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What foodstuffs start with the letter ‘J’? This is a surprisingly challenging question to answer since it turns out that much less than twenty foodstuffs in the English language begin with the letter “J.” for this reason why space there for this reason few? It’s most likely that this is because of the truth that the letter ‘J’ is a soft letter, and that it’s tough to come up with words with soft letters.

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Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans space small, vivid candies that room made of sugar and also hard candy. They come in a selection of colors and also flavors.

Jelly Doughnut

A Jelly doughnut is a doughnut filled through jam or jelly. It is among the most famous and also iconic offerings in many different bakeries roughly the world, that are recognized for the high quality of your doughnuts.

Jelly Roll

It is a pastry do of two really thin great of puff pastry v a layer of raspberry jam in the middle. Jelly roll is a great dessert to do after a hefty meal. The is a nice treat and doesn’t require lot time come make. It is additionally a delight to offer to her guests.

Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken is a traditional Jamaican dish that is composed of chicken that is marinated in spices and cooked end charcoal. There space three key spices involved in the marinade: scotch bonnet peppers, allspice, and also thyme. The peppers add fiery flavor, the allspice lends a warm, spicy flavor, and also the thyme to add a earthy, herbal taste.


While it might sound favor a snack you acquire from a vending machine, jerky is in reality a kind of dried meat that’s been maintained through a combination of salting and smoking. It was originally produced as a means of preserving meat, so civilization could bring along food when they to be traveling.


In the cooking world, the word has pertained to define a hot drink, traditionally make by mixing solid black tea and also brandy, i m sorry is climate topped through whipped cream and a cinnamon stick. The drink to be originally developed as an after-dinner treat because that French Jesuits.


This is a vegetable more commonly known in oriental countries. Jicama is a root vegetable the is get an impression in a comparable fashion come turnips. Jicama is really easy to grow and also is supplied in a range of ways. It have the right to be consumed raw, steamed, boiled, or roasted.

Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix

Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix is a cornbread mix that is really popular in the united States.


For those of you that don’t know, Jimmies room the Canadian variation of the American cacao chip cookie. Instead of chocolate chips, you usage a mix of raisins and also mini cacao bars. The large difference is the the Jimmie has actually a soft, cake-like texture versus the crispy cookie american are supplied to.


Johnnycakes space a traditional brand-new England combination of cornmeal, milk, and also salt that deserve to be fried, baked, or cooking on a griddle.

Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice is a rice dish well-known in plenty of West african countries. The is typically served through meat, vegetables, and other sauces. The dish is traditionally eaten at parties and also celebrations. Jollof rice is ready by food preparation the rice in water or stock through saffron, vegetables or meat, and seasoning it through spices. Relying on the type of Jollof rice, ingredients such together tomato paste, chili peppers, scotch bonnet pepper, basil, parsley, salt, just leaves, and onion are added.


In oriental cuisine, jook is a rice porridge, but the term includes much an ext than that. That is likewise a colloquialism for both breakfast and also dinner, and it can refer to a meal eaten at any kind of time that the day.

Jordan Almond

The Jordan almond is a traditional candy the is often given the end at weddings. As its surname suggests, it source in Jordan, but it is now mainly produced and consumed in America. The candy is do of a sweet, soft liquid shell and also a bitter almond center. The color of the liquid varies widely; some are solid fancy (usually white or pastel), others room swirled, and others still space plain and striated.


The Jostaberry is a new type of fruit i m sorry is a cross between a strawberry and also a blackcurrant. It was bred in Sweden in a project funded by the european Union, and also the fruit to be formally called the Jostaberry in 2012. The in your ar grown berries are typically used to do cheap wine and jelly, but lately, the berries have actually made their way into American markets. As a result, there room countless brand-new recipes popping up, consisting of Jostaberry Brownies, Jostaberry Sorbet, and also Jostaberry Popsicles.

Jaboticaba Fruit

The Jaboticaba fruit is a violet fruit the looks choose a grape and tastes like grape.


Well, that is a fruit that is similar to a grape. Although it looks favor a grape, the taste is not an extremely similar. In reality it is really sweet. It is likewise a fruit that is frequently used in make jams and also alcoholic drinks.


Jalebi is a sweet famous in the Indian subcontinent make from deep-fried pretzel-like dough and also flavored through sugar, cardamom flour etc. The word “jalebi” comes from the Arabic zalabia. The sweet is likewise popular in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and also Afghanistan


Jal-jeera is one Indian drink the tastes good on its own, and also can also be provided as one ingredient in countless other foods. The is do from a mixture that cumin seeds, black color pepper, and also ginger.


Yes, Jam is a word that describes a fruit spread out that is frequently used as a spread out on bread. But, there room so many more times that you have the right to use jam in her cooking and baking.

Jam roly-poly

The jam roly-poly is a an extremely traditional English dish consisting that a sweet pastry filled with jam and covered in sugary sauce. The jam roly-poly is an iconic component of the English cuisine, and it is recognized for being extremely comforting.

Jamaican jerk

The hatchet “Jamaican jerk” can be supplied to explain either the spicy, slow-roasted meat marinade, or the spicy, slow-roasted meat dish that outcomes from making use of the marinade. If it’s straightforward to i think the food was invented in Jamaica, the reality is we don’t know for sure.

Jamaican mackerel rundown

Jamaican Mackerel synopsis is a timeless Jamaican fish dish that is prepared with coconut milk, thyme and also other seasonings.

Jamaican patty

The Jamaican patty is a pastry that was acquired from the Cornish pasty. In Jamaica, they are called all kinds of things choose meat patties, salami patties, or also chicken patties. They are frequently filled v a tasty filling such as curried chicken or spicy beef.


While countless Americans are acquainted with Jambalaya, few know the beginning of this hearty new Orleans dish. Made with rice, meat, and also a variety of spices, Jambalaya was originally produced by French-speaking settlers in Louisiana to feed your slaves.

Jambon persille

Jambon persille, additionally known as “ham salad” is a classic french dish. The sandwich is an open confronted sandwich made with a baguette and also jambon persille.


Jambul is a fruit that belongs come the same family members as the fig, mulberry, and raisin. The fruit itself is big and pear-shaped, through bright environment-friendly skin. It has a sweet, juicy texture, v a flavor the is comparable to the of a grape. The fruit is typically used in desserts, sauces, and jams. That is additionally often supplied to smell teas


Jameed is a classic Middle eastern food product do from a goat or sheep’s milk cheese that has been dried and fermented.


Jamun is a type of Indian fruit that is additionally known as black plum and also blackberry-plum. As the surname suggests, that a fruit the belongs to the same household as plums. In fact, the a selection of plum that is native to India.


Jerky is a great snack together a high protein, short carb, high-fat, gluten free, and also low calorie meat. The word jerky originates from the Quechua native ch’arki which means “dried, salted meat”. The most common ingredients in jerky is beef, with other well-known ingredients consisting of deer, buffalo, goat, chicken, turkey, duck, and also seafood.

Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem Artichokes space a source vegetable that is very high in inulin, a carbohydrate the is not digested by the person body. This way Jerusalem Artichokes are really low in calories, and are also an extremely high in fiber. As a result, Jerusalem artichokes have the right to be helpful in shedding weight, if you watch her calories elsewhere. Before you popular music a Jerusalem artichoke in your mouth, check out on for some points you have to know around them.


Jesuite is a type of sweet, yellowish, salty, spicy sauce that is supplied in traditional Colombian cuisine. The is a condiment that is usually offered on height of meat, fish, and salad. The is frequently used in conjunction with aji, or chili. This sauce is traditionally do in a wooden mortar v a pestle, although that can also be made in a blender.


Jhal -Muri or Jhalmuri or Jhal muri is a very popular street food in Bangladesh. It is a kind of spiced fish curry, the is therefore spicy, the one must be warned prior to eating it.


Jiaozi is a Chinese dumpling i beg your pardon is stuffed with meat or vegetables and also wrapped in a slim dough. It is similar to Italian ravioli however much thinner and more common. Normally, a Jiaozi is boiled and served with a sauce or a vinegar.


Jicama is a delicious source vegetable indigenous to Mexico and other parts of Latin America. It’s likewise known as a mexico turnip.


While Jimmies are a kind of sweet breakfast cereal


Jingbajian is a Chinese sweet, often consumed at Lantern festival. It is made of various kinds that nuts and beans and other ingredients. That is a sort of classic food and it is healthy. That can help people’s teeth and also it can nourish our body.


Jiuniang is a type of timeless Chinese food, yet it is an extremely unusual to find in the city. It is also an extremely popular with the Taiwan people, however it is different from the Chinese jiuniang. It is make by salting, air drying, and sometimes cigarette smoking a entirety chicken. The chicken is frequently stuffed v doubanjiang, garlic, and other seasonings, and also is predominantly offered in stir-fries and soups.


It is a filling made through egg, cheese, and sweet seasonings that is cooked in a sauce made v ground beef, onions, and tomatoes. That is often served together a side dish v rice and also beans, or as a topping because that a food such together omelets.


Jostaberry is a new, patented hybrid fruit the combines a blackberry and a tomato. The tart, contempt sweet, and also though it has a tomato-like skin, it looks just like a blackberry. Unequal a blackberry, though, it is more nutrient-dense and contains much more antioxidants.


Jota is the surname of a classic Brazilian soup made v meat, beans, and cassava root. If girlfriend look because that a recipe, though, friend won’t find one that consists of all three ingredients.

Jugo de Avena

Jugo de avena is a Latin American breakfast made v milk and oats that is a lot healthier option than the sugary cereal Americans have actually grown accustomed come in the morning. That is a good way to begin the day due to the fact that it is packed with vitamins and also nutrients.


The Jujube is a small, sweet fruit the is native to Asia. That looks a little bit like a large, plump date and is generally either a dark red brown or black. The fruit’s skin varieties in structure from chewy to crunchy, but its meat is always soft and also extremely juicy.


Julep is a sweet liqueur made from black currants or red currants. Now, it’s being provided to odor the very same sort of desserts, and it’s likewise mixed into cocktails. Julep is sweet and refreshing, and also is a an excellent way to include a tangy twisted to your drinks.


There are plenty of different type of Jumbles. There is the standard Jumbles, i beg your pardon is a mix of avocado, bacon, cheese, and eggs. Some world like to add tomatoes because that a small extra texture. Then there is likewise the vegetarian Jumbles, which is simply a vegetarian variation of the standard Jumble. The vegetarian Jumbles is also known as a Jumblette.


Juneberries room sweet, tangy berries the are unique in both appearance and also taste. They resemble a large, oval-shaped blueberry, however have a deep pink-red hue that’s brought about by anthocyanins, naturally-occurring pigments that are additionally responsible for the red shade of cherries, red cabbage, and other fruits with a deep hue. These berries are typically consumed in the summer months, yet they’re in season every year round.

Juniper berry

Juniper berries are the glowing blue, pea-sized fruit that flourish on certain types of juniper trees. Indigenous to the northern Hemisphere, juniper berry are crucial ingredient in cuisines native the Mediterranean every the method to the Pacific Northwest. Your savory smell pairs well with most meats and fish, and also they’re especially delicious once roasted through a small salt and pepper.


Junket is a sweet dessert make from curdled milk and also is a traditional English pudding.

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Final Thoughts

Conclusion paragraph: together you have the right to see, yes sir a lot of variety in the foods that start with j. We hope ours list has helped to inspire your following meal or dish! Leave us a comment below and tell us what few of your favourite dishes are beginning with the letter J.