In referral to bill Hall"s Aug. 15 letter to the editor, "Right to eight isn"t obsolete," 2 of his statements room incorrect.

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First, the this nation has never been invaded, and second, that the Japanese to be deterred from invading us due to the fact that of civilian total ownership.

throughout the war of 1812 our nation was invaded several times. The capture and also burning of Washington D.C. And the strike on Baltimore in 1814 room two strong local examples, no to point out smaller raids all along the Chesapeake by the British during that war. And, the fight of new Orleans took place at the an extremely end that that battle after the tranquility treaty had been signed.

Japanese Admiral Yamamoto is asserted by part to have actually said, "You cannot invade the mainland joined States. There would be a rifle behind every tongue of grass."

the statement is much repeated in various net postings, but this attribution is unsubstantiated. I would certainly like to understand what his source is for that statement.

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indigenous "Misquoting Yamamoto" by Brooks Jackson, "How perform we know? us contacted Donald M. Goldstein, sometimes referred to as "the dean the Pearl harbor historians." among his many books are "The Pearl harbor Papers: within the Japanese Plans" (1993) and also the best-selling "At Dawn us Slept: The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor" (1981). The is a professor in ~ the Graduate school of Public and International Affairs in ~ the college of Pittsburgh. He told united state the supposed Yamamoto quote is "bogus."

"Prof. Goldstein: I have never seen it in writing. It has been attributed come , yet no one had ever seen that or quote it from whereby they acquired it. Some people say that it came from ours work, yet I never ever said it. ... As of today it is bogus until someone can mention when and also where.

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"... We make no discussion either because that or versus gun ownership. Yet we perform object to fabricating quotes and passing them turn off as historical fact."

My understanding is the the Jeffersonians and also others in this country feared the possibility of a standing military after acquiring independence and instead seek to rely on a citizen soldier militia to safeguard our country, therefore the preamble to the second Amendment about the need for a fine regulated militia. The battle of 1812 demonstrated the there was a require for a strong professional army and navy to defend our country.




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‘It to be a mistake:’ Baltimore ar councilwoman rents middle River apartment after purchasing home exterior district