We could even say that there are some global nicknames because that dogs among the Spanish-speaking world.

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In this blog post, okay teach you 20 various words that people use come say dog in Spanish. 

Have in psychic that, because I’m Colombian, all these replace instead instead for the word “dog” make sense in Colombia.

I don’t know how world in other countries say “dog” more than “perro”, but if you do, let me understand in the comments at the finish of the article, I’d love to know an ext nicknames because that our quadruped friends.

So, if she a cat lover, go take a nap, because this is dog time!

1. Perro – Perrito

Everyone claims “perro” in Spanish, after all, this is the translation for “dog”.

Now, if you’re a dog lover, then you need to say “perrito”, i m sorry is the diminutive for “perro” (in English, it would be something favor “doggy”).

But don’t let you yourself be fooled by the use of diminutives in Spanish.

It doesn’t mean the dog you’re talking around is small, It may be the biggest and the fattest dog in the world, yet if you love dogs, you’ll constantly need to contact the dog a “perrito”.

It’s just a way to express affection because that these hairy friends.

Here room some instance phrases that include these words:

El perro del vecino hizo popó en mi jardín: mine neighbor ‘s dog pooped in my garden.Mi perrito es el más tierno de todos los perros: my doggy is the sweetest dog the all.

Also, have in mind the you can hear a tiny variation on these words depending upon the genre that the dog:

Perra: woman dog.Perrita: female doggy.

2. Cachorro – Cachorrito


My wife always says the the many beautiful time for dogs is once they’re “cachorros” or puppies in English.

Actually, if rather of saying “cachorro”, you to speak “cachorrito”, you will do it sound favor you really love puppies.

In various other words, “cachorro” or “cachorrito” refers to the youngest age in a dog’s life.

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Hey, and you recognize what’s funny?… part young human being in Medellín use “cachorro” together slang come talk around their youngsters in Spanish.

Can girlfriend imagine yourself saying “Voy a llevar el cachorro al colegio”?