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It’s official the holidays according to the 24/7 Christmas radio station playing all her favorites. Indigenous the standards to the brand-new pop versions, Christmas song will always bring a unique seasonal cheer to everyone the listens, and also with it, there are certain songs that lug you back to the first time girlfriend heard them. Perform you remember where you were when you heard Elvis’ Christmas album?

You can’t help falling in love with the King and his wildly popular Christmas classic, Blue Christmas. Yet did you recognize that Elvis Presley’s version of Blue Christmas is actually a covering of the initial 1948’s record byDoye O’Dell?

Yes! The song, originally written byBilly Hayes and Jay W. Johnson, is a story around love and longing top top Christmas. Take it a look in ~ the Blue Christmas lyrics here:

I’ll have actually a Blue Christmas there is no youI’ll it is in so blue just thinking around youDecorations that red on a environment-friendly Christmas treeWon’t it is in the same dear, if you’re not right here with me
And once those blue snowflakes start fallingThat’s when those blue memories begin callingYou’ll be doin’ all right, with your Christmas the whiteBut I’ll have actually a blue, blue blue blue Christmas
You’ll be doin’ all right, with your Christmas that whiteBut I’ll have actually a blue, blue Christmas
It wasn’t until September 5, 1957, in a record studio in Hollywood, California the the King included his own nation music and also rock and roll twist to the Christmas classic. His variation of the tune was significant for including in the vocal group The Jordanaires to back him up, with Millie Kirkham acquisition on the soprano lines. The solitary was consisted of on the1957 45 EP,Elvis Sings Christmas Songswhich contained the songs,“Santa carry My Baby earlier (To Me)”, “Santa Claus Is back in Town” and “I’ll Be residence for Christmas”.
Watch as the King himself sings his heart the end to hundreds of fans in Kansas City, simply seven weeks before his death. This performance marks the last time he would certainly sing one of his renowned Christmas hits.

This write-up was initially published top top December 23, 2019.

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