Mike Korostelev, 38, to be diving in the Indian s when he observed a mother sperm whale feeding she calf.

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As the calf neared that is mother, the massive whale’s mammary glands ejected a stream of milk into her child’s path. The calf fed ~ above the milk underwater without latching on.

Source: YouTube/PatrynWorldLatestNewA mommy sperm whale and her offspring in the Indian Ocean.

According to Scitable by Nature Education, the nipples the sperm whales room inverted so your calves require only swim close to the cavity and also nudge to feed on the go. This is one easier alternative to latching, i beg your pardon is daunting considering the shape of young whales’ mouths.

Source: YouTube/PatrynWorldLatestNewSperm whales might travel in pods consisted of of as many as 20 mothers and also their ofspring.

“In a way, nursing underwater is therefore similar to nursing above water: the baby stimulates the mammary glands come eject milk, and then it drinks the milk,” to write Jessica Carilli. “However, the mechanism for stimulating the milk ejection reflex must be somewhat different – in humans the babies develop a seal and also suction on the nipple stimulates the reflex. In whales and dolphins, it appears that the reflex is likely engendered when the babies bang the mammary glands; for example, milk ejection was also observed in Beluga whales bumping right into the bottom the a tank.”

Source: YouTube/PatrynWorldLatestNewThis sperm whale mommy ejected milk into the s water while her calf drank that up.

The Moscow-based photographer to be amazed, and also rightfully so. It’s rare humans witness this tender ritual in between such enormous creatures, let alone record it top top camera.

“It was big honor because that me to it is in there and so near in the private moment of whale’s life,” Korostelev said.

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Source: YouTube/PatrynWorldLatestNewSperm whales are huge creatures.

Sperm whale ford can comprise as many as 20 females and also their offspring, i m sorry eat fairly a lot during their first few years that life. According to phibìc American Nature, “Depending top top the types of the whale, the calves require plenty the milk for them come grow and also stay healthy. Generally, a young calf have the right to consume milk that is approximately 10 percent that its body weight. The blue whale is the biggest of the whale species. Females can develop over 200 liters that milk in a single day.”