This is the Elvis Presley 45 RPM Record guide (US) yellow Standard collection Matrix. The RCA Victor gold Standard series are re-releases of the initial RCA catalog. The re-releases have been re-cataloged and had changed labels transparent their relax history. Beforehand Gold Standard collection records were black label dog on top, later on black brand dog top top side, to orange, red, and back to a black color label in 1976. This procession or cheat paper is compiled with years of research study searching the Internet, eBay, various discographies, and price guides. The prices space expressed in united state Dollars and also were assessed about 2008. The will of the price is to show the rarity of these records. Whereby there space no prices, these records either do not exist or have actually yet to be accounted.1

Sometime ago, I check out an short article on the Internet about a huge collection of baseball cards from the rotate of the 20th century the was freshly discovered. A significant card dealer flew to the resource and was amazed at the find. The quality and quantity of the repertoire was spectacular. Sport such as player poses and also colors were discovered and cataloged for the very first time. This was a most complete set of cards of the era. The dealer had actually lists of collectors whom might be interested in cards of that era to finish their respective sets. For the many part, price guides detailed the majority of the cards identified from that collection. Nevertheless of condition, the major stars or known lesser printed cards valued into the high $100s to $1000s where the remaining cards taken into consideration as commons. The dealer acquired want lists from significant collectors and dealers from approximately the world. When compiling the desire lists together an amazing pattern emerged. Cards that were as soon as considered typical are actually quite rare, maybe some the the rarest in the set. Few of these cards were to be discovered on every of the want lists. This that course, beginning bidding wars. The objective of this story is this. The gold Standard series records were every released in a series. 447-0600 through 447-0685 over a period spanning the so late 1950s through the late 1970s. It has usually been embraced that one may uncover a comparable quantity that one directory number as would uncover of another, meaning that the price range would be similar. However, I complete that this is not the case. Because this site started in 2009, numerous collectors have offered their collections as scans for every to see. Internet searches, eBay searches, and also communicating with various other collectors v collections both an excellent and small, it has come to be clear the there room some directory numbers that room NOT available regardless of the label, and also in some situations label dependent. Instance in point, 447-0612! After 5 years, I have actually seen my first copy of 447-0612. A black-label, dog ~ above top example at that. This is also provided in the guides as being pressed with black-label, dog ~ above side, orange label, red label, and black-label, dog close to top. With all of those pressings, you would think this is an ext readily available. That is in my opinion, the the guides have this one wrong, and also a hand full of rather too. An additional example 447-0641 black-label, dog ~ above top! Very difficult to find. The various other labels because that that magazine number room also daunting to find, yet not as lot as the black-label, dog on top. Happy hunting!


BLK dot (1958), BLK DOS (1965), ORANGE (1968), RED (1970), and BLK DNT (1977)

(ca. 1958) ( ca. 1971) (1974) (1976)

Although, the gold Standard series collection were an ext likely to have been initially issued with the an initial two sleeve, share sleeves may likewise have been used. V the years, later pressings would have been issued v the later on sleeves as shown.

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Gold Standard series - Confirmed

The crucial to the table has actually been a work-in-progress since March 2015 room for the complying with notations:

C to represent visually confirmed by jajalger2018.orgX to represent the presence as discovered in year of price guides and has no been viewed by or by anyone who this website has remained in contact with due to the fact that 2009.? exists together a determination has not yet been madeA blank space indicates that it likely does not exist

As the December 17, 2020, secondary column update this table by make the distinction between the dog close to top labels as tiny or standard size RCA and Victor dog logos. At the moment of this writing, both sizes seem come exist in near equal numbers because that the most part. Sometime in at an early stage 2021, the tables acquired corrupt and also this extra pillar was accidentally deleted. It will likely not it is in recreated. At the moment, separation, personal, instance pages will certainly not it is in updated to reflect the dog near top sizes. More about this distinction can be uncovered Gold Standard collection (Dog close to Top) label Variations

A special many thanks to human being renowned author and also editor Neal Umphred and also to Dave Reynolds that ElvisRareRecords for assist ensuring the accuracy that this page and also site. There are plenty of others, to thank and their credits are uncovered throughout this site. Thank you, all!

September 30, 1958CCCCC447-0600I Forgot to Remember to Forget / an enig Train
September 30, 1958CCxCC447-0601That"s All appropriate / Blue Moon that Kentucky
September 30, 1958CCxCC.C447-0602Good Rockin" tonight / i Don"t care If The sunlight Don"t Shine
September 30, 1958CCxCC447-0603Milkcow Blues Boogie / You"re A Heartbreaker
September 30, 1958CCCC447-0604I"m Left, You"re Right, She"s gone / baby Let"s play House
September 30, 1958CCCCCC447-0605PB-11105Heartbreak Hotel / i Was The One
September 30, 1958CCCCCC447-0607I want You, I require You, ns Love friend / My infant Left Me
September 30, 1958CCCCCC447-0608PB-11099Don"t be Cruel / Hound Dog
September 30, 1958CCxCCC447-0609PB-11107Blue Suede pair of shoes / Tutti Frutti
September 30, 1958C447-0610I acquired A woman / I"m count On You
September 30, 1958C447-0611I"ll never ever Let You go / I"m Gonna Sit right Down and Cry
September 30, 1958C447-0612I Love You since / Tryin" To gain To You
September 30, 1958CCxCCC447-0613Just because / Blue Moon
September 30, 1958CCCC ($303 VG+)($214)($275)447-0614Money honey / One - sided Love Affair
September 30, 1958CCCCC447-0615Shake, Rattle and Roll / Lawdy, miss Clawdy
September 30, 1958CCCCCC447-0616PB-11108Love Me tender / quiet You want Me
September 30, 1958CCxCC447-0617Too much / play For Keeps
September 30, 1958CCCCCC447-0618PB-11106All Shook up / That"s once Your Heartaches Begin
September 8, 1959CCCCCC447-0619PB-11101Treat Me nice / Jailhouse Rock
September 8, 1959CCCCC447-0620PB-11109Teddy be afflicted with / loving You
September 8, 1959CCCCCC447-0621Don"t / ns Beg of You
September 8, 1959CCCCC447-0622Wear mine Ring around Your Neck / Doncha" Think It"s Time
September 8, 1959CCxCC447-0623Hard Headed mrs / Don"t questioning Me Why
September 8, 1959CCCCCC447-0624PB-11112One Night / I got Stung
February 16, 1960CCCCC.C447-0625(Now and Then There"s) A fool Such together I / I require Your Love Tonight
February 20, 1962CCxC447-0626A large Hunk O" Love / my Wish come True
February 20, 1962CCxCC447-0627Stuck On girlfriend / Fame and also Fortune
February 20, 1962CCCCC447-0628PB-11110It"s now Or never / A mess Of Blues
February 20, 1962CCCCC447-0629PB-11104Are friend Lonesome To-night? / i Gotta Know
February 20, 1962CCxCCC447-0630Lonely guy / Surrender
February 20, 1962CCCC ($489 M)($130 NM)447-0631I feel So bad / Wild In The Country
October 9, 1962CCCCCC447-0634(Marie"s The Name) His recent Flame / little Sister
October 9, 1962CCCCCC447-0635PB-11102Can"t help Falling In Love / Rock-A-Hula Baby
October 9, 1962CCxCCC447-0636Good happy Charm / noþeles That"s part Of You
March 14, 1964CCCCC447-0637She"s no You / just Tell her Jim said Hello
March 14, 1964CCCCCC447-0638PB-11111Return come Sender / Where execute You Come From
April 14, 1964CCCC447-0639Kiss Me fast / Suspicion
September 8, 1964CCCC ($150 VG)447-0640One broken Heart because that Sale / They remind Me Too lot Of You
September 8, 1964CCxCC447-0641Devil In Disguise / please Don"t drag That wire Around
September 8, 1964CCxCC447-0642Bossa Nova infant / Witchcraft
April 6, 1965CCC447-0643PB-11113Crying In The Chapel / I believe In The male In The Sky
April 6, 1965CCCCC447-0644Kissin" Cousins / It hurts Me
April 6, 1965CCCC447-0645Such A Night / never ever Ending
April 6, 1965CCCCC447-0646What"d ns Say / Viva ras Vegas
October 26, 1965CCCCC447-0647Santa Claus Is back In town / Blue Christmas
October 26, 1965CC ($523)447-0648Do The clam / You"ll it is in Gone
October 26, 1965CxC447-0649Ask Me / Ain"t the Loving girlfriend Baby
October 26, 1965CCCC447-0650Puppet on A wire / wooden Heart
February 15, 1966C447-0651Joshua right The fight / known Only come Him
February 15, 1966C447-0652Milky White method / waver Down, Sweet Chariot
November 8, 1966CxC447-0653(Such An) Easy question / that Feels therefore Right
November 8, 1966CCC ($153 VG+)447-0654I"m yours / (It"s A) long Lonely Highway
January 23, 1968C?x447-0655Tell Me Why / Blue River
January 23, 1968CxCCC447-0656Frankie and also Johnny / please Don"t prevent Loving Me
January 23, 1968CxCCC447-0657Love letters / Come What May
January 23, 1968CCCC447-0658Spinout / all That i Am
July 15, 1969xC ($188 M)447-0659Indescribably Blue / Fools autumn In Love
July 15, 1969C ($177 M)($280+)447-0660Long Legged Girl / That"s who You never ever Forget
July 15, 1969C ($67 M)447-0661There"s always Me / Judy
July 15, 1969CC447-0662Big Boss man / you Don"t understand Me
July 15, 1969CC447-0663Guitar guy / Hi-Heel Sneakers
July 15, 1969CC447-0664U.S. Masculine / remain Away
December 1, 1970C ($62 M)C447-0665You"ll never Walk Alone / We call On Him
December 1, 1970CC447-0666Let yourself Go / her Time Hasn"t Come yet Baby
December 1, 1970CC447-0667A little Less Conversation / almost In Love
December 1, 1970CCC447-0668If I deserve to Dream / sheet of Reality
December 1, 1970CC447-0669Memories / Charro
December 1, 1970CCC447-0670His Hand In Mine / How great Thou Art
December 1, 1970CC.

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C447-0671PB-11100In The Ghetto / any type of Day Now
December 1, 1970CC447-0672Clean up Your own Backyard / The fair Is moving On
December 1, 1970CCC447-0673PB-11103Suspicious psychic / You"ll Think the Me
December 1, 1970CC447-0674Don"t Cry dad / Rubberneckin"
April 27, 1971CCC447-0675Kentucky Rain / My tiny Friend
April 27, 1971CCC447-0676The Wonder of you / Mama preferred The Roses
April 27, 1971CC447-0677I"ve shed You / The following Step Is Love
November 9, 1971CCC447-0678You Don"t have to Say girlfriend Love Me / Patch it Up
November 9, 1971CC447-0679I really Don"t want To recognize / there Goes mine Everything
November 9, 1971CCC447-0680Where go They Go, lord / Rags come Riches
November 9, 1971CC447-0681If daily Was prefer Christmas / exactly how Would You favor To Be
April 4, 1972CC447-0682Life / just Believe
April 4, 1972CC447-0683I"m Leavin" / heart of Rome
April 4, 1972CC447-0684It"s just Love / The Sound Of her Cry
March 13, 1973CC447-0685An American Trilogy / till It"s Time for You come Go
March 1975CCCGB-10156Burning Love / Streamroller Blues
March 1975CCGB-10157Raised on rock / If You speak in her Sleep
December 1975CCGB-10485Take good Care of she / I"ve got a Thing around You Baby
December 1975CCGB-10486Separate means / constantly on Mind
December 1975CCGB-10487T-R-O-U-B-L-E / Mr. Songman
December 1975CCGB-10488It"s Midnight / Promised Land
December 1975CCGB-10489My young / Thinking about You

Gold traditional 45 Key

1958BLK DOTBlack brand - Dog on Top
1964BLK DOSBlack brand - Dog on Side
1968ORANGEOrange label
1970REDRed label
1977BLK DNT GSS on TopBlack label - Dog close to Top Gold standard on Top
1977BLK DNT GSS top top SideBlack label - Dog near Top Gold standard on Side
The years room a generalization as to the the first year the bulk of the singles were originally released v the label described.