UPS is believed of as among the best providers to work-related for. If you’re considering a position with the company, the is ideal to know around them beforehand. Knowing whether or no you’ll be drug tested is important. This is specifically important if you’ll be a package handler.

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Knowing the legal rights that you have as an employee, but likewise what civil liberties the company has is important. Remainder assured, this could be the best agency to occupational for, because that those trying to find one that does not drug test their employees.

Preliminary drug tests are provided to all vehicle drivers that work with UPS. That is necessary that they take a drug test because that insurance reasons. However, those that are dealing with packages in ~ the facility on a part-time basis room not topic to drug testing, uneven they display that they may require a medicine test due to the fact that of their actions or power in the work area.

What type of Random medicine Tests are forced for UPS package Handlers?

UPS package handlers are compelled to take urine medicine tests randomly throughout the year if required. These room usually done with no warning, and also they have the right to ensure that everyone that is working inside the warehouse is complimentary from any drugs in their system.

This drug test is a to pee one and also not one that has to do v blood or hair.

Does Drug trial and error Vary From place to Place?

Yes, drug experimentation does different from place to place, but for the many part; part-time package handlers are usually never subject to taking a urine medicine test when they space hired on v the company, as this is no a required step in the interview process.

However, if girlfriend are applying for the position, climate it is other that will be known to you prior to you decision to move forward with the position, should you desire it. Friend do need to agree and sign turn off on a drug test for any position with any kind of company.


It is an extremely important that you submit to the drug test if you want to keep your position at the company. As soon as they inquiry to have this done, they desire to ensure that you space not under the influence of any sort that drugs throughout the time that employment.

If drug testing is requested during the time you are employed, you have the right to state the you do not great to perform it. If this is the case, friend will much more than likely have to forfeit your position with the company. They desire to ensure that no one is under the affect of medicine or alcohol during the time they are working in their position.

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UPS works through a number of employees. Castle ensure that they administer the highest possible quality of care for each among them. Offering the benefit of a doubt for every worker, if they feel it necessary, they deserve to request a medicine test to it is in performed.