Handy & specific Online Ruler

This is a convenient online ruler that could be calibrated to actual size, dimensions in cm, mm and inch,the upper fifty percent is the millimeter ruler and centimeter ruler, the lower fifty percent is an customs ruler. In order come accurately measure the length of your item, we strongly recommend the you calibrate this online leader first,set the exactly pixels per inch to your very own device,after adjustment, you will have the most specific ruler online.

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To have the most accurate ruler online, just set the pixels every inch(PPI),below room some methods to recognize the pixels per inch to her device.
My laptop has a wide screen (13.6"x7.6"), and also resolution is 1366x768 pixels, 1366 / 13.6 = 100.44 PPI. The display screen resolution of your current machine is pixels. Search "display by pixel density" online, inspect if there has actually your device"s brand and model, i am lucky and also found my screen has 100 PPI.Use traditional objects to compare lengths, examine your wallet, use any file money to be our compare object, then search "the broad of your file money" online, when you understand the width, girlfriend can change the ruler"s PPI setup by it,you deserve to compare to any standard dimension object at her side, e.g., coin, credit card, CD, file money, mobile phone, in the office, a A4 dimension printable paper is a great comparison object,the much longer the much more accurate.Below ruler adjuster assist us come calibrate accuracy more easily.The most accurate way, after ns measure the size of virtual leader by an really ruler,i discovered the markings are not very accurate at 30cm,so i change the default pixels every inch(PPI) come 100.7, currently i have actually the many accurate virtual ruler on the web.Each maker has it"s very own PPI, eg. Mine Asus laptop is 100.7 PPI,Apple MacBook waiting is 127.7 PPI, Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 is 163 PPI, my smart phones (Sony Xperia C5, OPPO R11 Plus) room both 122.6 PPI, Apple iphone 5 is 163 PPI, iphone 7 is 162 PPI, iphone X is 151.7 PPI.

Save the pixels per customs (PPI) according your very own device, then you deserve to use this ruler following time.Pixels per customs : , show ruler adjuster

Compare ruler with credit transaction Card


Dragging ruler adjuster left or best to to the right the size of your reference object, remember to conserve the setup for the following time you use it, after save the setting, refresh your brower to check the result.On the most popular browsers you deserve to press the F5 crucial or click the update button.

Translate right into your indigenous language

We expect to carry out a an ext user-friendly experience,are you willing to offer a indigenous language variation for your country ? we are searching for volunteer to boost the contents in your indigenous language, if you space interested to help this, you re welcome visit this translation page.Below space some various other language version.

The story of ours ruler

One day, ns took my laptop computer system to job-related in the coffee shop, just had a job on hand, and also i had actually to phone call the customer the actual size of a product.Just like usual, ns didn"t lug a leader with me, therefore i connected to the internet and tried to find an online virtual ruler to measure up my product.

Unfortunately, after i tried the virtual online rulers ~ above the Internet, i discovered a problem that this existing online rules space not very accurate. If i simply want to know what the approximate length is, that"s fine, however what i need is a an ext precise length so that i can use it come my daily work.

So later, we emerged an online ruler by ourselves.It no only improves the accuracy of the measurement, but additionally has a range of inches and centimeters so the it deserve to be supplied in our work.

If friend are choose us, you require a an accurate online leader to measure the product size, i believe this online virtual leader can also meet her needs.

Command function

I am very happy the many world like our online ruler,also ns am an extremely excited to review all the comment from all the visitors. About the joke around comments or regulates here, i made decision to add a new "command" function(on the page top) for our dear friends, I shot to make the AI communication smarter, expect you like our brand-new command function 😛,welcome to shot it and also share it, permit me recognize your idea.

command examples : display 12 mm, show 2.3 cm, show me 5 2/3 in,show me 6 inches,show me how long 1 customs is,show 1 ft ...etc.

What execute you think around this online leader ?

Tell me what room you measuring? go this virtual ruler assist you?

Length Unit Converters

How to use a ruler

This ruler measure in two various units that length, customs on one next (English ruler) and also centimeters top top the various other side (metric ruler). A metric leader is usage to measure centimeter(cm) and millimeter(mm), the centimeter is a unit of size in the international System of Units; an English ruler provides incremental measurements in inches, v each inch further divided into smaller fractions.

Read one English leader using fractions of one inch. The street between any type of two big numbered present is 1 inch. The large unnumbered line the is halfway in between them is 1/2 inch. The smaller (but tho prominent) line between the 1/2 mark and also the numbered inch line is 1/4 inch. The tiny small lines between all of the much more prominent lines room 1/16 inch.

Observe the much less complicated metric rulers. The street between any two large numbered currently is 1 cm, a metric ruler functions two species of lines. The largest mark centimeters, or cm. The the smallest lines note millimeters, or mm.The prominent line between any two numbered present is 1/2 cm. The tiny lines in between the 1/2 mark and the numbered centimeter mark are 1/10 cm, otherwise recognized as a millimeter, save in mind that there are 10 mm to 1 cm. The measurements are decimalized and also there are no fractions.

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Record distances by the surname of the line the it most carefully matches. If the size of an item goes come one mark past the halfway mark on your leader then it will be 9/16 customs on one English leader or 6/10 centimeter (or 6 mm) on a metric ruler.