First up: I'm not asking "HOW to play gamecube games" or because that anything pertained to modding/piracy/backups/links/roms/gender-politics/genocide/etc.

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This is completely a inquiry for details on how the Wii/WiiU video game consoles play GameCube games. Is the the consists of hardware contents or some kind of software implementation?

The reason is lock don't contact it "Virtual Console" and I take that to average it is not being done with some manner of software emulation that the GameCube therefore I'd really favor to recognize the details of exactly how it works.


The Wii processor is the same infastructure / kind as the Gamecube.

The Wii is basically a gamecube v a much better CPU, GPU, and also another operating system. That's like asking "how go my brand-new Windows 7 pc run this video game that was produced Windows Vista".

The Wii processor simply underclocks itself so it's in ~ the clock rate of a gamecube, then simply starts the game like a gamecube would.

The wii u doesn't assistance gamecube games out the the box. Modded it is functionally the same to a wii.

I think the short method to define it, is the the internals that the Wii style (CPU, GPU etc) have full native backward compatibility v the Gamecube hardware, and so with the disk journey being maybe to read both species of media and the consists of the Gamecube controller and memory map ports, it just plays the games without the require for any type of emulation or software interpretation.

However, if the WiiU still offers the exact same 'family' of style components, castle are an ext powerful/complex. Therefore, as soon as entering Wii mode on a WiiU, the WiiU console performs a soft re-boot that actually activates details processor switches that usually reverts the processors to just run to the lower-specs that a Wii. When in this virtual Wii mode, the processors are just running together a Wii and so deserve to natively operation Gamecube password in the same method that a Wii can. This is why the WiiU performs a complete re-boot after ~ leaving digital Wii mode, to reset the Wii setting switches.

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It's no emulation because the game code is running v the processors as if it to be native. However, to run a digital copy that a Gamecube game on a Wii or WiiU needs some software program to pack the game to beat ... Nintendont is most likely the most typically used app, and can be offered on a Wii or WiiU to load and play Gamecube games, yet it's usually a front-end to access the native backward-compatibility come play Gamecube gamings on a Wii, v some included bonuses together as digital memory cards, assistance for a broad variety of controller solutions, bypassing region-locking etc.