Sod is popular with American homeowners for great reason—it allows you enjoy the closest possible thing to an immediate lawn. There are many write-ups you can discover online (and on this website!) that give you details on laying sod and buying pallets that sod. But you may be planning her installation and also wonder exactly how much does a role of sod weigh?

In this post I’ll call you everything you should know around the load of different size rolfes of sod, and provide some valuable tips because that transporting and also handling sod rolls throughout your project.

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So, how Much does a role of Sod Weigh?

A role of sod will typically weigh between around 15 and 30 pounds. The specific weight of a role of sod depends on a few factors. These include:

How the sod is reduced (thickness),How large the piece of sod is (length and also width), andMoisture content (how freshly it to be cut, or as soon as it to be watered last).

A full pallet (500 square feet) of sod typically holds 100 pieces. This method that a pallet of sod deserve to weigh it is in between around 1,500 and 3,000 pounds.

When have to You download Sod?

In general, the ideal times the year to download sod space in the fall and also spring.

Avoid installing sod in the summer. Girlfriend don’t want your brand-new lawn to have to resolve the stressors of an extremely hot weather or drought once it is trying to get developed in her yard.

There are particular steps the you have to take before installing sod on your property.

One the those is removing all the grass and weeds that may already be there. If you leave anything on her yard, friend will discover that your brand-new sod will certainly be lumpy, or weeds may grow through your new sod, perhaps ruining every one of your difficult work.

In addition, ensure that there are no rocks in the area and also that it is flat.


Before friend order sod and also arrange to have it delivered, you need to measure the an are in i m sorry you desire to install it.

You must uncover out the space’s square footage. Measure the area’s length and also width in bespeak to calculation this.

Transporting Sod to your Home

Remember the sod is perishable. That’s why it’s constantly best to shot to install the sod the very same job it has actually been cut. At the really least, you must install your sod the exact same day it is delivered.

You need to be very organized in making her arrangements for a delivery when to buy sod.


Make sure the area whereby you’ll be installing your new sod is appropriately prepared. If you need to settle because that an afternoon delivery, check out if girlfriend can gain your sod yielded in the garage wherein it will stay cool and also shaded, climate you can install that bright and early the complying with morning and also get that watered in.

You deserve to pick increase a pallet of sod on her truck or trailer, yet most human being find it’s simpler and easier to just acquire it delivered.

Transporting Sod from the Pallet to her Lawn

The most well-known size for a role of sod is 16 customs by 24 inches, and it is typically ceded on a pallet and also in rolls.

These room pretty simple to bring by hand from the pallet to your lawn, but for bigger tasks you’ll desire a wheelbarrow to reduced down top top trips between your shipment location and the job site.


Just make sure you smooth out any type of ruts native footprints and wheels together you download your brand-new lawn, or it can end increase bumpy.

You will be able to find sod in various other sizes, too. The size of a piece of sod depends a great deal ~ above the grower doing the cutting, and also the buyer.

B2B sod the is marketed to skilled installation and landscaping companies may come in bigger pieces. Many residential customers have the right to expect 16″x24″ pieces that sweet under 30 pounds.

The thickness that sod generally varies from in between one and also three inches.

Ideally you’d choose to have actually nice thick sod through a healthy created root system.

How come Take care of Newly set up Sod

After environment of the sod, friend must examine on your new grass regularly for at the very least one week. This is because it’s necessary that the turf has actually the moisture it needs to thrive.


It may be crucial to check your lawn because that its moisture level much more often in publicly or warm weather.

When inspecting the turf, use a screwdriver to poke through the sod and into the floor below. This will offer you a feeling for the moisture level that the sod and the soil below it.

If friend find any type of soil that creates footprints or there space puddles of water, water a tiny less.

If the turf seems especially firm, tenderness lift increase the sod in ~ the corner in a few places. You should uncover that it’s only simply damp instead of very dry or very wet.

You have the right to learn much more about the entire sod surroundings process, along with my encourage starter fertilizer, and also my tips for properly watering your brand-new lawn throughout the very first month in my complete guide come laying sod.

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On tip I have actually never checked out to use as soon as laying sod is to no lay the sod row by row where you place 1 or 2 rows totally end to end, yet create a diagonal where you are constantly working on several rows at a time. It relies on how huge of area you are working in and how many world are laying sod, however 4-6 functions pretty good. The factor for doing it this method is that when simply laying a single row, civilization (particularly inexperienced help) have tendency not to save it straight and also still save the edge of the sod together. I just finished numerous weeks ago laying 9900 sq ft that Zeon zoysia. I was surprised how much distinction this technique made. We had actually been laying sod because that a couple of hrs prior to my son-in-law come to aid and he proved us the technique. That learned about this technique many years ago when he to be helping laying sod.

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