“Do 2 walk together, unless they have actually agreed to meet.”


The prophet Amos is creating his ideal to prophesy aboutthe coming judgment on the northern Kingdom of Israel. Amos does this by aseries of small parables or comparisons. The illustrates the truth that ‘alleffects have causes,’ and from the cause, you deserve to infer the effect.

Amos 3:1 starts by saying “Hear this word the the mr hasspoken against you, O human being of Israel”. Then in verse 2 saying, “…therefore i willpunish you for all your iniquities.”, followed by our vital verse, in city 3saying “Do 2 walk together, unless they have agreed to meet?”

The “two” that walk together space God’s judgment and theprophet’s word. The prophet announces oh my gosh judgment due to the fact that God hascommissioned him; the prophet is that one mind through God. Therefore, the mr is withhim, and also confirms his words. The Hebrew word used right here (yaad – 3259 Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance) signifies the theprophet speaks not of himself, however as God guides and moves him, which is calledthe agreement in between God and his Prophets.

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We understand this because the application is revealed to united state inverses 7 and 8 saying:

Amos 3:7-8 “For the lord God walk nothing there is no revealinghis an enig to his servants the prophets. The Lion has actually roared; that will notfear? The lord God has spoken; that can however prophesy?”

But why is there judgment on the north kingdom of Israel?The factors for judgment space revealed inAmos 2:7,8 and 3:10-11. Amos 2:7 accuses Israel of feather the other method when “aman and also his father go into the same girl.” This seems to refer to incestuous relationshipsbetween fathers and also their daughter-in-law. This is sin forbidden in Leviticus18:6-18. Amos 2:8 mentions illicit sexualactivity close to the shrines dedicated to Yahweh in the north kingdom that Israel. Amos3:10-11 states “They do not know exactly how to perform right,” declares the LORD, “those whostore increase violence and robbery in their strongholds.” therefore thus states theLord God: An adversary shall surround the land and also bring under your defencesfrom you, and also your strongholds shall it is in plundered.”


To “walk together” v someone here means to agree through hisor her destination and route. Implicitly, the prophet “walks” through the Lord. Letus look at at two applications of this verse.

It is difficult to have fellowship with God ifwe refuse to follow His word. Without agreeing to meet there is no fellowshipwith every other.

Firstly, theexpression “walking together” is regularly used in scripture together a number of decided forcommunion or fellowship. An example of this is, “Enoch walked through God.” Noticehere, this is one ‘action’, definition ‘walking’ is an active exercise. When onewalks through another, the is communion with each other. It gives us a true pictureof walking with Christ.

An old puritan as soon as said, “It doth no say the Enochreturned come God, and then left him, however he ‘walked v God.’”

Throughout his journey, Enoch has actually God for his companion, andlived in continuous fellowship with his maker. Over there is a sense of continuance.True relationship with Christ no something the is temporary but is acontinual work-related of the holy Spirit.

This walking is a authorize of progress. As soon as you walk, you arelifting her feet and not placing the in the specific same spot, quite you placed onestep in prior of the other. You development toward your location with every step.You become much more Christ favor with every action forward. Look for to relocate forward andwalk through Christ. To development in this to walk you should be much more child-like in faith,more instructed in expertise (which is the word of God – the Bible), morediligent in service, and also seek more zeal and also fervency.

If you was standing still you shed the visibility of the master becauseit is just by following on through the Lord the we proceed to walk through Him. Walkingwith God is probably the best expression for fellowship through God. The is whythe bible in Amos 3:3 suggests that two cannot walk together other than they beagreed. Therefore, it teaches us that uneven we be agreed v Christ, wecannot attain the sweet state of communion through Him.

Fellowship through Christ is a high privilege and also no male canattain to it there is no the call of Christ upon his life and unless you expropriate Christas Lord and also Saviour. You must be cleansed and also renewed through the sacrifice ofChrist and also the strength of the holy Spirit, or rather you will certainly not have wings tomount to the high areas where Christ reflects His love to His people. Unless thesame soul that dwells in Christ, dwells in you, your agreement can never riseto together a height as to admit any depth of nearness the union.

Continuously look for after holiness, never ever being content withwhere friend are. Look for to grow, seek more and an ext to be like Christ. Matthew 5:48says “You therefore must it is in perfect, together your heavenly dad is perfect.”

Ultimately the comes under to reading the word, safety timein prayer and having fellowship with our lord Jesus Christ. Man 14:15 says “Ifyou love me, friend will save my commandments.”

Secondly, withoutfriendship and also ‘agreeing come meet’ over there is no fellowship through one another. Friendshipdoes not always mean the you should agree on everything. If you just walked withpeople friend agree with, also the ungodly carry out that. Once you read the gospels, itis really clear just how Jesus cure sinners. As soon as you check out the letter from theApostles you room instructed on exactly how to treat each other.

The new American Standard scriptures reads Amos 3:3 this way, “Dotwo guys walk together unless they have actually made an appointment?’. The agreement is to meet and walk together.The agreement or appointment precedes the walking together as the ‘cause’precedes the ‘effect.’ You might make an commitment to meet and also walk with each other todiscuss differences.

Amos provides us some examples in the verses below:


Does a lion roar in the forest, (effect)when he has no prey? (cause)Does a young lion cry out from his den, (effect)if he has actually taken nothing? (cause)

Amos illustrates v a full of sevenillustrations. All to add weight to the initial cause and also effect inquiry inverse 3


“Do 2 walk together, (effect)unless they have actually agreed to meet?” (cause)

You have to be sound-minded and self-controlled. Through the workingof the divine Spirit you should be balanced and focused on the things of God sothat your communication with one another will be clear, reasonable, specificand satisfaction to God. Over all, have fervent and unfailing love because that oneanother, due to the fact that love consists a multitude the sins. It is in hospitable come one antherwithout complaint (1 Peter 4:7-9)

Some scriptures listed below show us how we space to behave to oneanother, in ~ the human body of Christ and to outsider; In order to lug them tothe knowledge of ours Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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Fellowshipwithin the Church

Philippians 1:27 “Only let your manner that life be worthy that thegospel of Christ, so that whether i come and also see girlfriend or am absent, I might hearof you that you space standing firm in one spirit, v one psychic striving next byside for the confidence of the gospel,”

1 Corinthians 3:3 “for you space still the the flesh. For while thereis jealousy and strife among you, space you not of the flesh and behaving just ina human way?”

Romans 12:16 “Live in harmony with one another. Carry out not it is in haughty,but associate through the lowly. Never be wise in your very own sight.”

Fellowshiptoward outsiders

Colossians 4:5 “Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, make the bestuse the the time.”

1 Peter 3:15-16 “but in her hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy,always being ready to do a defense come anyone that asks you for a factor forthe hope the is in you; yet perform it v gentleness and respect, having actually a goodconscience, so that, once you are slandered, those who revile your an excellent behaviourin Christ might be placed to shame.”

2 Timothy 4:17 “But the lord stood through me and strengthened me, sothat with me the message can be completely proclaimed and also all the Gentilesmight hear it. So ns was rescued native the lion’s mouth.”


In conclusion, i urge you to very first and foremost have fellowshipwith Jesus Christ. Allow it no be a religious act of only spending a ‘set-aside’during the day. Although this is good, fellowship and also relationship means aconstant walk transparent the day. You can do this by reading the indigenous of God,meditating top top His word throughout the day, having fellowship with the holy Spirit throughoutthe day and making God a part of every element of her life. Go in a mannerthat agrees to God’s word and be a shining irradiate of Christ to the world.

Finally, agree to satisfy with and walk through your brother andsisters in Christ. Bless every other and encourage each other. Respectfullydiscuss your differences. Likewise walk in wisdom toward outsiders. So that Godcan use your fellowship v others to expose Jesus Christ and win as manysouls as possible for the Kingdom that Christ. Amen