allowing at least two hours before adding any topping.

How lengthy Does Sweet Potato Pie Last?


The shelf life the sweet potato pie will certainly vary depending on the recipe and also preparation.

Some recipes enable for much longer shelf time than others, yet they space all still subject to spoilage ~ a particular point.

Pie will need to rest in ~ room temperature for in between 2-4 hours prior to being inserted in the refrigerator, where it need to remain for a preferably of 3 days.

For ideal results, store it refrigerated and also serve within 2 days to prevent mold or dryness.

It’s crucial not come slice till you’re ready for consumption as this will cut into that freshness and also shelf life period.

Pie is a classic Thanksgiving and holiday dessert that have to be took pleasure in by everyone.

But make sure you keep it safe to eat.

Can You frozen an already Baked Sweet Potato Pie?


The prize is yes.

The best method to carry out this (so that doesn’t get soggy) would be by loosely wrapping the pies in foil, and then place them within of freezer for sure bags or Tupperware containers.

You have the right to freeze lock for approximately one month prior to they begin to lose their flavors and textures.

How to Tell if Sweet Potato Pie is Bad?


Tired of your sweet potato pie going bad before you have the right to eat it? The vital to knowing whether or not a baked great is still safe to consume lies in that appearance.

Here are means for identify if the dish will certainly be fresh and also tasty:

examine the color. If it’s brown, mushy, or too dark in general, then her dessert is bad.The pie has actually turned green, brownish in shade or is moldy.There room bubbles on the surface ar of the pie crust.The pour it until it is full may have actually an unpleasant odor (this would be indicative the spoilage). .Smell can additionally give girlfriend a clue as to if something has gone wrong with your pie. That should have actually a sweet aroma the doesn’t smell prefer fruit or noþeles sour.Lastly, and most importantly: taste. This is really the only means to know for sure whether or not the dish will certainly be good enough for intake (and enjoyment).

Remember these procedures every time you bake a sweet potato pie so the your family and friends have the right to enjoy it for years to come.


In conclusion, it’s best to keep it in the fridge.

If you’re no going to be eating your sweet potato pie appropriate away, make sure that girlfriend wrap a part of aluminum foil around each item so that they don’t dry out or build mold while stored in the refrigerator.

The life expectations of any given baked an excellent is dependency on many factors such as just how well it to be made, exactly how long before consumption, what type of ingredients were supplied (including seasonings), and also more.

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But all things considered, we would say that most civilization will uncover their pies last approximately 3 work under refrigeration.