Whole foods customers can not get enough of your top-rated healthy food options and a big variety of brands to select from. All of these herbal food options can it is in expensive, though.But before you shed hope, continue reading to discover whether or not whole Foods accepts EBT.

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All totality Foods locations accept EBT and most the them accept WIC together well. EBT standard food items are the very same regardless of wherein you shop, yet Whole foodstuffs will immediately separate non-eligible items because that you at check-out. Unfortunately, girlfriend cannot use EBT at whole Foods industry online.

However, there are ways around buying entirety Foods commodities online with EBT. Proceed reading to discover all you should know around using SNAP/EBT services at totality Foods.

Hi, thanks for reaching out regarding our accepted kind of payment. Yes. All of our US totality Foods market stores accept electronic food rubber stamp (EBT) cards. Us hope to welcome girlfriend in soon.

— totality Foods industry (
WholeFoods) march 16, 2021

How To use EBT at totality Foods

Using an EBT card at entirety Foods is quick and also easy. Friend don’t even have to separate your grocery store items from your non-grocery items. The an equipment does it for you. All you need to do to use your EBT at entirety Foods is swipe the card.

After that, friend can conveniently choose in between paying through your SNAP/EBT services or paying with your Cash account.

For example, suppose you desire to make two transactions, swipe and choose SNAP/EBT come pay for the groceries. Then, pay because that the continuing to be items with your Cash account.

However, the receipt will not tell friend the balance left on your card, so you will need to be mindful of this before paying for her items.

You can conveniently retrieve her balance native the EBT customer organization line or go to an ATM and enter her PIN.

To usage EBT at whole Foods, right here are a couple of easy actions to remember:

When the time to pay, swipe your EBT map in the machineYou will then have actually to enter your PINThe machine will climate ask if you want to use your SNAP account or your Cash accountThe bespeak will process and then give the purchaseIn some cases, you will certainly be inquiry to show a photograph ID to check you are the cardholder

If you don’t have enough money left on her account, the order will certainly most likely still walk through but only pay for a part of the items.

The accounts reload in ~ the beginning of each month, however it’s essential to constantly know her balance. Friend don’t want to finish up in ~ the grocery keep unable to salary for her groceries!

Thanks because that asking, Terry. You deserve to learn about using SNAP/EBT ~ above Amazon by visiting https://t.co/LioNNkpy1k

— entirety Foods market (
WholeFoods) April 7, 2020

Does entirety Foods expropriate EBT Online?

You have the right to use her EBT card in totality Foods stores, however you cannot use it to salary for entirety Foods digital orders. Entirety Foods online distribution orders go through Amazon, yet you quiet cannot usage EBT as a payment method. Totality Foods accepts all major credit cards, apple Pay, and Whole foods items gift cards.

Amazon accepts EBT online, and also you have the right to order totality Foods sector on Amazon, but you can’t usage EBT to pay for the entirety Foods items in her cart.

There are, however, some totality Foods items the Amazon supplies through your grocery site.

You can’t gain all that entirety Foods supplies online, yet you can get particular brands. Even the whole Foods 365 brand is available through Amazon groceries and also will accept EBT as a payment method.

However, if girlfriend order the same commodities on the whole Foods industry tab top top Amazon (located in the find bar), you will certainly not have the ability to use her EBT.

This may readjust in the future, though, and allow Whole foods items online purchases to be payment by EBT, similar to in-store purchases.

DYK? just 41% of eligible elderly people participate in SNAP, compared to 85% for all human being who room eligible https://t.co/C0AUcDBsQg

— USDA Nutrition (
USDANutrition) February 15, 2016

SNAP/EBT items You have the right to Buy at whole Foods

EBT eligible item you deserve to buy at totality Foods incorporate all grocery food items. Even if it is it is a pricey brand or no doesn’t matter. However, anything purchased from whole Foods that isn’t a grocery item, choose ready-made food or vitamins, can not be payment for with EBT.

Common things that girlfriend cannot acquisition at entirety Foods – or any grocery save – through EBT include:

Ready-made foods items (i.e., the deli)VitaminsCleaning products, toiletries, and other household essentialsPet productsDiapers, wet wipes, and also any various other non-food baby items (formula is welcomed on EBT)AlcoholTobaccoCBD

If you have a Cash account, you might have the ability to use it to purchase some that the assets mentioned above, but they aren’t accepted via SNAP/EBT benefits.

You can visit the USDA website because that a general list of item you deserve to purchase utilizing your EBT SNAP services account.

One point is because that sure. Girlfriend have every one of the ideal food ingredients at your fingertips through SNAP benefits. Shopping at totality Foods with EBT is similar to shopping at any other grocery store.

Does entirety Foods take it WIC?

All totality Foods areas accept EBT, however not every one of them expropriate WIC. You can double-check via your regional benefits firm or contact the whole Foods keep to check if they expropriate WIC. If WIC no accepted, you have the right to still usage your EBT.

WIC is comparable to EBT, however it particularly benefits pregnant or postpartum women, infants, and children.

If you fall under this category and haven’t applied yet, go to her state’s government website for more information.

Already receiving SNAP benefits? girlfriend may also be eligible because that WIC. Visit https://t.co/StiNy9F1Jd https://t.co/DSuh3xlZ5X because that more

— USDA Nutrition (
USDANutrition) November 8, 2016

What deserve to You Buy with WIC At entirety Foods?

You can buy the very same items with WIC at totality Foods the you have the right to at any type of other grocery store. WIC eligible items are an ext strict than EBT eligible items, but your state’s local firm authorizes that. Some states allow items ~ above WIC that others execute not.

WIC doesn’t accept all grocery food items as EBT does. However, there are details categories of grocery store items welcomed via WIC, and also within each category are particular restrictions to particular food items.

For example, most cheeses are accepted on WIC, but imported cheeses space not.

Below is a basic list of the food categories welcomed via WIC:

Whole GrainsMilk and also Soy-Based BeveragesCheeseYogurtFruitsVegetablesEggsTofuCanned FishMature LegumesPeanut ButterJuiceBreakfast CerealInfant CerealInfant FormulaInfant Fruits and VegetablesInfant Meat

For a finish list the eligible items to acquisition with WIC,you can visit the USDA website.

You’ll an alert that crate fish is accepted, however no other kind of meat is, next from child food meat. This is something to store in mental when applying for WIC.

However, if you currently have SNAP benefits, climate you have the right to use that to purchase what isn’t embraced through her WIC account.

Much like EBT, friend cannot usage WIC benefits once shopping totality Foods online. Instead, friend must enter a location that accepts WIC to use your WIC services at totality Foods.

It is likely that this attribute will someday be accepted when bespeak online, but not in ~ this time.


You’ll find that to buy at entirety Foods through EBT/SNAP or Cash benefits is similar to any other endure at the grocery store. They also make it simpler by automatically deducting what EBT pays for and also leaving the various other items as a balance to end up with a 2nd transaction.

No an ext separating items prior to check-out! If it’s WIC you desire to pay with, just make sure to call beforehand come ensure her local whole Foods will accept it.

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