But it transforms out over 2 thirds of women choose some spanky with their hanky panky.

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A new survey through sex toy retailer, Lovehoney, inquiry 3,751 people about their sex-related preferences and whether they have actually tried bondage moves.

The survey asked end 3000 ladies for their sexual preferencesCredit: Alamy

Three soldier of the women said they had actually tried spanking and a substantial 70 per cent of women claimed they would favor their partners to perform it an ext often.

The survey also found that over fifty percent – 57.3 per cent – walk in because that being bound up and also 55 percent had tried a blindfold.


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It appears spanking is a famous pastime with womenCredit: Getty ImagesBiting was a favourite with £55.2 every cent,17.4 every cent choose rope bondage and 16 every cent practiced orgasm denial.

The survey likewise asked what ladies would prefer their partner to do much more often and, no surprisingly, foreplay, kissing and more orgasms to be the height three.

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