Looking because that foods that begin with U? We’ve rounded up several of them because that you appropriate here.

This perform has plenty of unique dishes, veggies, and also fruits the you might be learning around for the very first time!

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Many the these foods come native cultures and also cuisines all roughly the world.

If you’re ready to learn some foodstuffs that begin with the letter U, keep on reading!

22 foods items That start With U

Here room 22 various foods that begin with the letter U. How many of these foods items have friend tried?

1. U-No Bar

Ever had actually a 3 Musketeers liquid bar? Well, the U-No Bar is rather similar!

Not just are both these candies wrapped in silver packaging, they likewise contain truffle and also almond bits that are coated in a slim layer that chocolate. U-No bar also comes in a mint flavor!

2. Ube

This uniquely colored root crop is a range of purple yam the originated in the Philippines. It has actually a sweet, gentle flavor with a hints of vanilla, making the perfect because that desserts.

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It’s supplied to create numerous tasty treats, including cookies, ice cream, donuts, cupcakes, pancakes, and also more!

3. Udon

When it concerns Japanese cuisine, noodles room a staple! Udon is a thick, chewy noodle the is made v wheat flour.

It can be served in broth or together a stir-fry. You have the right to enjoy it hot or cold.

Udon is periodically used in location of ramen since it contains less sodium and less MSG.

4. Ugali

A unique dish indigenous Africa, ugali goes by many names such as ugali pap, nshima, or nsima, depending on where you space in the continent.

It’s a special porridge boiled in water or milk and is typically made through maize or corn. It’s a straightforward dish regularly served through meat and also vegetables.

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5. Ugli Fruit

Don’t it is in fooled by its Ugli name and ugly appearance! This lumpy fruit is sweet, juicy, and also packed v vitamin C!

Also well-known as a Jamaican tangelo, the ugli fruit is a cross in between a mandarin and a pomelo and can be eaten on its very own or included to salads and desserts.

6. Ukranian Rolls

Ukranian rolls originated in, friend guessed it, the Ukraine! likewise known by the cute surname pampushki, this soft, pillowy, pull-apart dinner rolls space topped off v garlic and also herbs.

They space usually served with other Ukranian dishes favor borsch. And just like other dinner rolls, you deserve to never go wrong through dipping lock in a heat bowl the soup!

7. Umami Burger

Everyone loves burgers, however if you’ve ever before been to an Umami Burger, you might wonder what Umami actually means.

Well, it’s a Japanese word the is used to explain a particular savory flavor in plenty of Japanese dishes. It’s regularly used to explain meat, fish, vegetables or even dairy.

8. Umble Pie

Umble pie, from words humble, is a an easy dish that originated in the UK. It’s normally made v inexpensive ingredients and meats and seasoned through salt, pepper, and nutmeg. It’s also a ax for middle ages meat pies.

9. Umbrella Fruit

Another fruit the starts through U is the umbrella fruit. This exotic tree grow in countless parts the Asia and Africa.

It’s commonly sour and is added to key to add flavor, typically in soups and broths. Once ripe, it’s environment-friendly on the outside, however light and also yellow on the inside.

10. Umbricelli Pasta

Italy loves your pasta and there space so plenty of kinds! one of them that you might not have actually heard of before is umbricelli pasta.

Think the it as fat spaghetti! Originating in the district of Siena, the is usually hand-rolled.

The recipe? there isn’t precise one as its ingredients are identified by family traditions. An extremely Italian!

11. Unagi

You can have heard around it indigenous the TV present Friends however what specifically is unagi?

An high-quality delicacy, it’s a Japanese dish made that freshwater eel. The fish is usually reduced into squares, dipped in soy sauce and also other seasonings, and also grilled.

It have the right to be offered on a bed that rice or also in sushi. However, unagi is never served raw due to the fact that uncooked eel can be poisonous!

12. Uni

Here’s another Japanese delicacy in U… Uni! the actually way sea urchin, specifically sea urchin gonads.

Doesn’t sound for this reason appetizing yet this decadent dish is love by foodies anywhere the world. Its strong flavor and also creamy structure is perfect in sushi, pasta, or even sandwiches.

If you ever before have the chance to shot this sought after ~ seafood, don’t pass it up. It’s delicious!

13. Upma

India is recognized to be a country for culinary adventurers and one of your must-try key is upma.

Most usual in the southern component of the country, upma is a special porridge make of semolina or rice flour and also veggies.

It’s usually eaten for breakfast due to the fact that it’s filling and healthy!

14. Upside-Down Cake

Here’s one you’ll certainly recognize. Upside-down cakes space a renowned dessert that room perfect for any occasion.

They’re likewise easy to do at home due to the fact that they’re made in a solitary pan v the “toppings” at the bottom. It’s usually made with fruits choose pineapples, peaches, or kiwis. Sweet and refreshing!

15. Urad Dal

Urad dal, otherwise known as vigna mungo, is a small black lentil provided in numerous Indian cuisines.

It’s a close loved one of the more popular mung bean and also just prefer it’s cousin, the has countless health benefits! usage it to enhance digestion and also bone health, an increase energy, and also strengthen the worried system.

16. Urfa Pepper Flakes

An exotic condiment indigenous Turkey, urfa pepper flakes or urfa biber is grew in many of Eurasia and also the middle East.

This spicy powder has a smoky flavor with a slight sweetness the is usual to numerous dishes in the area. That is part of the red pepper family however darkens come a deep burgundy once ripe.

17. Urgelia Cheese

Semi-firm, light in color, and slightly nutty, urgelia is a type of cheese indigenous Spain.

It’s made from cow’s milk and delicious when melted. If you’re searching for something to add to a sandwich or come pair with antipasto, offer this a try!

18. Uszka

When we think that dumplings, we typically think of oriental food. Yet uszka is actually native to Poland!

They are little dumplings filled with wild forest mushrooms and minced meat. With a similar appearance come tortellini, they room usually consumed with butter and herbs!

19. Utah Scones

Puffy, sweet, and deep-fried, there is much to love around Utah scones! They’re not like you’re regular scones and are actually inspired by aboriginal American pastries.

You deserve to pair lock with other treats favor buttermilk, chocolate, or also fruits favor blueberries and raspberries.

20. Utthappam

Another Indian dish… Utthappam! Think of it as an Indian pizza.

It’s a flatbread that is thin and also crisp and also is commonly topped turn off with other goodies favor veggies, eggs, and herbs.

This south Indian food is usually eaten for breakfast.

21. Umeboshi

Umeboshi is basically a pickled plum. They’re frequently referred to together “Japanese plums” or “preserved plums”. They room usually offered as a next dish and also taste fairly sour and also salty. However you can get sweet versions as well.

Interesting Fact: The Umeboshi were very regarded by the Samurai warriors throughout the Middle eras as a superfood because of its capability to combat fatigue during battle.

22. Usal

Usal is a spicy curry made through sprouted beans. This traditional Maharashtrian cuisine originates from India through it’s bold and also spicy flavors.

Usal come in many different varieties. But is often made through sprouted beans, dried beans, or lentils.

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Although traditionally, it’s made through sprouted moth or matki beans. This rich and also flavorful dish is frequently served v bread and also rice.