Calle Ocho Festival celebrates Latin society and music every March because that one week.

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It is the cool finale that Carnival Miami. The final occasion on Sunday is billed together the largest street festival or block party in the world.

More 보다 one million visitors involved the festival and the block party, which is the finishing event that Carnival Miami.

For one activity filled day, practically 30 blocks of the small Havana neighborhood is blocked off come traffic and also opened to people.

The roadways are jammed through Latin music, performers and also foods from everywhere the world and also the people who love them.


The festival is family members friendly, through a full 4 block area designed because that children. Lock will view their favorite sports teams and enjoy city hall magicians and clowns do their acts.

The entire ar is filled through wandering street musicians, dancers and also other performers. Over there are additionally hundreds the food booths lining the roadways that offer just about every Latin food you have the right to imagine.

There are numerous stages all along Calle Ocho (SW 8th St) with few of the world"s most renowned Latin entertainers performing. You will hear merenque, tango, salsa, reggae and also other Caribbean and also South American music sounds.

The Calle Ocho festival is in the Guinness world Record book for the longest conga heat in the world: 119,986 people.

Kings or monarchs of the festival in the past have contained Gloria Estefan, Desi Arnaz, Willy Chirino, Arturo Sandoval and many other recording and performing stars.

There are countless other events that take it place throughout the carnival period leading as much as the block party.  One that the best attended occasions is the Baptist health and wellness Domino tournament which bring away a pair of days.

Domino competition is a tradition amongst the inhabitants of tiny Havana.  The gamings are played in Domino Park at the edge of SW 8th Street and also SE 15th Avenue.  The formal surname of this park is "Maximo Gomez Park". It is one of the major gathering spots in small Havana.

Maximo Gomez to be a Cuban hero who combated in the revolution against the Spanish that caused Cuban independence.

During the days and early night the park is jammed through old men and other neighborhood human being playing dominoes.

Domino Park

Make certain you make her room bookings well in advancement because this is a big party that attracts a lot of world from the end of town.

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More details here around current dates, times and also events at  Calle Ocho Festival.