Oftentimes a band’s most successful song pushes the tape to achieve an ext greatness and fame. However, it was not meant to be because that the American roots rock tape Creedence Clearwater Revival. Your biggest and most enduring hit “Have You ever Seen the Rain?” comes at a time of the band’s greatest success and also the lowest trough amongst its members.

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History the Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence Clearwater Revival developed in the early 1960s as a high-school covers tape led by john Fogerty’s brother, Tom. The band solidified their ar in the absent arena throughout the so late 60’s and also early 70’s through constant touring and a string of top-selling singles, consisting of “Bad Moon Rising,” “Looking out My ago Door,” “Who’ll protect against the Rain,” and “Fortunate Son,” summary outselling the Beatles. For a short while CCR to be the biggest rock tape in America, creating five albums in just three years, yet on their 6th album, 1970’s ‘Pendulum,’ the band began to autumn apart. Why?
“Throughout the record of ‘Pendulum,’ John functioned the tape hard, dismissing ideas and performances that he felt weren’t worthy that the group’s name, leading to an album completely written and also produced through Fogerty.” (Source: Christopher Mark)

What is “Have You ever Seen the Rain?” About?

Through the autocracy developed within Creedence Clearwater resurgence towards your ‘Pendulum’ album, the band members were incredibly frustrated with the band. It frequently led come tense cases within the band and John knew the tape was no going to glue with each other long. In one interview v Rolling stone magazine in 1993, man told; “That tune is really about the imminent breakup the Creedence. The imagery is, you can have a bright, beautiful, clear day and it deserve to be raining at the exact same time. The tape was breaking up. Ns was reacting: ‘Geez, this is all obtaining serious best at the time as soon as we should be having a sunny day.’”After their 6th album ‘Mardi Gras,’ released in April 1972, the band damaged up.

Commercial Success

“Have You ever Seen the Rain?” is Creedence Clearwater Revival’s best-selling singles to-date. The song reached #1 in Canada and also #8 in Billboard warm 100 graph in the us in its year of release in 1971. RIAA rated the tune 2x Platinum because that over 2 million units sold in November 2018.
Even after three decades, the song is tho a mood-lifter in most restaurants and also bars and concerts to-date.

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Lyrics Review and also Song meaning of “Have You ever Seen the Rain?”

Verse 1John Fogerty created the text to this song and he starts turn off the track by alluding to an age-old quote: “there’s a calm before a storm.” that knows that his bandmates are incredibly frustrated v the way things space going, yet oftentimes they keep it bottled to complete up ‘Pendulum’ album. Man knows the it is only a issue of time prior to it every explodes and also blows apart.A ‘Sunny day’ is a an allegory for all an excellent things. Sun offers life and also stands for illumination of the world. ‘Rain’ in literary works is often used come express opposing of the Sun. It signifies gloom, dark and sorrow in life.By the 1970s, Creedence Clearwater revival was amongst the highest-selling and also most famous bands the end there. Their sunniest that days. But this impending fall out the the members hinted that ‘rain’ on these clear days that the band.ChorusIn this world-famous chorus, man Fogerty asks the audience if they have remained in a comparable situation.In nature, rain on a sunny day produces a rainbow afterward. It could have to be the case for CCR together well, had actually they fixed their concerns after these troubled times. However, it was not expected to be.John has extensively talked about his depression in taking care of the autumn out that the band together well; “It was getting worse, much more and much more depressed, and further away from the facility of john Fogerty. I can play but I didn’t recognize what to play. … A blind guy in a fog, simply flitting around.”
Verse 2John Fogerty more elaborates top top the instance at hand. He claims that he has actually noticed the Sun acquiring cold and rain acquiring harder. These are indications of brewing doom. Since he states “I know, been that method for all my time,” this could also be a have fun on his mental on depression. He can be seeing points going bad to worse 보다 they in reality are.John claims that once things gain bad, it will continue to be bad forever. Even though his psychological state is under depression, there are no ups and downs to it. Over there are just fast and slow downs only.The singer also admits the he has actually no clue how to protect against it. This may suggest to the tension within the band and his mental state.This track is yes, really a sad revelation of events for the band, John and also anyone else under depression.Let united state hear what you think around “Have You ever Seen the Rain?” and what it method to girlfriend in the comments below.

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