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If you’re trying to uncover vegetables that start with U, we’re below to help. Here is a perform of every the vegetables we can find that start with the letter “U.”

1. Ube


Ube is additionally often dubbed the purple yam. The a form of tuber that’s well-known for that is deep violet color, but you can additionally find that in white.

You’ll usually uncover ube in asian countries, whereby it is cooking into numerous desserts, including cakes and pastries. It has recently started to appear in the unified States.

2. Udupi Mattu Gulla Eggplant


The Udupi mattu gulla is a particular kind of eggplant. It has actually been grown for hundreds of years and also is supplied in south Indian cooking.

3. Ulluco


In some south American countries, ulluco is the among the many popular plants grown. Most human being eat only the tuber, back you have the right to eat the leaf, which has actually a taste like spinach.

4. Ulster Emblem Potato


The Ulster Emblem is a kind of potato that came from Ireland in 1966. It has pale-colored skin and also is described as having a pleasant taste that renders it an ideal for cooking.

5. Umatilla Russet Potato


Umatilla russet is another kind of potato. It’s particularly useful because that making frozen French fries and comes native the united States. This potato was named after the Umatilla native American tribe.

6. Upland Cress


People in England have been growing upland cress together a leafy vegetable for hundreds of years. Because it doesn’t need as much water as watercress, that is commonly used together a substitute because that watercress.

You have the right to put that in salads, soups, or sandwiches.

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7. Urad Bean


This South asian bean is particularly popular in India. You can use it to do dosa batter or simply eat that whole.