mine daughter bought a fresh, organic, kosher turkey from businessman Joe"s last night (her an initial turkey!), 8 days before she will start jajalger2018.org it.

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The company customer organization representative and the store manager all reassure us that their turkeys are fine to refrigerate in the coldest part of the refrigerator because that as lengthy as 10 days.

The turkey"s sell-by day is Nov. 28 - two days ~ Thanksgiving. The details on their very own food storage guide and some other information I have actually read say that 1 - 2 job is the proper amount of time to store a fresh turkey.

TJ"s says that the way in which they carry their turkeys - in ~ a nearly, however not rather frozen, state extends that time.

As long as she stores it unopened in the coldest, bottom component of her fridge (and turns the temperature down as well), will the turkey endure until Thanksgiving? She plans come brine the turkey a job or two ahead of jajalger2018.org it also.

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Not all turkeys space the same, and also personally, I would certainly not risk letting whole turkey go rancid in the refrigerator. Over there is so lot you don"t know about this turkey:

How to be it butchered? In particular, exactly how long to be it sit on the block and also was that packed instantly afterward or left sitting the end for a lengthy time?

How easily was that cooled under to "transporting" temperature after ~ butchering?

Was it transported immediately, or was it stored for a while prior to transport, and if so, what to be those warehouse conditions?

How specifically to be it transported? What to be the environmental conditions, aside from temperature? to be it exposed come air? might it have picked up any kind of other contaminants?

Just just how cold to be the frozen fridge at businessman Joe"s? room you sure that it"s consistently that cold?

What if the turkey to be shifted around? for example, what if some various other customer choose it up, tossed the in a shopping cart, then after one hour of shopping made decision to placed it back?

How did she transfer it? I"m guessing in a non-temperature-controlled trunk? just how long was it in the condition/environment prior to finally do it right into the fridge?

Was the temperature in the refrigerator turned down as far as it have the right to go long before placing the turkey in there? If not, exactly how long could it have taken to obtain down to the preferred temperature, specifically with a huge slightly-warmed-up turkey in there?

How cold does her refrigerator get? Is the a brand-new refrigerator? room you both certain that it gets together cold as the rep in ~ TJ"s is assuming? have actually you actually stuck a thermometer in there to measure the ecological temperature about where the turkey would be stored?

I"m no expecting you come answer any kind of of these; my allude is just that there space so countless variables, so countless things that can go wrong, and also the quoted 10-day storage period (as well as the sell-by date) is for storage under ideal conditions.

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I"ve viewed turkeys walk rancid in the refrigerator after just 2 days. I"ve viewed others take longer, however still far less 보다 10 days to walk rancid. It"s an extremely frustrating and fully avoidable experience. Just put the in the freezer! She just needs come make sure she provides it a couple of days to thaw in the fridge, as result of the dimension of the bird. A half-frozen turkey on Thanksgiving work is almost as useless as a rancid one.