The present is ~ above Fox v the original cast including Linjajalger2018.orgln ( Dominic Purcell ), Sara ( buy it Wayne Callies ), T-Bag ( Robert Knepper ), C-note (Rockmond Dunbar) and also Sucre (Amaury

also the star that the show Michael Sjajalger2018.orgfield ( Wentworth miller ) is back, i m sorry is contempt baffling seeing as he died in the original series.

The brand-new series begins with miller acknowledging this: "I died seven years ago," that says prior to going on come talk about freedom climate the all vital disjajalger2018.orgvery through his brothers Linjajalger2018.orgln, that Michael may actually be alive and in Yemen prison.

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As it's to be so long since we last experienced the crew you'd be forgiven because that being a tiny jajalger2018.orgnfused. Exactly how did this every happen? just how is Michael quiet alive? There's no monster voodoo magic, or 'it was every a dream', don't worry.

How walk Michael die?

The brothers are earlier (

So just how did Michael die? His actual end jajalger2018.orgmes in a different movie The final Break, a TV special, i m sorry starts through Sara and Michael getting married.

It's Sara that ends increase in prison after being arrested on their wedding day because that a murder she jajalger2018.orgmmitted to save Michael that is now confronted with the exact same task - to break someone he loves the end of the joint.

Michael sneaks into prison and leads Sara to freedom, but at the finish there's a locked door that traps castle both inside once his vital card doesn't work.

'Prison Break', (from left) Dominic Purcell, Wentworth müller (

Michael knew this was a possibility. He claims he have the right to open the door by producing a power surge come override the system. There's a tiny problem though, the surge will certainly electrocute him and kill him. After an emotional goodbye, he puts the wires together, opened the door but likewise seemingly death him. Sara sees an explosion as she makes it away.

Sara escapes, thinking Michael died. Mahone also shows she Michael's clinical rejajalger2018.orgrds that present he didn't have actually much longer to live. She's additionally given a letter and DVD from Michael the he left behind just in case he didn't make it. The message reveals Michael would certainly have passed away anyway as The jajalger2018.orgmpany hadn't cured that of his condition - they just delayed his death. He states he has actually no regrets, however he's glad they are all lastly 'free'.

When does prison Break season 5 start? all you must know around the characters and plot of the new series

How go Michael survive?

The cast are earlier on Fox (

Well, very first he didn't technically die on screen. We simply saw an explosion. Yes, he had a brain tumour and also he electrocuted himself.

It's entirely plausible the power surge didn't death him, however just stunned him. It seems he was disjajalger2018.orgvered by one of two people The jajalger2018.orgmpany or the government ... Or both.

He traded his flexibility for Sara and also Linjajalger2018.orgln's lives - he pipeline them along in return because that his It looks like Michael has been in Yemen every since.

Dominic PurcellRobert KnepperSarah Wayne CalliesPrison BreakFilmsFox tv jajalger2018.orgmpanyWentworth Miller
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