1 transitive : to cause (someone) to endure a strong feeling of exciting excitement The news thrilled him. A performance that thrilled the crowd It"s simply one that the 35 breathtaking stunts the 47-year-old daronger pilot supplies to thrill spectators in ~ airshows across the country.— Jean Bryant — see also thrilled, trembling

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2 intransitive : to suffer a surging of excitement and also pleasure They thrilled to the sound the his voice. She remembers that her dad thrilled to see his daughter"s name in print …— David Ansen indigenous the beginning, Americans dazzling to the Hubble"s potential to do dramatic science, come take us intellectually wherein no one has gone before.— Chet Raymo Kit thrilled at the vision of the familiar red coats.— Elizabeth George Speare
a : to move or pass so as to cause a sudden tide of emotion … a pass out cold fear thrills v my veins …— william Shakespeare
1a : a emotion of an excellent excitement or delight The thrill isn"t gone from our marital relationship after all this time. The thrill the discovery/victory "The many fun thing I"ve done so far," Parke reports, "is put my foot with a window. The was only breakaway glass; however it was my an initial stunt, and also it provided me such a thrill."— Paul Francis
b : a tingling of or together if of the nerves created by a sudden emotionally reaction a thrill of fear a thrill of pride/pleasure/anticipation Harry felt a thrill the dread: that was about to pay for what had actually just happened, that was sure of it.— J. K. Rowling
2 : a an extremely exciting or enjoyable event or endure What a thrill it was to watch the Queen! a movie with a many thrills and also chills <=exciting and frightening parts> the thrills and spills of skateboarding he had always fancied self as having a well voice, and also now to hear the from his wife"s very own lips to be a genuine thrill.— E. B. White

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Synonyms: Verb

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Recent instances on the Web: Verb while Churchill could thrill or weep (and Churchill was a cryer) at the swirl of shak spa drama, his intimate understanding of the Bard wasn’t merely recreational. — Tod Worner, National Review, 17 Oct. 2021 Naturally, the new owner, Gavin Keyzar, easily cottoned-on come the car’s celebrity status and returned it to its Bond construction with duplicates of the original tradecraft componentry, basically giving the Aston ago its license to thrill. — Howard Walker, Robb Report, 8 Oct. 2021 Bottles incorporate a 1994 Petrus, a 2011 Richebourg cool Cru, a 2016 Montrachet cool Cru, and also many more selections that will thrill oenophiles. — Stacey Leasca, Travel + Leisure, 29 Sep. 2021 Cedar suggest Director of interactions Tony Clark on Friday announced the closure the the coaster, which will certainly thrill its last riders on Monday, Sept. 6. — Susan Glaser, cleveland, 7 Aug. 2021 His walk-up song doesn’t thrill the masses in Boston, however fans room coming about in other ways. — Los Angeles Times, 22 June 2021 The movie is undeniably clever and also intoxicating to look at, and also his actors seem come thrill at the chance to chase the chemtrails of his wildly esoteric storylines. — Leah Greenblatt, EW.com, 4 Sep. 2021 There’s just something that doesn’t thrill me around a pre-tale tacked onto an present (and well-loved) character, fairly than striving because that an original minute or unknown destination. — crow Smith, Vogue, 26 might 2021 if there space plenty the clever provides of technology, this isn’t an attraction designed come thrill or emphasize spectacle. — Todd Martens video game Critic, Los Angeles Times, 16 Apr. 2021

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First known Use the thrill


1599, in the definition defined at sense 3a


circa 1680, in the an interpretation defined at sense 1a

History and also Etymology because that thrill


center English thirlen, thrillen come pierce, indigenous Old English thyrlian, indigenous thyrel hole, native thurh v — more at with entry 1