Many Xbox 360 users have complained the their hero guitar cannot attach to Xbox 360. Some of the complain include that the light simply blinks yet does not establish any kind of connection even after adhering to the instructions native the manual. Part users likewise complain it develops a link within secs it disconnects again. After doing some research, I discovered out why won’t my guitar hero guitar attach to mine Xbox 360, similar to a video game lag refusing to affix to the internet, there are general reasons guitar hero don’t attach to Xbox 360, they include:Some feasible reasons which encompass the batteries of the Xbox 360 wireless controller are weak, or the rechargeable battery of the Xbox 360 demands recharging, or there is an interference indigenous electronic gadgets or metallic objects like shelves, wireless router, microwave, and also cordless phones, or the console has up to 4 controllers linked to it. There are several means to kind these problems, prefer replacing the batteries, moving things around, an altering the position of the console, and also in most cases troubleshooting to discover the problem. 

How come troubleshoot the etc controller?

Here is how you have the right to sync the etc to the console Xbox 360. Start by pressing the “sync” switch found in ~ the bottom of your guitar.Press the “connect” button on her console, you will certainly then notification four flashing lamp on the guitar which will all of sudden go turn off with just one flashing light. Remove or move any wireless devices and metallic objects indigenous the Xbox, these are recognized to interfere with the connections, then repeat the an initial step again.Then disconnect the guitar using the “guide button by holding it down. Then usage the very first step come reconnect the guitar, as soon as you have reconnected, restart the Xbox 360. While doing this, make certain to examine the batteries because that the wireless guitar and charge that if need be.Disconnect and reconnect your etc by pushing on the lever at the back of the guitar. If the difficulty continues, you should call the manufacturer or seller for a possible change of item.If the batteries are the problem, listed below is a possible solution.

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To change controller batteries

This is just how to readjust controller batteries:On the AA battery fill press the tab ~ above it and pull it under to detach that from the controller.Insert the battery correctly, then slide and also push the battery pack right into the controller.But, if you have actually a rechargeable battery pack for Xbox 360, detach the battery pack and also reattach that again right into the controller.Press and hold the “guide” switch on the controller, keep an eye top top the top left edge you will an alert an indicator that tells girlfriend the battery level, make sure to recharge that if low. Also, if you have actually the “play and charge kit” for the Xbox 360, for sure the battery fill is connected and also plugged to the controller and in USB harbor on the console. This is how to make sure the USB harbor on her controller is the best one. ~ above the console over there are different USB ports, both in front and at the back, you have to plug the charging cable in every of the USB ports. If you have tried this and also the controller functions in a solitary port however not top top the other, you should shot another accessory in the port which hasn’t work-related on the controller. Yet if it turns out that the USB harbor hasn’t functioned with the accessory, the possible solution is to repair Xbox 360 console.After you have tried the above and whatever works but it still no connecting, friend should try this. Turn off the vibration feedback on her controller. Remember the if by opportunity you space playing games using feedback, it commonly takes a lengthy time for your controller to charge.You can turn turn off the vibration by pressing the “guide” switch on the controller. Click on “settings”, then click “Preferences”, and also then choose “vibration” adhered to by selecting “enable vibration”.You can also perform a check using an additional controller to check out if it will certainly work, and also if the does climate there’s a possibility the very first controller friend tried has actually a difficulty or console problem.Another choice why the guitar hero guitar is not connecting come Xbox 360 can be as result of the play room and interference particularly when using multiple controllers, this might be because of the location and also play area. Try to move your console come a different setup in your house or studio. You deserve to also try to resynchronize the controller with the console because the controller shed connection. 

How execute I affix my etc Hero guitar to mine Xbox 360?

Here is just how to can connect guitar hero to Xbox 360At the bottom the the guitar, press the “sync” button.You will notice lights top top the etc that’s around your Xbox 360 starts to go in a circle.On the console, just next come the USB ports, push the “sync” button.The 4 lights that are both on the Xbox 360 and also guitar should start flashing.The four lights will suddenly prevent flashing ~ above the guitar leaving just one light.

How do I affix my wired etc Hero controller to mine Xbox 360?

Here is just how to connect my wired etc Hero controller to mine Xbox 360?Plug the USB of her controller cable into the Xbox 360 (computer). This should instantly start handling the connection. Once the link is established, the controller will display you the connection is successful. 

Do you need a dongle for guitar Hero Xbox 360?

No, friend don’t need a dongle for guitar hero Xbox 360, this is because the guitar hero controllers for your Xbox 360 are wireless. That the same connection as a wireless Xbox 360 controller, additionally the game stations 3 etc hero controllers attach similarly. 

Where have the right to I buy guitar Hero because that Xbox 360?

You deserve to buy guitar hero for Xbox 360 on Amazon. On Amazon friend can obtain all the games, you can buy the etc Hero III: Legend of Rock for $69.72, the etc Hero 2 for $49.38, and also the guitar Hero stop Hit because that $46.96. 

Is guitar Hero on PC? 

The guitar hero III is accessible on PC, not only that, yet you can likewise play the rock band and guitar hero using Dolphin emulator, but you may an alert some shortfalls with high quality sound and also graphics, yet with a an excellent PC with AMD Ryzen 7 3750H CPU.

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Do guitar Hero live guitars work on every consoles?

The etc hero live guitar work-related on all consoles, however the wireless USB receivers are largely designed to work-related with one console which is no transferable. 

Can girlfriend play guitar hero without a console?

You don’t require to have an Xbox to play the complete version that the guitar hero live bundle, the etc hero live bundle video game console comes with a guitar and also a disc. 

Which console is ideal for guitar Hero?

The best console for etc hero will certainly be Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, the earlier Wii version of etc hero and rock band have actually some downfall, they absence DLC do PS3 and also Xbox 360 a far better option. 

What platforms have the right to you play etc hero?

Here room the platforms that play the etc hero, game stations 4, game stations 3, playstations 2, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Arcade Nintendo DS, mobile phone, Wii U, and iOS. 

Is guitar Hero 3 backward compatible?

No, the etc hero is no backwards compatible, the was previously announced that all the old gamings which require outside accessories favor the guitar for etc hero gamings are no backwards compatible. 


We have looked at some of the reasons why guitar hero won’t connect to Xbox 360, which include interference native metallic or digital devices approximately the console, having actually a week battery, or the rechargeable battery needing a charge. We additionally look at means to rectify this issues and how come safely connect a wireless and wired controller to consoles. If you have tried the above steps to connect guitar hero with Xbox 360 and everything failed come work, contact the seller or manufacturer because that a readjust of the item because it might be a faulty item.