For as many human being on the marijuana chat boards who chime in the they clean their bongs and also pipes after every use, there need to be at least a dozen true pot users who don't desire to admit they usually only clean your bong or pipe once they obtain a new batch or the stem it s okay clogged.

There are miscellaneous reasons because that this, the two most obvious being:

Stoned human being are not very motivated, and The leftover resin (pot tar) deserve to be repurposed for additional use (more gaining high).

While I absolutely understand that feeling of disgust in ~ the idea of people needing a high for this reason badly the they smoke or eat burned marijuana resin, if you've never been broke and also truly ailing or in pain (symptoms that cancer treatment and also fibromyalgia are commonly relieved through pot smoking), then you can not be able to relate.

That said, not cleaning her bong in order to conserve up the resin does permit bacteria and mold to build up, and also it important affects the taste horribly if friend let it go long enough.

The simplest and cleanest method to treat her bong is come rinse it with boiling water after each use (daily) or put it in the dishwasher—not unlike clean a glass after ~ you use it.

But I know some people are not interested in the straightforward cleaning and want to know just how to collect and use their resin—so I'll go ahead and also share my advice on exactly how to clean her bong and also repurpose marijuana resin.


Marijuana Resin corpuscle Cleaned and also Scraped indigenous the Bowl

Resin is basically the sap (sticky moisture) extract from a plant and turned right into a kind of adhesive or adhesive substance the hardens when dried, such as amber.

When you smoke marijuana, the resin in the plant seeps out and sticks to the political parties of the pipe or bong.

This, along with the smoke, transforms bong water a yellowy brown and also eventually build up right into a black and tarry (sticky, smelly, and thick) class if her bong or pipe is not rinsed out straight after use.

If you try to use soap and also water on resin build-up, girlfriend will notice it in reality gets stickier—it really just responds come solvents such as alcohol, acetone, and also paint thinner.

Allowing it to dry on the surface and also scraping that off through a razor is popular due to the fact that it can then be put ago into the bong or pipe and also smoked again—or potentially used to do an ashy pot butter (check out my recipe for Cannashbutter right right here on Media).

But if you let it construct up also long, cleaning her bong or pipe with a razor and also paperclips alone deserve to be a long and grueling task, and it tastes quite awful, too.

I choose to use a high-proof alcohol, such together Vodka or ever before Clear, come clean my bong as it automatically releases the resin from any surface while maintaining it consumable.

(Note: if you are not going to consume her resin, climate rubbing alcohol works simply as well and is lot cheaper than vodka. I supplied rubbing alcohol for the most component in the photos below, yet both occupational equally well. Just don't exhilaration or eat something that has actually been cleaned through rubbing alcohol—that have to go without saying.)

This previous year I gained a silicone bong that allows me to take it it apart because that cleaning—so much less complicated than glass—and I've been able to more than triple the lot of resin and pot residue I deserve to repurpose native the build-up inside.

I've also listed that the build-up is much more disgusting 보다 I ever before imagined and also sometimes ns don't even want to repurpose that after looking at it.

I can't also imagine what I could have been smoking all those year in the glass bong without having seen the bowl.


Silicone Bong that Comes Apart because that Cleaning

If I'm low on funds and trying to do my pot last, I generally let my bong build up for about two weeks before cleaning it the end (ew gross), although i do readjust the bong water daily and rinse gently with warmth water as the sit water and surface dampness is whereby a lot of the bacteria have the right to collect and I actually taste mold if ns don't.

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Putting ice in your water will certainly also assist to protect against bacteria, and some human being like it come cool under the smoke and also lighting the hacking cough.

When I'm structure up in order to repurpose, i am not as involved with bacteria on components that get melted as 99.9 percent of it will not endure that level of heat and my body has actually proven it deserve to handle the other .1 percent over the past 5 years the smoking.

Take a look in ~ the inside of mine bong after simply two mainly of smoking a couple of times a night and also not completely cleaning the end the bong.

Keep in mental it may have contained a warm box session or two.


Two mainly of Marijuana Ash and also Resin buildup on the inside of a Silicone Bong—Above the Water Bowl, whereby You normally Can't reach to Wipe in a Glass Bong

The an initial time I observed that, i just about projectiled mine stomach contents across the room.

It look at gross.

Some the that buildup is resin, but a the majority of it is actually piece of ash and also pot that acquire sucked in (too little a grind because that the bowl) and stick come the resin.

This is a the majority of smokable content that I generally don't want to waste due to the fact that it deserve to still be provided to get high and also relieve pain.

If girlfriend don't desire to consume it (which is understandable as result of the venomous nature of it), girlfriend do likewise have the alternative of making use of it come extract hash oil.

In either case, the simple steps would certainly include:

Use alcohol come soak, rinse, and also swipe any kind of resin and also build-up. Collect it all in a glass bowl as you clean. Drainpipe the bowl, sifting the end the particles. Spread the leftover particles out to dry—I usually simply put them on part baking record on a paper pan and also leave that on top of the fridge for around 24 hours. Once the resin is dry, you can grind it up and smoke it.

For little pipes you will certainly still more than likely need a paperclip or pipeline cleaners to acquire the inside, and also for glass bongs you can use a skewer and also a microfiber towel come push whatever down right into the bottom and also then intake it all out right into your glass bowl.

Sometimes the smoking cigarettes bowl will have hard scorched parts on that that will certainly still should be scraped off through a brush or razor, yet this is much simpler after you've soaked it in alcohol.

Keep in mind, any tools you use for this will be absolutely damaged for any other purpose—keep a dedicated little cleaning bag for her marijuana so you don't acquire tar on her nice things due to the fact that it will certainly make them basically useless.

I usage microfiber cloths native the 99 cent store because the tar doesn't stick come them and it's basic to rinse into my bowl to collect all the pieces.

I hope this makes sense and also offers a little of a guide to bong owners brand-new and old.

Here room some more pictures to more demonstrate.


Use a cloth and a skewer to press the corpuscle down into the alcohol soaking in the bottom for this reason they have the right to be dumped out into a bowl once you can't take it apart your bong.


Skewers work good for gaining into pipes or little glass tubes and scraping lock out.


Cotton swabs are likewise quite effective at cleaning surfaces and tubes yet they execute absorb for this reason you lose some of your resin into the swab.

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After a few simple wipes with a fabric soaked in alcohol, silicone cleans up nicely. Glass bongs require at least an hour lengthy soak in solvent because you can't reach some parts to wipe them.