The following has spoilers native the NCIS Season 18 finale that aired on may 25.

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Mark Harmon's NCIS character Leroy Jethro Gibbs is a quite quirky guy, and also so is the rest of the crew. However, fans everywhere would agree that the guy with rule like, "Never go anywhere without a knife" and "Don't ever accept one apology from who that simply sucker-punched you" is the most interesting character of castle all.

He can't stand modern electronics, likes to host impromptu meetings in the elevator, and also enjoys building watercrafts to be sure in his downtime. Gibbs has been structure his watercrafts by assembling each wood craft by hand, never ever using a power tool. The crazy point is the he doesn't sail them, and also it shows up that he just enjoys making them. His boat-building habit has been part of his character due to the fact that the first episode the the crime drama.


He do one boat, Diane, ~ his wife, Diane Sterling (Melinda McGraw), and burned it after the marriage fell apart. Gibbs gave one far to his mentor, Michael Franks (Muse Watson), i beg your pardon was named after his deceased daughter Kelly (Mary Mouser). This season, fans lastly got to see Gibbs the end on the water in a perfect vessel. Unfortunately, the boat ride walk awry, and also fans to be in for a fairly shocking surprised in the season finale. Keep reading to discover out what happened to Gibbs' boat.

As the finish of Season 18 is wrapping up, viewers check out Gibbs call Bishop (Emily Wickersham), who is driving somewhere, and also tells she to inspect on Torres. Once he's speaking through her, the is checked out driving his brand-new boat, ascendancy 91, come a lake. Before Gibbs hangs up, Bishop asks him what dominance 91 means, and he tells her, "You're life it. Once you decide to to walk away, don't look at back."

As the illustration concludes, Gibbs is the end on his recently christened boat. But the trip out to the lake with preeminence 91 is not a pleasure cruise due to the fact that he's looking for the human body of the absent person that he and also Marcie (Pam Dawber) had tracked down earlier in the finale. Climate the unforeseen happens, and also Gibbs' watercraft explodes. Thankfully secs later, fans space assured the Gibbs is alive because he's viewed swimming off.


Unfortunately, viewers will need to wait to find out even if it is someone intentionally planted the bomb to cause the to explode of dominance 91 or if Gibbs planted it self so that the human being that are adhering to him will think the he's dead.

For some time now, a proceeding question among NCIS fans has been, "How walk Gibbs gain his boats out of his basement?" top top the show, it appears to it is in a running joke. When one the his agents inquiry on the series, "How carry out you obtain the watercraft out?" Gibbs told him, "Break the bottle."

Then an additional time, as soon as Gibbs was asked, "How carry out you acquire the boats out of your basement?" all he did was smile and say nothing.

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In the Season 18 finale, fans required to social media ~ seeing preeminence 91 the end of the basement and on the water. One pan tweeted, "Are we ever going to find out exactly how Gibbs it s okay the watercraft out of his basement!!"

Another tweeted, “No, no, no, NCIS, friend did not have us watch Gibbs develop that watercraft for seven years to no let us see how he acquired it the end of the basement. Don’t perform us dirty like that.”


Gibb's method he offers to obtain the boats out the his basement is never mentioned, and there have been numerous potential answers. The end of all the answers we've read, the most likely is the Gibbs may develop the watercrafts on NCIS in pieces and then later on put every the components together outside of his basement. Possibly we will never know, or probably in Season 19, viewers will finally learn just how Gibbs it s okay his boats out.

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