Chances are, together a child, you walked across your life room in a sophisticated dress and wobbly heals, pretending to be Wheel of Fortune hostess, Vanna White. Who hasn’t? The famous game present had a huge impact on American culture, with plenty of captivated by its vast cash prizes. However how many world have actually brought home the fortune?

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Pat Sajak and also contestants on Wheel of Fortune | Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

What is Wheel of Fortune?

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Wheel of luck has been on the air because 1975 and also is one of the longest-running video game shows in American history. Similar to Hangman, the show has contestants deal with word puzzles, utilizing a giant spinning wheel to identify prizes. Most world recognize its hosts, beat Sajak and also Vanna White, who have actually been ~ above the show due to the fact that the nightly syndicated edition began in 1983. 

According to a calculate by fans via buy a Vowel, in the critical two decades of Wheel of Fortune history, the show has provided away an typical of $46,000 to $50,000 in cash and also prizes per show. However, there are some who win much more.

How lot do contestants actually win?

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Although there have actually been some large prizes over the history of Wheel of Fortune, contestants don’t necessarily acquire to take residence the entire amount. They have to pay taxes on their earnings, consisting of the precious of any added prizes such as vacations and also cars.

For example, in 2016 Matt McMahan winner $16,400 in cash and also two vacations, a cruise down the Danube River, and also a trip to Chile. Altogether, his earnings totaled approximately $31,700, however the actual quantity McMahan had the ability to take home was much less. 

According come Cinema Blend, after every the taxes to be paid, McMahan was only about $6,000 richer. The course, that was also able to take it those vacations, and you can’t really put a price on good experiences, yet it’s still surprising how tiny the quantity of cash the left v was.

How many people have won $1 million?

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With end 7,000 episodes filmed since Wheel of Fortune began, you’d think the there would be lots of huge prize winners. However, in reality, just three contestants have ever won end $1 million, and they have actually all been in the last two decades, according to Gazette Review. Before season 26, there to be a $100,000 lid on winnings, avoiding a million-dollar win from gift possible. 

The second millionaire winner still holds the record for the highest winnings ever on the show. 5 years after Loewenstein’s win, in 2013, loss Erhard addressed the puzzle through only four letters on the board. She guessed the correct phrase, “tough workout” and also won $1,030,340. This to be in enhancement to the $30,000 that she’d won previously in the show. 

The many recent Wheel the Fortune million-dollar prize was provided to sarah Manchester in 2014. A math teacher from Maryland, Manchester perfect the puzzle through the expression “loud laughter,” and also won $1,017,490. 

Wheel of Fortune is still on the air, for this reason there can be another million-dollar winner in the future. However, due to the fact that of the coronavirus (COVID-19), filming of new episodes has been placed on host until additional notice. However once the people returns to normal, there will be lot of of contestants prepared to take their shot at ending up being the next million-dollar winner.