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One of the finest parts around jajalger2018.org costume is the they have the right to be tradition made to fit your exact measurements because that no extra cost. To get this perfect fit, jajalger2018.org provides 5 vital measurements: bust, waist, hips, hole to floor and height. These numbers room then plugged into a program that help us change the patterns to the correct sizing; it calculates where the neckline, waistline and also hemline should fall on her body.

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jajalger2018.org recommends that you gain professionally measured if you room going custom. As well often, human being measure themselves mistakenly which outcomes in a dress the does no fit together expected. If the number are changed as well, the dress might not come the end correctly. And also unfortunately, because custom dresses room made especially for you, they cannot be reverted or exchanged for any reason. If you’re having trouble finding who to measure up you, give us a call and we’ll it is in happy to assist you uncover someone!

If you arrangement on measuring yourself on your own, have someone assist you out and also make certain to triple check the measurements! girlfriend can get your own measuring ice here. 



When measure up the bust, we recommend attract an unpadded bra and also pulling the tape across the fullest component of the bust. Store in mind that this is not the same measurement together your bra size. The bust measurement is accomplished by measure the fullest component of the bust. All the timeless bridesmaids dresses come with built-in padding and also boning. 


For the waist, start by bending end to one side to uncover the folds that shows your natural waist. This is about at the bottom that the rib cage, 1-2 inches above the belly button. Plunder the tape about the narrowest part. Execute not sucking in your stomach and remember come leave part breathing room. It’s best to hold the measuring ice cream the means you want the dress to fit. 


To attain the hips measurement, stand straight and pull the tape throughout the widest component of the hips and throughout your rear; this is usually right around the groin area. In her measurement, girlfriend might additionally want come add around ½-1 inch extra to permit yourself room to sit down.

Hollow to Floor

The hollow to floor measure up is measured indigenous the hole of the neck, i beg your pardon is the dip between your collarbones, every the method to the floor through your ceiling feet together, standing straight. Save in mind the this is no the same as the hollow to hem measurement, which steps from the facility of her collarbones come the hem that the dress. 

Watch this video clip for a indict on these previous 4 measurements:


To measure her height, stand straight with your bare feet and also measure indigenous the peak of her head under to the floor. Watch our video clip here.

Now that you’ve measure up yourself, let’s take it a look at the conventional sizes that jajalger2018.org offers. You can find that, after comparing your measurements to the dimension chart, friend fit very closely with a conventional size and also might prefer that end a practice fit. Remember the the biggest distinction is the we permit returns for typical sizes vice versa, we perform not for custom dresses, although we perform offer restricted alteration reimbursements for practice sizing. If you in between sizes, we imply going with the bigger size or just ordering a custom dress!

For traditional dresses, we administer the hollow to hem measurements (from between your collarbones to the bottom the the dress) therefore you have the right to gauge the length of the dress. For conventional sized floor size dresses, the measurement includes an extra 2 inches to fit high heels. Our dresses space designed for someone who is around 5’7”. If you space taller than that, our stylist, Paulette, certainly recommends ordering tradition to ensure the the size will occupational for you. If a dress measures too long however you would choose a conventional size, Paulette recommends obtaining the standard and also then acquiring it hemmed.

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Junior bridesmaids dresses are made for girls who are generally smaller than an adult woman. Together a result, the sizing is much smaller than compared to classic bridesmaids. For mommy of the Bride (MOB) dresses, the sizing is the same with the exception of compelled measurements for shoulder (video here), shoulder come bust and armhole since many that the lot dresses have sleeves or come v a wrap.


The shoulder measure up is taken native the guideline of the left shoulder across your back to the guideline of your appropriate shoulder. Shoulder to bust is measured from the optimal of the shoulder come the bust allude (about middle of breast).


For the armhole, ours stylists indicate taking one of your switch up shirt or jacket that’s non-stretch and also measure the seam, complying with the circular route of the armhole. This one is much more accurate 보다 measuring it straight off your body because your armhole is usually bigger than just the dimension of your arm. A measurement turn off the body would certainly probably result in a fit the is also tight.

Both custom and also standard dimension dresses space made to order for this reason the handling time is the same. If you’re on a time crunch and also looking because that a dress, us suggest discovering our clearance dresses!


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