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Notes: (5-2)The regular Table:Our present periodic table perform 109 elements. Itis arranged according come the regular law: Elements room arranged in bespeak of increasing atomic number, their physical and also chemical properties show a regular pattern.

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Elements that have comparable properties space arranged in groups or households - vertical columns The horizontal rows are called periods.


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Each duration contains much more elements 보다 the previous one. This has to do through the increasing energy levels (n=1, ...) the the atom.
duration 1 - 2 elements
period 2 & 3 - 8 elements
period 4 & 5 - 18 elements
period 6 - 32 elements

Labeling and also Naming:

There are at this time 3 number is numbered schemes offered in chemistry for the orderingof groups.

Arabic - 1A-2A, 3B-8B, 1B-2B, 3A-8A
Number - 1-18


1A - alkali metals
2A - alkaline earth metals
7A - halogens
8A - noble gases
4A - sometimes known as the Carbon group

Exception - Hydrogen deserve to be much better placed in group 7A. Although,some publications place that in both.


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Metals & Non-metals:

Metals encompass the locations shaded irradiate blue andinclude the households 1A & 2A. They share plenty of characteristics.

luster (shine)
good conductors the heat and also electricity
typically solid in ~ room temperature
most are malleable and ductile

Non-metals space shaded light red in many periodictables and kind a diagonal line from C-6 come Rn-86 and also include every the elements ofthat corner including H. They share some of these characteristics.

do not possess luster
poor conductors of heat and electricity
neither malleable or ductile
many space gasses at room temperature
can be solid, semisolid, gas, or fluid (Br). One is the hardest product on Earth

Semimetals or metalloids room shaded irradiate lightpurple in many periodic tables kind a diagonal line from B-5 to At-85 and also include allthe facets Ge-32 and also Sb-51. Lock share few of thesecharacteristics.

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have some properties that metals and also some the non-metals

Electron Configuration:

As you learned earlier, the number of protons inan atom is equal to the variety of electrons in the atom if it is neutral.The periodic table enables you come predict the bonding of one atom by allowing youto watch the variety of electrons in the valence orbital. The valence orbitalis the highest, outermost orbit of the atom and also is the only one involved inthe bonding of the atom. Below are some hints for predicting valenceelectrons:


Elements that the same team (column) have actually the very same valence electrons or configuration
s-block is group 1A & 2A
p-block is group 3A come 8A
These are the representative elements or main group elements
d-block is team 3B come 2B (look at the regular table above because the numbers are not sequential)
These space the transition metals
f-block is located below the main table
These are the inner transition metals or rare planet elements

To save an are on electron configuration notationyou deserve to use the abbreviated notation by listing the inner gas core and also then thevalence electrons.